Suspect Arrested In Connection To Rash Of Arsons

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A male suspect has been arrested by authorities in connection to rash of fires set across LA and the San Fernando Valley, according to authorities.

Harry Burkhart, 24, was arrested around 3 a.m. Monday following a traffic stop on Sunset Boulevard near Fairfax Avenue in West Hollywood, officials said at a news conference Monday.

arson suspect Suspect Arrested In Connection To Rash Of Arsons

(credit: CBS)

Burkhart was driving a dark Dodge minivan with British Columbia license plates that matched the description of a vehicle possibly associated with the fires, police said.

“I didn’t see him up close . . . but it was definitely a male figure. There were other people who got up closer and took photos and stated how he was actually smiling at the cameras. That was just a very eerie feeling,” Sylvia de la Sancha told CBS2’s Louisa Hodge.

Authorities say “fire starting materials” were found in the minivan which police processed as evidence.

“I feel very good that we’ve got the right guy,” Los Angeles police Chief Charlie Beck said.”(The suspect) had the right stuff in his van, and we are very confident we found our man.”

arson victims3 Suspect Arrested In Connection To Rash Of Arsons

(credit: CBS)

Sources say Burkhart is of German descent and his mother may have been deported last week.

A total of 53 fires were set in the Los Angeles area from Dec. 30 through Jan. 2, according to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Officials estimate property damage to vehicles and structures to be about $2 million.

Authorities said the suspect has been seen at several of the locations where fires were started, including on a video that was released by police Sunday night.

  • Robert Gone

    He’s a Russian national moron.

    • alter

      Hey Robert the Russian mafia is after you. I hope they find and torture you.

    • justice not lies

      the last name is BURKHART, THAT’S NOT GERMAN YOU D(_)MB F***K. IT’S SCOTTISH.

      btw the guy is from canada and what about all the other copycats????

    • Uhoh

      Actually he’s a German moron.

  • John Ashton

    Lets eradicate racism, bigotry and ignorance in 2012.

    • Travis Bickle

      LET’S NOT.

  • LA7

    Just because it’s in West Hollywood, doesn’t mean he’s Russian. He looks more like a beanie

    • Woods

      a jumping beanie and still wet. lolololololol

    • nsbp


  • Im White Also

    Life without the possibility of parole for this white trailer trash

    • huorhghu

      Why? mexicans get less than that.

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  • alfred beilin

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  • John Baumgartner

    Don’t you look like a babooze now, Frank?

  • LADriver

    The report says he’s German. And his mother had been deported. (That’s the great loss that triggered his rage). Another report quotes him as saying, “I hate America.” (ABC). Plus he’s an outsider with British Columbia plates. White guy. White rage. Mexicans loved this city. They own it. They have no motive to destroy their home.

    • alter


    • Vibrani Nora Amrani

      Are you really that ignorant? The majority of crimes in Los Angeles are done by Latinos. It’s a fact. What do you call the drug wars? Not destroying their home?

      • Woods


      • only one guy caught so far is not enough

        Looks like a mexican with a white last name. there ARE a lot of them in l.a. actually.

        doesn’t look like an evil blonde haired german, like some f@gs tried to say. BUT THE BIG QUESTION, WHERE ARE THE COPYCATS??? WHY WEREN;T THEY CAUGHT?

  • USC Trojan Girl

    If its not school shootings its setting fires. What is it with you moronic white males? Did you men fail to become professional athletes and this is your way of venting? No wonder the rest of the world view Americans as stupid…lol

    • alter

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    • Carlos

      LOL – very true trojan girl that’s exacty what happens. School shootings, setting fires and talking trash about minorities is the most therapeutic way for white males to bounce back from depression and anxiety :-)

      • NYU1232

        I am sure that USC is proud, and Carlos what about you CSLA?

      • Beach breaker

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        case closed

  • Terry Berg

    They own LA all right – by virtue of violent gangs that routinely kill each other’s members and innocent men, women, and children. Their culture of of mayhem has taken over Mexico and sadly is washing over our country like a tidal wave!

  • Simon De Lao

    He looks Armenian

  • alter

    Fight On SC!!! w/o posers.

  • uhoh

    I guess his mom will never see him again.

  • ray

    Enough about the OVERPAID la firefighters already. I dont think your really a hero if u get paid a high salary to put out fires.IT IS YOUR JOB!!!!So please stop patting yourselves on the back.

    • The Truth about the LAFD

      I work for the LAFD and I have to agree with you. We have the most egotistical firemen on the planet and they are the worst EMTs.

    • Marcos

      I don’t care if he is from Germany. Let’s evict all the white invaders from this country.

  • Stella

    It makes no sense to say you hate the US while fighting to not be deported.

  • Woods

    Just one news not involving mexican criminal DOES NOT justify for ALL THE CRIMES and SEXUAL CRIMES mexicans have committed every now and then. Jolla amigo~~~ wanna get away in clean title?

  • Diane Garinger

    Was this man employed in the US, did he have neighbors who knew him and was he an illegal?

  • Woods

    Isn’t it just funny that the WB dreamed about eliminating white race out of the homeland America while the majority of WB are being fed by the tax money from white. So, that said, the WB would rather put up with hunger than meeting the white Americans. It’s ok, they don’t understand this logic anyway…

  • nobber

    Prisons 20 % White, 80 % Black. Put the notch back up

  • JS

    You can tell when it’s a white guy because of the unusual nature of the crime. One guy out doing something you don’t hear about every day… Crimes associated with nonwhites involve par for the course in those neighborhoods type stuff, the same old same old.

  • zed

    His mom needed a Russian interpreter at her deportation / extradition hearing
    Germany wants her back for failing to pay for her boob job
    Hes her offspring, but a german national.
    He was here legally
    She was illegal, running a massage service

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