Gang Member Gets 155 Years To Life In Murder Of 16-Year-Old Student

LONG BEACH (CBS) — A gang member has been sentenced to 155 years to life in prison for his role in a deadly Long Beach shooting.

Tom Love Vinson, now 18, was convicted in the 2009 murder of Melody Ross earlier this year.

Ross, a 16-year-old honor student, was shot after a homecoming football game at Wilson High School.

Authorities say Vinson was targeting rival gang members in a crowd of people.

  • Real Native

    They should have added “Without the possibility of Parole” to that

    • ray

      that is pointless when you stop to think that on a conviction like this you have to serve 1/2 the sentance before being up for parole which is 77 years and concidering if he was a banger on the outside he will run with a gang inside which means the odds of the dude living 77 years is slim to non so he is COOKED

  • icecream

    One gang banger down, thousands to go !

  • icecream

    It’s a good thing that Linsey’s judge didn’t get this one. He would’ve been out in a week !

  • nobber

    He will be out in a week due to prison overcrowding.

    • omygawsh

      Thats only for jails you jabroni.

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