HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBS) — Police believe a man, who was electrocuted Wednesday night outside a Huntington Beach business, was trying to steal copper wire.

Huntington Beach police Lt. Russell Reinhart said the deceased was found by workers of Southern California Edison who were sent to investigate a small power outage.

The discovery in the 7400 block of Center Avenue was made about 9:10 p.m.

“Our preliminary investigation leads us to believe he was attempting to steal copper wire and electrocuted himself,” Reinhart said.

Police were working Thursday to determine the man’s identity, Reinhart added.

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Comments (15)
  1. onebyone says:

    1 down 3,750,456 to go

  2. Efrain says:

    Illegals work the yards. This had to be a desperate white man trying to feed his needs for meth….

    1. JG says:

      now now Leonard, be nice

    2. bugman says:

      what I would like to know,how can our Gov’t put so much money into section (8).Compton to Moreno Valley. I surfed HB in the 60’s Dana Point before the Harbor. A lot of people are out of work,but hand outs,ok,but free living to a point with my tax dollars!look up section (8)

  3. Santa says:

    Merry Christmas to the deceased—-you got what you deserved

  4. SANTA CLAUS says:

    Merry Christmas to the deceased—-you got what you deserved

  5. Jason Mays says:

    Where is your house? Do our kids get free lunch?

    1. John P T says:

      Das Electricuted, Kiss the wire!

  6. philip says:

    GREG. you could not be more correct..



  8. Art says:

    A long long time ago the Prosperous and Greedy White man said to another White guy. Now that we can’t have slaves what can we do for cheap labor. Hmmmm the other white guy said I heard that the Mexicans South of the Border are really hard workers. Yea said the first White Guy. Why don’t we offer them Jobs out here at 2 cents an hour. OK said the other white guy. let’s see what happens?
    From that the green card was born. And so We Mexicans started coming here based on White people wanting Cheap labor. Well you guys asked for it. Now that we have gotten a taste of freedom and money how can you blame us for wanting more?
    If the white person wasn’t so Greedy then We would have never discovered how good This country could be .You brought this on yourselves so Quit Crying and work harder and Smarter.
    Rich Brown Guy that has a few white guys working for him
    P.S. I also get to sleep with very young Cute white girl

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