ROSEMEAD (CBS) — A sheriff’s deputy in Rosemead Wednesday fatally shot a woman wielding a hammer.

Deputies were called to the 9300 block of Valley Boulevard at 3:38 p.m., said Lt. Mary Leef of the Sheriff’s Headquarters Bureau.

Officials say the mentally unstable woman was threatening people outside a medical clinic. When deputies arrived, the woman allegedly threatened them as well.

Deputies reportedly attempted to subdue the woman before opening fire. The circumstances of the shooting are under investigation by homicide detectives.

The dead woman was identified only as a “female Asian adult.”

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Comments (18)
  1. Al says:

    Gun for a hammer? That was excessive.

    1. Pat says:

      Well Ai let me hit you over the head with one and tell me what you think ??

    2. cindy says:

      no its not. if she was in range to hit anyone cops or otherwise then the cops MUST shoot her

    3. Greg says:

      What’s with her boobs? Her left one looks bigger than the right. Is she still saving up for the right one?

  2. Peter says:

    Remember when you weld something wear your safety goggles.

  3. Matt Dupree says:

    Definitely excessive. Pat and Cindy believe in excessive force.

    1. Raul says:

      Let me threat you wit a hamer, and u need to take me down with your bare hands no weapons, deal??

      1. Matt Dupree says:

        you angry little boy. of course you would need a gun. then if it was your mother or sister you would feel different. hypocritical people. I’m sure you are full of other lies and manipulation in your life.

      2. Matt Dupree says:

        is that a threat tough guy

    2. John says:

      The incident report said they hit her with a tazer first with no effect. She’s approaching with the hammer and the first option failed. She might be on something like PCP. The next option is to shoot before she manages to hurt the officers or a bystander. Take that hammer to the temple or in an upswing at the nose and she can kill you in one hit. It was a legal shoot.

    3. Roger Wallace says:

      As you were most likely not there I don’t quite understand how you can include the term “definitely.” If you don’t think a person can become deadly or inflict serious bodily harm by wildly wielding a hammer at other people, then you are extraordinarily naive. It’s all quite very simple: If you want to greatly reduce your chances of getting shot by the police, don’t participate in stupid behavior.

  4. Marty says:

    Boy the cops nailed her.

    1. Matt Dupree says:

      thanks for that comment marty goober

  5. Raul says:

    Its called self defense, if someone comes into ur house with a hamer threating you

    Will you shoot them or take chance on the hammer

    I rather killed than be killed

  6. Tony F says:

    According to Channel 5 news, deputies tazed the woman, but her assualt continued, therfore she met her creator……oh well.

  7. Matt Dupree says:

    do you believe everything on the news with those dolled up goofball anchors.

    1. John says:

      No, but the official police incident report said the same thing about using the tazer first with no effect.

      1. MD says:

        You can’t always believe what is in a police report either.

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