COSTA MESA (CBS) — A longtime Christian leader from Orange County has announced he has lung cancer.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports on the shocking announcement from pastor Chuck Smith.

Smith, 84, the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, told his congregation he is scheduled to have a biopsy done this week before undergoing surgery the following week.

“Please pray for Pastor Chuck Smith, Sr.!” a statement on the church’s Facebook page read. “Today it was announced cancer has been found in his lung; there is uncertainty as to the extent. We are expecting to know more regarding prognosis and treatment after Tuesday.”

Smith started Calvary Chapel in the mid-1960s before ultimately leading the so-called “Jesus Movement” in the 1970s.

His church was filled with hippes and other counter culture youth wearing long hair and sandals. It is now an association of Christian churches with over one thousand congregations around the world.

Smith was recently at the center of controversy in October when he publicly criticized an abuse victim of one of his Calvary Chapel pastors.

In addition to his senior pastor duties, Smith also hosts “Pastors’ Perspective”, a daily radio call-in show with Brian Brodersen and Don Stewart.

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  1. Alan Di says:

    Hay, he’s 84. You have to die of something.

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