LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Gov. Jerry Brown is unveiling a controversial new budget proposal that will force Californians to choose between higher taxes and deep education cuts.

Under the governor’s new plan, income taxes would go up for single residents making more than $250,000 a year, and couples who make more than $500,000 a year.

Brown also wants to raise the state sales tax to 7.75 percent and cut $1.4 billion in welfare and child care.

If voters reject the plan on the November ballot, the state will face a deficit of $9.2 billion, which would result in shorter school years, college tuition hikes, and fewer officers patrolling state forests and beaches.

Comments (65)
  1. Jose says:

    Why did you idiots elect this moron!

    1. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      We already pay the highest sales tax in the country, .46 cents a gallon for gas is the highest tax in the country

      Sales Taxes
      State Sales Tax: 8.25% (food and prescription drugs exempt. Tax varies according to locality. Can be as high as 10.50%)
      Gasoline Tax: * 46.6 cents/gallon
      Diesel Fuel Tax: * 48.7 cents/gallon
      Cigarette Tax: 87 cents/pack of 20

      NEW YORK
      Sales Taxes
      State Sales Tax: 4.0% (food, prescription and non-prescription drugs exempt); Other taxing entities (cities and counties) may add up to 5.00% in additional sales tax.
      Gasoline Tax: 44.4 cents/gallon
      Diesel Fuel Tax: 43.9 cents/gallon
      Cigarette Tax: $4.35/pack of 20; New York City adds an additional $1.50.

    2. mark silvers says:

      If I could leave the state of California I would. We can’t afford it here. Reduce taxes! No way in your wildest dreams, Gov, will I vote for higher taxes

  2. L_T says:

    Hey governor Moon beam, why don’t you cut back on cubicle hamster state works.
    Why does it always have to be education that gets cut first?
    We are the highest taxed state and you have the balls to ask for more taxes.

  3. a-hole says:

    he will cut education for American kids but wiil ok the dream act for illegal aliens. How come our politicians are always selling out our country and its citizens. maybe we should have a recall for this sell out …..

    1. Danny Lim says:

      Great post…very well put.

    2. j heer says:

      i agree , its about time to cut our tax money from going to illegal mexicans . deport them

    3. Whiskey…Tango…Foxtrot says:

      Make No-Mistake: Gov. Moonbeam and his socialist party will extort the money from the California tax payer by releasing hundreds of thousands of violent criminals and child molesters back onto our streets and claiming he needs more tax money for the prisons. The Democrats always rule thru fear. They threaten to cut the police departments and education, which they never do because of the unions. So all they can do is let violent criminals back on to the streets if we do not give them more money. They could close the budget gap by doing away with thousands of unneeded positions and projects in the state public work sector; unfortunately again the state public work sector is heavily controlled by unions, which is where the Democrats get all their money and support.

    4. Ross Friedman says:

      right !

  4. betty litigan says:

    let’s recall this old guy brown but we need to be together,this dumb don’t ask for vote approval he makes his own cuts. the education inn california is going to be the worst for our future young people.he is crazy to approve the dream act looks like illegals are going to have more opportunities than citizens. it is stupid maybe the vampire that looks like is the one behind this stupid dream act. and we the citizens need to pay for illegals bunch of idiots.

  5. Mike D says:

    I will continue to vote against any tax increases as long as we’re paying for Illegal benefits.

  6. Red Meador says:

    Why is he setting the limit so high? I think it should be lowered to $50,000. and a $1,000 per year sur charge on ego cars and trucks no matter what year model they are. We need money folks and the greedy people that have it are squealing like a pig caught under a gate because they don’t want to PAY UP.

    1. Jose says:

      Crawl back under that rock you idiot.

      1. Red Meador says:

        Jose If you cant live on a thousand a week you should reconsider your life style

    2. Hardmoney says:

      Hey Red. Sound like you deserve the miserable life you are living. Why don’t you just go back to the mailbox and wait for your next welfare check. You leach.
      You need to learn that I am not responsible for You having a nice life…you are!
      You are living the life YOU DERSERVE. YOU BITTER LITTLE MAN!

      1. Red Meador says:

        A couple of corrections.. I am not Little and sure as heck not bitter. I live very well and you didn’t contribute a dime toward my lifestyle. Not only do i own a out of state business, I retired from another one and am working a full time job now. I don’t have to go to the mailbox to wait for a SS check it goes straight to my savings account at the credit union. Put that in your greedy pipe and smoke it Dude. I pay Taxes on what i earn in CA and willing to pay more.

      2. * says:

        Well honestly you should be able to live on $1000.00 a week – we live on less…
        own property, not up side down – just smart ….We barely make that – take home….We both work full time, at skilled jobs… And dont waste, we live within our means – but then you have many people with ridiculous credit card bills, high mortgages they never should have tried to take on to begin with….but because the bank told them they could afford it – they did….Gov. Brown left out 1 option…. We dont have to pay more taxes or have our kids suffer because of their stupidity… we can sell our property and move to a state that wont soak you for every penny you make …. its always an option…..

  7. doc says:

    no more taxes. start auditing all these state boards and commissions for tax monies they have squirreled away in secret accounts.

  8. calglo says:

    The California Legislature needs to go to a part-time legislature. Most people don’t realize that California is one of the few state legislatures that is full-time. With a part-time legislature, California would save a lot of money.

    1. MadCal says:

      I agree I believe that Texas has a part time legislature and it works great

  9. ILLEGALS says:

    Why cut Funds to Education? Just Eliminate welfare & healthcare to the poor. Force ’em to move somewhere else..

    1. Vote NO on more taxes says:

      Because of this Bozo, California has become a welfare and illegal immigrants magnet. How many illegals moved from Airzona and Alabama to California? They can public assistance and now scholarships. Give me a break. You want more taxes so you can give them to illegals. Just count how many kids in our public schools are illegals or anchored babies. If one day they disappear from our schools, we will definitely have a surplus in our school’s budget. Go ahead and make my day, cut a month off from the school’s calendar. I will use the money I save in taxes to educate my kids outside the public school system. I am sure that they will come out ahead.

      1. * says:

        Home School is Always an option as well …. People dont realize if they take these matters into their hands there are PLENTY of good resouces out there, many of them thru christian academys that start small … My neice was home schooled til she was high school age …she was so smart, she would skip regular high school, go take the tests, pass them all, they finally had to crack down on her because she did so well from being taught at home….now she has worked at a good job she has had since high school…..almost 18 years now….

    2. m.A says:

      Wow. We seriously can not cut funds to education because we”ll have more people like you. I will pray for you.

    3. Red Meador says:

      Force the rich to pay a fair share. Personally i would like to see the state become the first Socialist state in the United states. Others would soon follow because they would see how well it works.

      1. Brad says:

        Socialist state is working so well in Europe, Red Moron Troll.

    4. Too Many Taxes says:

      Red your and idiot! California already is a socialist state, too many giveaways.

  10. wobbles says:

    So far he’s cut cosats by flooding our streets with criminals and dumping state inmates on the counties without giving them a dime to house them, or caring if there was any space for them, ensuring they too would be released. But we are still wasting money trying to “save the Earth” single handedly, and fiving out money to illegals like it grew on trees. Why haven’t we recalled this dangerous idiot yet?

    1. Red Meador says:

      And we are not going to recall him either. You whinny Republicans are just gonna have to put your big boy pants on and crack open your checkbooks.

      1. T.F says:

        says the unemployed hand strevhed out moron (red meador)………

      2. Red Meador says:

        Sorry to disappoint you ole chap but I have retired from my own business, am working at a job now and draw my SS Plus have a out of state business. I just think all you CA dude who are so greedy should be made to crack open the check book.

      3. Jose says:

        You are the reason California sucks. Please don’t breed.

      4. Red Meador says:

        Already past that age Jose. Greedy people are the reason CA is in the shape it is in

      5. nickwilson says:

        You libs can may more taxes right now .What is stopping you from writing a check
        to teh State of california. If ALL of teh LIBS that ruined this state want to save teh state and give to the poor,give more welfare , give more to illegals whats stopping you the problem is too many residents in this state depend on the Govment tfor housing,food, day care, medical care, etc. LIBS have ruined Calif.and made it a third world country.

      6. Red Meador says:

        There are 2 directions to leave if you don’t like the (BTW that is the correct spelling of THE) libs

      7. * says:

        I am a Republican too – and i dont whine – I just handle it (read previous post)
        – but you DONT hafta continue to put up with bad behavior either…
        The widespread abuse we see with every audit result that Wendy Gruel has done here in Los Angeles, the results have been right here on this website shows you the waste and missuse of our hard earned tax money…. Granted Gov Brown has done some good things, stopped abuse of gov’t vehicles, took away all the unecessary cell phones, but just like every other govenor before him, lets get REAL !!! He’s getting bullied by a bureacrats that have been there too long….. Something’s gotta change !!!!

      8. Red Meador says:


  11. aj says:

    I would have little resistance to a higher sales tax, since I don’t make enough to have my income taxed more, if it prevents further cuts to education, and was followed by spending cuts. The first of which should the repeal, or cancellation, of the dream act. The UC system is already filled foreigners paying out of state tuition, a few more definitely will not harm the bottom line. Horrible idea in the first place.

  12. talega says:

    Next time pay attention to what the candidate is saying before you vote. He told everyone up front what he was going to do but Meg Whitman was a Republican. Now you pay the price.

    1. tanya says:

      Meg Whitman would have shipped all of our jobs overseas. She is Corporate America’s best friend.

  13. betty litigan says:


  14. Jerry is a D-bag says:

    O California’s baloney has a first name, its Jerry. Oh California’s baloney has a second name its Brown(stain). Oh I hate to see him every day and if you ask me why I’ll say….Cuz Jerry Brown(stain) has a way of F-ing up Cal-i-for-ni-a!

  15. ginny says:

    When the Dream Act Part 1 and Part 2, the High Speed Rail, and servics of all types are stopped for non-citizens, then maybe the citizens of the state might consider your tax proposals,but, as long as the citizens continue to get the shaft not a chance.

  16. Jo says:

    Times are tough. Choices are tough too. The Citizens and LEGAL residents have to shoulder the burden of saving this state that is being bled dry by free loading illegal aliens. Cut the benefits of those who are not legally entitled to receive them. We can easily close that deficit.

    1. Red Meador says:

      Let me start with,I am a light skinned, Blue eyed, gringo……Now ….. Our life style would suffer terribly with out those Illegals. They are involved in every thing we enjoy from landscaping to food production to washing our ego cars, to cleaning the theaters,stores and clubs that we enjoy so much. They stock the store shelf. they unload the trucks. They move the goods in warehouses, what ever we enjoy ,they are responsible for it being there.

      They pay taxes,why do you think the Government wants to give millions of them amnesty? because they contribute to the system that you enjoy and the Government needs the tax money. When you get right down to it they give a lot more than they take…Could it be that Angry (WASP) white Anglo Saxon protestant just have to have someone to hate?

      1. GR0WAPAIR says:

        Other than sales tax, what does an illegal alien pay, dumbf**k? For an old retired person collecting SS, you certainly use “dude” a lot, but then anything anyone says online about themselves is 99.99% bullsh!t.

      2. Red Meador says:

        Well Dude you could always go to Facebook and check it out, what ya think? Most employers hold all the taxes that they are suppose to even if it is a false SS# and send them in. You don’t really think that the Government returns the money to the employer do you Dude?

        They pay tax on just about everything that you do and don’t have near the benefits any yes most of what you said was BS in the most pure form..

      3. GR0WAPAIR says:

        Well, DUMBF**K, Facebook??? I don’t have to stop and think, you’re another DUMBF**K WANNABE. Couple words there, DUMBF**K, “most” and “suppose,” and what makes you think, not that you can, DUMBF**K, that there is a SS# involved? No benefits, do you know what an “anchor baby” is, DUMBF**K? Do you think they come by free, DUMBF**K? All of what you said is pure BS, DUMBF**K, comes from having sh!t for brains, DUMBF**K.

      4. Red Meador says:

        ROFLMBO @ U
        Bout time you pay up your bar tab and go home : ))))))

      5. GR0WAPAIR says:

        Exactly the expected reply from a puS$y DUMBF**K with sh!t for brains, time for you to roll over for your daddy’s balls, DUMBF**K.
        “ROFLMBO @ U”??? The girls must have had a fun time kicking your puS$y ass around the playground, DUMBF**K

      6. Red Meador says:

        : ))

      7. GR0WAPAIR says:

        Final confirmation, you’re nothing but BS, DUMBF**K. Enough said.

      8. Red Meador says:


  17. tp says:

    The blueprints for America:

    the original platform http://www.RightsOfMan.org

    1. rankin1 says:

      there will be 1 willie horton, the others 3 will be robbing jewerly stores.

  18. Bessie Tetewsky says:

    I really REALLY believe that the states need to get together and have a Constitutional Convention (ie. the 1776 variety) and update our Constution. The issues and priorities of 250 years ago are not the same as now. Let there be a mandate of the people

    1. Red Meador says:

      And that would be?

  19. Lou Luna says:

    Close the Projects let the Chiggers pay their own rent

  20. styrgwillidar says:

    The problem isn’t that the state government has too little money, they obivously have far too much. I mean, if they believe they have the money for funding the education and medical for foreigners, institute job-crushing regulations eliminating huge amounts of tax revenue, pursue financial black-holes like high speed rail, allow CARB to destroy heavy industry with diesel emmission restrictions based on a single study with fabricated data by a person with forged credentials (who still works for the state vice being fired)

    Then the state obviously has more money than they can be trusted with…

    1. Red Meador says:

      Sounds like typical Greedy Republican logic.

  21. Joe Stephens says:

    If you voted Democrat, you deserve the heartache and should pay more. Suck it up.

  22. usantted says:

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