NORTH HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — Henry’s Tacos, a San Fernando Valley landmark, may be forced to close just days after it celebrated five decades of business.

The owner, who applied for cultural landmark status because of the original Googie-style “Tacos” sign on the stand, says his lease is in jeopardy.

According to a petition at, the property owner is upset about the possible historic designation.

The Los Angeles City Council may not be able to vote on the status by the end of the week, when the lease is set to expire.

The community is now rallying to help save the restaurant.

Henry’s Tacos is located at 11401 Moorpark Street near the corner of  Tujunga Avenue.

Comments (34)
  1. Corinne Anderson says:

    Go vegan.

      1. USC Trojan says:

        Yep Chipotle is good but like Amy said for freshness and authenticity its all about Poquito Mas

    1. GROWAPAIR says:

      I like my chorizo, “Extra Grande.”

    2. Esther McNulty says:

      Steak, pork and chicken are much, much better. Never forget, Hitler was a vegan!

      1. JCINHB says:

        Hitler was also on Meth…. So all Vegan’s are meth-heads?

  2. JS says:

    Is that a nice area? We’re moving to the region…

    1. Tad Y says:

      yeah its safe. i lived in the area for 7 years. its chill the immediate area around the restaurant is actually kinda nice with a some good cafes and several clothes boutiques and gift shops. Not super fancy but not run down either. there is also good freeway access to all parts of LA which is one of the main reasons why i live there since as an actor I have to drive all over for auditions. Good luck in your move!

  3. Danny Lim says:

    @JS….you’re moving to North Hollywood? I’ll pray for your soul. 🙂

  4. Amy says:

    I have been there a few times and their tacos are not that great. They are simple/basic white washed tacos. Want some real authentic ones? Try any Poquito Mas – they even make the tortillas from scratch right in front of your face the second your order them. It doesn’t get any fresher then Poquito Mas.

  5. Damien says:

    Oh put a lid on it Danny, what do u live on the ‘West Side’ ?? Gross. There is NOTHING WRONG w/ NoHo.

    Im so sick of L.A. types acting like their sh#t don’t stink.

  6. Vibrani Nora Amrani says:

    Henry’s Tacos and burritos are pretty good – even if a little greasy and way over-priced. It’s the only place left that serves tacos in the old way around here. And it’s packed with business – lots from the studios, actors, artists, musicians, etc. eat there. I like the hard shell and meat that isn’t overspiced that it makes me sick. Henry’s would do well to get get their pricing in better order, especially for their drinks, though. I hope the place stays.

    1. Tad Y says:

      yeah. I hope the place stays even though I agree the prices are kinda high for what they serve. the tacos are standard taco bell tacos except way more expensive. I used to live virtually a block away. would have eaten there more often if the prices were more reasonable. I don’t understand why they charge so much. Rent must be expensive!

  7. Vibrani Nora Amrani says:

    As for L.A. versus the valley – having grown up near Westwood and Beverly Hills and living in the valley for over 30 years, I can say with relief that at least on the streets in the valley, we can drive and are not stuck in a constant traffic jam as it is in the city.

  8. marti upson says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about their won food preferences, but if you SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS of any kind and are TIRED OF GREEDY landlords, please consider signing our petition to SAVE HENRY’S TACOS. There is a similar family-run historic business like Henry’s Tacos in just about every town in America. After 50 years in business, four generations in my own family have eaten there and this small business is a very important part of the local community. For those who didn’t grow up there or understand what it means to the community, I ask you to think of a place from your childhood (that probably no longer exists, but you wish it did) and equate that with what we are trying to accomplish here and now. Please support our effort. Thank you!

      1. Dave says:

        Since when does the owner of property need to make less than it’s worth? Since when is it greedy to expect fair value for it?

        If Henry’s wanted to stay there, Henry should have made an offer to buy the land that was acceptable to the owner.

        Once the designation of an historic landmark is made, Henry will have the upper hand in rent negotiations.

  9. Nora says:

    It’s such a small plot of land – what could someone do with that, anyway? Unless the owner also owns the lot, the bar, and plans to tear them all down and buld something new, what’s the point in closing down Henry’s? And why do it it – no pride in having a monument? How much money is enough, dude? Will the owner be happy knowing he will lose business if he does this to Henry’s? I wouldn’t support a new place there.

  10. XXX says:

    Come on Bob’s Big Boy

  11. ES says:

    Lived in the area for 20 years and never really caught my attention. Twice i went there and twice it sucked. The food isn’t all that so I never went there again. But i suppose white folks wouldn’t know any better.

  12. RSL says:

    I have many happy, youthful memories associated around Henry’s Tacos. I first went there over 30 years ago. We have so few traditions in LA, we don’t seem to respect them. For me, Henry’s is a tradition and I hope we can keep it.

  13. Kris C says:

    Good areas of the valley: Woodland Hills, Encino, Calabasas.

    Bad areas: Everything else but especially Reseda, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Canoga, Pacoima, Winnetka, Panorama City

    Tarzana is borderline, stay south of Ventura Blvd. and you’ll be safe

    1. Rick says:

      So you paint yourself in your little corner of the valley? What are you afraid of? Where are the good tacos in WH, Encino or Calabasas? Does you last name rhyme with runt?

  14. Richard B says:

    Too bad Wood’s mom’s taco wasn’t closed in time too keep her from breeding

  15. I hope they save the place.
    It really is a valley icon.
    The food is good, but not great.

    George Vreeland Hill

  16. Vibrani Nora Amrani says:

    Anyone know what the verdtict is?

  17. Bj Reynolds says:

    no sympathy for these ‘history’ people. watch your own property, not somebody else’s. this is a free capitalist country with private property.

  18. Andrei Bilderburger says:


    You’re so right!

    We need more hispanics in the USA to help change our culture so we care about important things like our friends and family, and not about living next to a really good taco stand.

  19. Stella says:

    Im sure the restaurant is great but for the sake of accuracy that is not actually a Googie-style sign.

  20. JCINHB says:

    Maybe the owner should agree to withdraw his “historical” petition and agree to not accept becoming a “historical” site unless he agrees to buy the property at a reasonable price. It’s not fair to the owner of the property to then get stuck with a tenant forever at some lower than market rent. (ALSO, WHY DID THIS GUY NOT BUY THE LAND ABOUT 20 YRS AGO?

  21. Bob Theduck says:

    If it closes, the dags and cats around there will breathe easier.

  22. j from n.n. says:

    henry’s is a local landmark, historical for it’s architecture style which is no longer visible much in the city. the food is good enough to still be very popular.
    let’s hope it stays open…. it actually has an artsy style to it…very individual and non-corporate looking. that’s needed in today’s world…so people can realize that
    businesses don’ t have to look cookie cutter corporate.

    please send letters or make phone calls to the l.a. city council urging them to vote yes on making henry’s a historical landmark.

  23. wkl8261 says:

    why does the owner bring up the “cultural landmark status” when the lease is just about up? should’ve waited until he signed a new lease.I do lve the place.

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