ANAHEIM (CBS) — Orange County authorities are searching for a serial killer linked to the recent stabbing deaths of three homeless men.

“We believe these murders were likely committed by the same suspect and we feel he’s extremely dangerous to the public,” Anaheim Police Chief John Welter said in a news conference Wednesday.

Paulus Smith, 57, James McGillivray, 53, and 42-year-old Lloyd Middaugh were all attacked and killed while they were asleep, officials said.

homeless stabbings suspect1 OC Serial Killer Sought In Stabbing Deaths Of 3 Homeless Men

(credit: CBS)

The attacks took place on Dec. 21, Dec. 28 and Dec. 30 in Placentia, Anaheim and Yorba Linda.

“When you have three murders that are that similar in nature, involving the same type of victim and with the same general method of operation, that’s what we call a serial murderer,” Welter said.

The Anaheim, Brea and Placentia police departments have formed a joint investigation into the murders.

A police task force, which is handling the search, released some key evidence involved in the investigation.

Investigators released a grainy image of the suspect taken by a parking structure surveillance camera in Placentia. They also released the photo of a white Toyota Corolla that was seen at the scene of the crime and may belong to the suspect.

homeless stabbings suspect2 OC Serial Killer Sought In Stabbing Deaths Of 3 Homeless Men

(credit: CBS)

Police have been circulating flyers in homeless camps throughout the county, advising transients not to sleep or camp in dark, secluded areas and to stay in groups.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI are assisting in the investigation.

Anyone with information about the killer can call the Homicide Task Force at (714) 765-1944 or send them an email at

Comments (8)
  1. dale says:

    here is a better idea DON’T BE A HOMELESS PERSON get your self right and off the streets and do not tell me some of them have no other choice everyone has a choice. every homeless person i ever saw was a drunk begger and nothing more if they can get up the energy to beg or steal to get booze and drugs then they can use that energy to get a job

    1. Randy says:

      Are you the killer? It does not matter what people are doing, That is like saying to a girl not to go outside because they might get raped.

      1. cindy says:

        no Randy he is not likely the killer but he is right. yes bad things can happen to people who are not doing anything wrong, but if you are doing something risky like living on the streets then you should do what ever you can to REDUCE YOUR RISK. telling people not to sleep in dark places and yo sleep in groups is not a viable fix for this problem getting the homeless off the streets is

  2. DG says:

    Dale, your ignorance is overwhelming. Obviously you are completely oblivious to the multitude of homeless people out there that are not just “drunk beggars”. Speaking as someone who unfortunately was homeless for a brief period, I find your comment uninformed and unbelievably insulting. The current economy has hit many people very hard. I was gainfully employed for years when everything went bad for me all at once. It was a whirlwind. Fortunately I was able to “get myself right” as you so eloquently put it. At no time was I an alcoholic, drug user, nor did I ever once beg for change. Perseverence and a little luck reversed my fortunes…even though I’m still not doing as well as I was before my downfall. Trust me, I wasn’t the only person out there who wound up in such a difficult situation.

    Next time, think before you speak…or better yet, remain silent.

    1. Bogie says:

      well put DG, Dale is obviously an IMBICIL. . . . and misfortunes happen to everyone at some point in their lives . . . so LOOK OUT DALE !

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