POMONA (CBS) —  A bicyclist was killed in Pomona Wednesday when he was struck by a sport utility vehicle and dragged for a half-block.

A Dodge or Chrysler SUV going north on Towne Avenue struck the bicyclist, who was riding on Sixth Street, crossing Towne, said Sgt. Christian Hsu of the Pomona Police Department.

The driver fled the scene, Hsu said.

The bicyclist died at the scene of the collision, which occurred at 5:29 p.m., Hsu said.

It is believed that the sport utility vehicle has moderate to major front-end damage.

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Comments (8)
  1. rankin1 says:

    the driver is back in mexico.

  2. Robert S. says:

    Bikes and cars don’t mix well, kinda like oil and water. Rideing for exercise can get a person killed, and it amazes me at how “riders” are so arrogant, that they think that they can insist on riding along busy, dangerous roads with lots of traffic. We live in a “resort area” in Texas, and bikes are trying to share our backroads of of a major highway all the time. They tend to “block” the road, and are generally “a pain inthe tail”, as they tend to slow traffic to a crawl, cause there are no bike trails along the road. As you might imagine, tradgedy does happen on occasion. Stupidity, along with arrogance can cause certain death, but they insist that they can “share the road” with cars. You come over a hill, or a curve, and there they are! Governments stupidly insist that bike can “share the road, no matter the danger, and this is just plain stupid. They even are found on major 70 mile an hour roads here in Texas, and this is insane! Stay off major highways, and smaller roads with blind spots, and you can save your own life!

  3. BikeSGV says:

    Robert S.: Don’t know about Texas but bikes have a LEGAL RIGHT to be on the road in California as well most of the USA. While it is true some ride for exercise, many have to ride because its their only means of transportation to work or school.

  4. crystalg says:

    The city and time of day of the rider’s death indicates to me that he was riding his bike to or from work. As is very common in that area, a bike is likely his only form of transportation. Can a man be faulted for riding a bike to and from work? And it would be pure assumption to assume he was breaking any laws or riding in an arrogant fashion.

    A non-rider doesn’t understand that taking the lane is sometimes the safest option. I ride my bike for transportation. Although I have rights on the road I don’t assert those rights at a danger to me or others. Just as my right of way when I’m a pedestrian, it won’t matter if I’m accidentally run over by a 2-ton vehicle that I had the right of way. Not all riders are arrogant and neither are all car drivers…but some of both are arrogant and selfish and in a rush.

  5. Diian says:

    Hmm…stay off major highways and stay off small back roads. Where does Robert S. expect us to ride? Sometimes I only have one or two option on how to get to work. I guess wings would make him happy.

  6. mare says:

    actually, the driver had no idea he had hit anybody at all. he had thought he hit a pot hole or bump, slowed down and looked in the rearview mirror, didnt see anything and kept going. had he known he hit a person, he absolutly would have stopped. when he saw the news reports on the news the next day, he realized he may be the person who had hit this man. he went and turned himself in immediately. he was not drunk.

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