How Did These Models Get Stuck Here?

Even a small model can get stuck between a rock and a... nevermind

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Wiola Nowicka's car wedged in driveway Poland

A reminder to drive safely over the holidays. (You’ll try to tie any picture you get, to the holidays, won’t you? – Ed.) In Hagenburg Germany,  Helmut Schmidt basically says his car, left,  took over from him, and ended up on this decorative rock at the entrance to a subdivision. Funny what passes for decorative  in Hagenburg, Germany.  But these things happen: just ask Wiola Nowicka of Warsaw.

 Wiola thought she’d do a 3-point turn to reverse directions in this driveway, right. Probably shoulda just gone out to the street, to make a clean start of it. How long did she have to inch back and forth, to get it into this spot?


One Comment

  1. Alex says:

    Oh no – is that a Honda S2000, one of the greatest enthusiasts’ cars made this century!? We can’t afford to lose any of them. On the right, I’m immediately reminded of Austin Powers

  2. Nick Federoff says:

    No need to get rid of the rock and car. I’ll send him some landscaping tips and suggest plants that can highlight both the rock and the car!

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