BALDWIN PARK (CBS) — A three-year-old pit bull mix is a lucky dog, thanks to a valiant rescue organized by the California Highway Patrol.

The pup was spotted living in the median of the San Bernardino (10) Freeway in Baldwin Park for over a week. Motorists and CHP officers reported seeing the dog dodging in and out of traffic on the busy highway.

Animal Control officers went to work Wednesday with a priority of saving the canine they named Rudolph, in honor of the holiday season.

CHP officers stopped traffic on the 10 around 1 p.m., while animal control officers moved in to rescue the stray.

Animal Control Officer Alfred Aguirre says Rudolph was likely not homeless for very long.

“We were able to go ahead and pet him, and kind of work with him a little bit,” says Aguirre. “Most animals we come in contact with that are feral, or stray for a long period of time actually don’t let us get too friendly.”

Rudolph will go up for adoption on Dec. 29.

“He’d make a great pet for anybody that’s looking for a dog like this,” says Aguirre. “As long as it’s a nicely fenced in yard.”

Comments (9)
  1. A Res says:

    hope the dog is adopted

  2. jim says:

    good job chp!! good luck ruddy!

  3. * says:

    You guys are awsome 🙂 Thanks so much for caring enough to try to help that poor doggie 🙂 Hope he finds a good home !!

  4. yolanda says:

    i actually called 911 about this dog me and my husband were going home..last saturday on the 10 west and i looked to my left and seen this dog sitting in the middle of the dividers on the freeway he was a lil bit after the 605 but on the 10..i started crying and i called 911 i though somebody had dumped the dog there cause how else would a dog get that far on the freeway… after i called 911 me and my husband turned around and got back on the 10 but going east to try and get the dog but by the time we got there the police had already did a traffic break i was still crying but i was glad the dog got rescued!!! im an avid animal lover and i feel greatful that he was saved!!

    1. LEO says:

      Please PLEASE don’t be THAT person that tries to rescue a dog on a freeway! That is unless you want to be hit by a car. Call 911 and let Officers handle it the proper way!!!

  5. Taxpayer says:

    You can always count on the CHP they have class even when you are pulled over they talk to you like your a person not just another $ dollar sign for the state. Thank you CHP , Brodrick Crawford would be proud, and thanks for the job you do for citizens.

  6. Roxanne Kuehne says:

    God bless the CHP officers who saved Rudolph the dog. That’s what REAL men do…defend and take care of those who can’t take care of themselves. This story almost makes me like people again, at least these wonderful guys. A very Merry Christmas to them and their families. I hope Rudolph is adopted by someone who will give him a great home and lots of love.

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