Flying With Gifts In Tow? Ditch The Wrapping Paper

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Thousands of Angelenos are heading to airports with gifts in tow this week, but TSA officials want travelers to be aware of what they can and cannot carry through security.

Officials say presents should not be wrapped, as they may need to be inspected.

Passengers should also be mindful of food items that contain liquid, which is only allowed in checked bags.

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg recommends shipping your gifts in advance, but if you’ve waited too long, be sure to inspect your checked bags once you’ve arrived at your final destination.

If you’re traveling with kids under 12, they will get to keep their shoes on through security checkpoints this holiday season.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Is food stamp considered food?

  • ramos

    lolololol funny… i want to put my food stamp in the sip lock bag

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