Police Called In To Break Up Fight Between Shoppers Over Nike Shoes

REDONDO BEACH (CBS) — A fight broke out early Friday morning among shoppers waiting to buy the latest edition of a popular Nike shoe at the South Bay Galleria.

The Air Jordan XI Retro Concord went on sale at 5 a.m. Friday at the mall’s Foot Locker. The black and white shoes are a collector’s item and cost $180.

air jordan xi concord Police Called In To Break Up Fight Between Shoppers Over Nike Shoes

(credit: EU Kicks)

Witnesses say dozens of customers were pushing and shoving to get a pair of the shoes before police were reportedly brought in and sales had to be shut down.

Police ordered customers to leave and come back at 8 a.m., but they wouldn’t depart from the mall.

It is unknown if anyone was injured or if any arrests were made.

Similar incidents also occurred Friday morning across the country in Atlanta, Indianapolis and North Carolina. Police in Seattle had to use pepper spray to calm crowds there.

The highly collectible shoe line is estimated to bring in nearly $1 billion annually.

  • The Big Logic

    You can bet these weren’t illegal Slobovian immigrants involved.

    • DK

      What? are you kidding me? Slobavian immigrants?? how does this relate to the story please explain.

      • Greg

        This was never funny. Big logic is mentally challenged. Just smile and nod.

      • Over your head

        It’s too late, you already missed the sarcasm bus.

      • FU-Q 88

        It means it wasn’t white people fighting over shoes all across the country…..Or does it?

  • Saran

    Sounds like they got their holiday spirit from this cartoon;



    • Jeezus

      that was terrible-just when you thought the NEWS was lame you get an even lamer attempt with this LINK. Dont bother. Happy Holidays!

  • ginny

    And how many of these people somehow found a way to get cash from their EBT cards to get these shoes.

    • Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot

      My thoughts exactly, and you know these people would never get out of bed this early and wait in line for a job.

  • Ro Diaz

    People fighting over cheap Sh** Made In China. ~ Freakin’ HILARIOUS~! ! ! ~ Happy Holidays~ ! ! !

    • E Rocha

      I was about to post the same thing. Idiots. Happy Holidays to you also my friend.

  • pickles71

    Please are dumb. Those are UGLY shoes anyway

  • Lorena A Sandoval Rodriguez

    everything is on sale good for the ones that can still afford to buy christmas presents for their families ….. no need to fight just think of the so many people that are not buying anything for their families cause they don’t have money and out of work …. is a time to shear and reflect on what you have done through out the years maybe a time for change on some is a must but to all have the most wonderful christmas their is and may all your dreams come true every day and year god bless all don’t fight or argued let peace be with all of man kind merry christmas

  • icecream

    People ? More like ANIMALS !

  • Jose Rodriguez

    stupid peopel fight for a nike shoe. we always go to wal mart to buy a expensive things. you dont have fight. we want the more expensive vizio lcd tv, they get the tv all the time in the wal mart store. vizio is good you know, better than your sony or pansonia japanese peopel tv. my vizio is the best and i buy it very very cheap in wal mart. you can call very smart.

  • Fred Rinaldi

    gorillas in the mist

  • draxta

    And that is the 99%.

  • Kristie girl

    lmfao… this is just getting hilarious, if not ridiculous. I was just looking for some “made in mexico” stuffs at The Fifth Avenue one day, but believe me, even the sales got into the help scouring the whole place, but they have no clue at all what could be made in mexico and we found nothing. Later that dayI also went to Coach outlet, wow, that’s when you believe how popular the Coach products are to mexican people. Almost 9 out of 10 shoppers inside are mexican. I guess it’s all good to the company but the designers. However, no one seems to care that 10 out 10 Coach products are Made in China. I guess it also suggests they don’t find any problem with it.

  • rankin1

    spear chuckers b likin tem shoes.

  • Joe Average Man

    I love minorities. Blacks and Latinos exist for entertainment purposes only… that and robbing, killing, raping, and living on welfare for life.

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