LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Soft drink maker PepsiCo said in newly-released court documents that its Mountain Dew soda can dissolve a dead mouse.

In fact, the company is using that assertion to defend itself in a lawsuit from Ronald Ball, an Illinois man who alleges he found a dead mouse in his can of Mountain Dew.

Ball also accused PepsiCo of destroying the mouse carcass after he allowed them to test it.

Pepsi attorneys denied the allegations and claimed the soda would have dissolved any dead mouse in the can before it reached store shelves.

They argued that the mouse would have become a “jelly-like substance”, according to court documents quoted by Legal Newsline.

It’s not the first time the soft drink giant has faced an ugly lawsuit: federal regulators in 2009 said a “disgusting” blob found in a can of Diet Pepsi was probably a frog or toad.

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  1. rich says:

    they are absolutely right any type of soda will disolve any kind of meat. when i was in high school my science teacher placed a piece of beef in a beeker full of coke telling us that soda was not something we would want to drink very often. she said the beef would disolve with in a few days, of course we all thought she was nuts but sure as she said day by day it got smaller and smaller and eventually as pepsico says it was nothing more then GOO at the bottom of the beeker. if this guy found a mouse in his can of soda he would have had to get that can from the factory with in a day or two of it being canned as we all know that is EXTREEMLY unlikely

  2. cindy says:

    ya i do not buy it either. i do not pretend to know how they can soda but i would think its some sort of machine that shoots the soda into the can and seeing as how the opening is so small how would the mouse get in there to start with??

  3. Will says:

    Mountain Dew has BVO – brominated vegetable oil. This keeps the fruit juice or ingredients suspended in an emulsion. BVO can cause reaction in some people especially if they goof up a batch and put too much in. I had a reaction to some fruit drink boxes that a different company goofed up and put too much BVO in. Germany banned BVO, the USA didn’t.

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