Michael Jackson’s Children To Impress His Glove, Footprints At Grauman’s

HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Michael Jackson’s children will soon be cementing his legacy in entertainment history.

Jackson’s children will sink his shoes, as well as one of his famous sequined gloves, into cement outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Jan. 26.

All three of his kids – Prince, 14, Paris, 13, and 9-year-old Blanket – are expected to attend the ceremony, which coincides with the debut of Cirque du Soleil’s new production, “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour”.

Other members of Jackson’s family are also expected to attend.

  • ybarra

    Does anyone serious believe that michael jackson was the biological father of his children.

    • sue

      Why is this an ‘issue’ for you?

  • g

    arent hand prints at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre for actors? oh ya. he was an actor. acting like a freak

  • The Comforter John West

    Anyone who has not come to realize Michael Jackson was a good man who was victimized by bad people can rest assured they are one of the bad people.

  • rankin1

    if these are Michael Jacksons biological kids, i have a rubber duck running 5th race at sant anita today, name is quack quack going off 100-1

    • sue

      This question is really getting old! Anyway, its of little significance! Enough……

      • rankin1

        so aRE old MJ impersonators like you.

  • Jackson Fan 100%

    Who cares whether or not he is their “biological” father. HE IS THEIR DADDY! Move on people. That question has no relevance to you or anyone else! Michael was a good man. He was the most talented singer ever. Leave HIS children alone. They lost their DAD. RIP MJ you are missed greatly! Stay strong Prince, Paris and Blanket.

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