FULLERTON (CBS) —  A 25-year-old man who showed up at a hospital emergency room with bird shot wounds was arrested after police determined he had allegedly threatened the man who shot him, Fullerton police said Sunday.

Isaac Chavez was jailed for suspicion of criminal threat, assault with a deadly weapon and a parole violation, police said.

Chavez — a resident of Artesia — had apparently been hit with the shotgun blast when he showed up on the front porch of a Fullerton home, police said.

A man called police to say he had shot Chavez with a shotgun at 3:11 p.m. Saturday at a home in the 1800 block of Page Avenue. The caller said Chavez had been threatening him earlier in the day, then showed up at his house with a gun.

Bird shot is a very small metal powder that creates a cloud of projectiles when fired from a large shotgun.

After being treated at the Lakewood Regional Medical Center’s emergency room, Chavez was booked at the Fullerton Police Department jail and then transferred to the Orange County Jail.

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Comments (10)
  1. Timothy McGarry says:

    Rock salt would have felt “better”.

  2. bounce says:

    Birdshot is not made from “very small metal powder”, nor is it non-lethal. It consists of metal pellets, with the smallest ones about 2mm in diameter. Chavez is lucky that he didn’t wind up at the morgue.

  3. ILLEGALS says:

    Man with Shotgun need to aim higher, now Taxpayers have to pay for Chavez’ medical bills & pay for his court, jail, etc..

  4. Chase Jones says:

    Good thing for you you’re not a TaxPayer, Right Illegal?

    “Man with shotgun need to Aim Higher” You sound like a Neanderthal.

  5. Vincent Chavez says:

    If you guys don’t know what really happened you should keep your mouth shut because this false information….. only a coward would shoot a man in the back..

  6. CG says:

    Actually you should shut your mouth what kind of man comes to a guys home after he was the one who at fault and could not admit his wrongs like a TRUE MAN would

    1. B says:

      Where do you come off saying Isacc is at fault because thats what the “news” says… This is all heresay!!!!! Only one side of the report is being portrayed here!!!There is always two sides to every story so before pointing fingers do your homework or don’t say anything at all!!! I believe in looking at all aspects, and no one is innocent in this case but its a shame how “the news” emphasizes on how Chavez is a “parolee” and providing false information. FYI, Chavez went on his gf’s and her son’s behalf to defend them and to discuss to “the shooter”, what the situation was, but because “the shooter” is the EX of Chavez’s gf there is already resentment there that the shooter has towards Chavez because he is the NEW BOYFRIEND. Sunny (the shooter) was to much of a coward to talk to Chavez man to man!!! OH and sunny invited him over hun!!!!! PHONE RECORDS STATE THAT SUNNY CALLED CHAVEZ!!!! Its so sad that sunny didnt even take into consideration that while shooting at Chavez, if his son was in the car with his mother!!!!! shall I say more????? I am only stating the obvious and its a tragedy that ppl comment on stuff they have no clue about!!!!

      1. B says:

        I want to apologize for comming off rude but I want everyone to understand that there is only one side being told here!!! Not only is there a lot of stuff missing but not everything in this report true!!! Justice should be served equally to whatever crime has been done and what it is proven!!!!

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