TORRANCE (CBS) — Authorities have called of a search for a burglary suspect who escaped from custody at the Torrance Court House Wednesday morning.

Officials say Danny Navarro, 20, escaped around 10:30 a.m. from the court house, 825 Maple Avenue, and was last seen running eastbound on Maricopa Street.

Navarro had been arrested in November for misdemeanor burglary and was free on $20,000 bail.

A district attorney asked the court Wednesday to raise his bail to $70,000.

“”Before any action could be taken by the court, or any formal remand order could be made, the defendant ran out of  the courtroom,” Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Parker said.

Navarro is described as a Hispanic man, approximately 6’0”, 160 pounds and wearing a blue button down shirt and dark jeans.

Heavy police presence was reported in the area until just after noon Wednesday when authorities suspended their search.

Navarro remains at large, police said. A bench warrant has been issued for $70,000.

Comments (5)
  1. CA Sucks says:

    Is he suppose to be here to begin with?

  2. Britt says:

    Oh great, we already have millions of mexican drug traffickers and child molesters on the street, now it just added in one more mexican prisoner? Does it mean now the community and school are on high alert of child molestation, armed robbery, home invasion, gang murder and rape?

  3. duh says:

    How does someone ‘free on bail’ escape custody? The article said he was not formally remanded. He simply was a ‘no show’ for his hearing and now has a new bench warrant.

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