LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Just one day after the Oakland Raiders fired head coach Hue Jackson, there’s renewed discussion about the team possibly returning to Los Angeles.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis says it’s imperative that his team get a new stadium.

He’s currently talking with several different groups about bringing the team back to Southern California.

Davis, who says he has no plans to sell the franchise, wants to move out of the outdated Oakland Coliseum when the lease expires next year.

He says he has yet to see an offer he would accept.

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  1. Gene Rodmy says:

    I do not support an NFL team in Los Angeles. Yes, I live here. We have enough congestion here and do not need additional pro sports franchises. What? the Raiders you say? Um, well, um, maybe.

  2. James says:

    Raiders, please stay in Oakland. We don’t need you or your fans here in So Cal. Reports says that crime are down 13.8% from last year or so. We don’t need more crime. No Thanks!

    1. GreenBag Packers says:

      James you must be a wus and like peen!

    2. james says:

      YEAH we don’t need a criminal team in L.A. stay in okland.

    3. Benito says:

      Most Los Angelean’s don’t want the Oakland Raiders here in Los Angeles, again. They bring nothing but trouble. We really want the Chargers.

      1. Freddy Guzman says:

        No we dont.speak for yourself bro. The return of the Los Angeles Raiders sounds good to me.

  3. Chuey says:

    As long as local leaders repeatedly insist on refurbishing the Coliseum and not building a new modern facility, LA will never get another shot at an NFL franchise. Haven’t we been here before with the Rams & The Raiders in years past?

    1. Andrew West says:

      Seriously, why is the Coliseum Commission, L.A. Politicians, why have they been and are still to this day very stubborn about the NFL’s flat-out refusal to use the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl as the home for an NFL team? Why is L.A. comfortable and content with using the Coliseum, Rose Bowl but not a new Stadium? the Coliseum, Rose Bowl were built in the 1920’s, since then now new Football stadium for the Division I College and Professional Level has been built in or around, near L.A. I know that L.A. flat-out refuses to use any form of public-funds, taxpayer money to help build any Professional Sports Venue, Arena, Stadium, but other cities seem to be okay, comfortable and content doing that, I don’t know why. But I remember former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley tried to get an NFL stadium built using complete private funds, but L.A. Politicians blocked it, seriously, why do L.A. Politicians even block, prevent private funds?

  4. Efrain says:

    I think it’ll be great! People talk about more traffic? Uh.. hello.. it’ll only be on Sunday afternoon. Here and there a Monday night football game. And here’s the best of it all… TIM TEBOW WILL BE IN L.A. ONCE A YEAR!!!! Haha… GO BEARS!

    1. GreenBag Packers says:

      Go Bears in the woods because the Bears in the NFL go no where!

    2. GreenBag Packers says:

      Go Bears in the woods because the Bears in the NFL go no where.

  5. bdj says:

    Would they then be “The L.A., Oakland, L.A., Oakland Raiders???

  6. Andrew West says:

    I would rather the Rams come back to L.A., keep the Raiders in Oakland, they never belonged in L.A.

  7. ILLEGALS says:


  8. NO RAIDERS says:

    We need the Raiders like we need people from Mexico.

  9. Everyday Guy says:

    The homeboys would love to again wear the silver and black jerseys to match their silver and black high heels and pink lipstick. Very feminine those homeboys.

  10. ernie says:


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