TUJUNGA (CBS) — Firefighters knocked down a blaze at a home in Tujunga described as having “packrat conditions.”

The fire, which started burning in some vegetation, spread to a one-story home and attached garage in the 7000 block of West Sunnycrest Trail.

The blaze was reported to authorities about 2:55 a.m. Sunday, said Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Matt Spence.

No injuries were reported.

“There were heavy packrat conditions,” he said, adding that it took 51 firefighters just over an hour to put out the flames.

Firefighters then spent time going through the structures making sure all of the embers were out.

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    Look, I was in the occupy movement, and wg/af a complete FRAUD job. He is an anarchist movement started by a group in Canada that came up with the idea to protest against capitalism and the big bank bailouts, but now he’s gotten far out of control.
    WG/AF has accrued enough money from corporate sponsors to help pay for the damage that was done to all public and private property. WG/AF is known to pay homeless people to protest and camp out at their occupy camps, like they did in Santa Rosa (north of San Francisco).
    My warning to everyone: DO NOT BE FOOLED BY WG//AF!! I, along with other puS$y dumbf**ks, were told and trained to play the victim card and resist arrest at any costs, including bankrupting local and state municipalities. We were also trained to attract as much media attention as possible, to make them support the movement. wg/af gave protesters the false sensation that they had a voice, but if “wg/af” didn’t agree with your opinions, then you were shouted down and out.
    I remind you once again, do not fall victim to this con-artist anarchist. wg/af has served jail time for severe offenses, so instead of blaming himself he wants to blame everyone else. But it’s good to see that the media isn’t following wg/af as much as they did before.

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