LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The mother of serial arson suspect Harry Burkhart is scheduled to make her own court appearance Friday.

Federal prosecutors are seeking to deport Dorothee Burkhart, who faces fraud charges in Germany.

Friday’s hearing is expected to determine whether she will be released on bond.

Her son, Harry Burkhart, is charged with 37 counts of arson in connection with more than 50 fires that were set across Los Angeles and Hollywood.

Authorities in Canada are investigating whether 24-year-old Burkhart, who is being held on $3 million bail, is responsible for a series of arson fires there.

Comments (4)
  1. Frank says:

    Why do we allow these kind of people to live in the United States? Nothing but headaches.

  2. Erik the viking says:

    This is one messed up family. The Grifters meets Backdraft. Whoo doggie!

  3. Fidel Chavez says:

    Law Enforcement as the battle over Deportation for this woman on Fraud charges in Germany?? Well, what of the many other cases of serious crimes in which the state department did not make a big deal and this woman having committed or allege fraud is being targeted over the sons actions, yes, she did something wrong, but how many others are in the is country with more if not serious offense and are not being deportation hearing or actions??, it is over the son action, yes we shall prosecute this man here, and as for the mother, if she willing goes back to Germany, that’s on her, but to be expelled over some fraud case of rent money? give me a break!! it is grandstanding case for FEDS

    1. cindy says:

      Fidel it is not our state dept that wants her deported it is Germanys they have requested we send her back to face chages there. the hearing is to determine if there is some legit reason for our gov to deny the german gov. request

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