Even a small model can get stuck between a rock and a... nevermind

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Wiola Nowicka's car wedged in driveway Poland

A reminder to drive safely over the holidays. (You’ll try to tie any picture you get, to the holidays, won’t you? – Ed.) In Hagenburg Germany,  Helmut Schmidt basically says his car, left,  took over from him, and ended up on this decorative rock at the entrance to a subdivision. Funny what passes for decorative  in Hagenburg, Germany.  But these things happen: just ask Wiola Nowicka of Warsaw.

 Wiola thought she’d do a 3-point turn to reverse directions in this driveway, right. Probably shoulda just gone out to the street, to make a clean start of it. How long did she have to inch back and forth, to get it into this spot?

Comments (3)
  1. Alex says:

    Oh no – is that a Honda S2000, one of the greatest enthusiasts’ cars made this century!? We can’t afford to lose any of them. On the right, I’m immediately reminded of Austin Powers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLKR9tCiwvA

  2. Nick Federoff says:

    No need to get rid of the rock and car. I’ll send him some landscaping tips and suggest plants that can highlight both the rock and the car!

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