LOS ANGELES (AP) — The president of Southern California Edison is sending letters of apology to the hundreds of thousands of people who were left without electricity after last month’s devastating windstorm.

The letters began going out Friday.

Ron Litzinger says Edison crews performed “extraordinarily well” after the Nov. 30 storm. But he adds that Edison learned from its customers that it could do better in the future, including in efforts to get word out on how long to expect power to be off.

Some 430,000 Southern California residences and businesses lost power when wind gusts approaching 100 mph in some areas felled hundreds of trees and power poles.

Some outages lasted a week and many people complained that Edison officials wouldn’t give an estimate when electricity might be restored.

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Comments (4)
  1. Rooney says:

    And what are they going to do to compensate these poor people? What about the people in hospitals? Sure they have backup generators but that’s not the point. I think they should give these people a BIG discount on their next bill.

  2. James Woods says:

    When I drove by the affected area everyday in the morning, all I saw was the hispanic workers at the scenes cleaning up the debris. No comment about their work performance, but sorry SCE, you only get what you paid for or less then what you paid for. Look what happened to DWP city workers?

    1. the rest says:

      what a racist )(*&*&( why didn;t you get your asss out of the car and do something for yourself you are the reason the world is messed up

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