Indictment: Deputy Smuggled Drugs In Burrito Into Courthouse Lockup

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy used a bean-and-cheese burrito to smuggle heroin into a courthouse lockup, according to a grand jury indictment.

Henry Marin, 27, was assigned to the Court Services Division at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles. He pleaded not guilty to one count each of bringing drugs into a jail and conspiracy to commit a crime.

Marin is accused of conspiracy to commit crime. The indictment, which was unsealed Wednesday, also accuses Marin of conspiring with at least two other people to transport narcotics into the jail.

Marin surrendered Wednesday morning at the sheriff’s department’s South Los Angeles station. He has been relieved of duty and was released on $25,000 bail.

He is scheduled to appear at a Feb. 16 pretrial hearing.

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  • The Big Logic

    A burrito would’ve been my first choice as well.

  • American Citizen

    Maybe this will show all future Jurors that YES the police do lie and commit crimes. Yes the police do plant evidence and falsify reports and also tell lies on the stand!
    They have been doing all types of wrong to BLACKS especially and they get away with it because most of the Juror believe the Police.
    Look at this guy bring drugs in the jail. This is just a small crime compared to what A lot of sheriff deputies commit…

    • JB

      Jurors believe he police beause criminals lie ALL THE TIME, and police lie rarely.

    • Realist

      American Citizen, Still I would rather count on a bad cop than a black man if I were in trouble. If you don’t like racial profiling then change your race’s profile.

      From the Department Of Justice, United States of America, Prison population as of 2008
      4,777 per 100,000 Black Men
      1,760 per 100,000 Hispanic Men
      727 per 100,000 White Men

  • james

    Corrupt California DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

  • charlie

    Please do a thorough cavity search on him as he is admitted in prison.

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