LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A judge will soon decide how much money Doctor Conrad Murray must pay to Michael Jackson’s family for the pop star’s death.

A jury convicted Murray in November of Jackson’s death after the singer died of a prescription drug overdose.

Murray’s attorney Michael Flanagan talked exclusively with CBS2 about his plans to fight for a lower restitution amount.

“I don’t think that he should be responsible for any restitution,” said Flanagan, who’s filed a motion to contest the amount of restitution Murray was ordered to pay at his sentencing.

michael flanagan e1326247790408 Only On CBS2: Conrad Murray’s Lawyer Fights Restitution Owed To Jacksons Family

(credit: CBS)

“For example, if you’re 50 percent responsible for the death that might be good enough for the causation necessary to convict you of the criminal offense,” said Flanagan, adding, “However, as far as a portion of the damages, he’d only be responsible for the percentage you were responsible, such as the 50 percent.”

Flanagan said Jackson carries half the blame for his death.

“When it comes down to restitution the question comes down to: What percentage responsible are you?”

Now that Flanagan is battling over the restitution the public can expect to see the final scenes of Jackson’s death play out all over again in the courtroom. The judge will also need to assess the true worth of Jackson’s estate.

“If you count the value of his assets he’s worth a negative $200 million,” Flanagan said.

“Now the estate has got a positive balance.”

Murray just handed over his medical certificates last week. His medical license has been revoked in California and suspended in Texas and Nevada, all places he had been licensed to practice. The doctor can reapply for his medical license in a year.

Despite disputing the restitution paid, Flanagan is also juggling several civil lawsuits against his client.

“This case isn’t going away, as far as I’m concerned, any time soon,” Flanagan said.

Murray’s legal team was always split over whether Murray should take the stand. Flanagan was in favor of Murray taking the stand but attorney Michael Chernov opposed the move.

Flanagan said Murray’s greatest regret is that he didn’t take the stand and offer his version of the events that lead the pop star’s death.

Comments (8)
  1. David Naden says:

    Is Murray’s attorney an idiot? Murray provided the sedative (aka the loaded gun) to Jackson in an improper environment. No matter how much MJ can be blamed, the ultimate responsibility still resides with Murray.

    1. Mikage Souji says:

      Yes, he is, but isn’t he oh so cute? ^_^

      Anyway, I agree with you 100% Murray is definitely totally responsible. I don’t see how anyone could think otherwise.

  2. ginny says:

    The only members of the Jackson family that should possiblty be etitled to any restitution are his children. Unfortunately, as in life, with his death, his brothers and father are still finding ways to suck off of Michael Jackson instead of working to support themselves.

    1. ginny says:

      Sorry for those pesky typos.

  3. PatricParamedic says:

    ‘Murray’s greatest regret is that he didn’t take the stand and offer his version of the events that lead the pop star’s death.”

    Really? That’s his greatest regret?

    Of the 2,140 American physicians found guilty of felony-level crimes last year, Murray was – sadly – the merely the most visible.

    And we the public continue with our heads in the sand, and allow state medical boards and hospitals nationwide, to hide these characters.

    Michael Jackson got exactly what he wanted.

    And so do we.

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