SEAL BEACH (CBS) — The FBI is on the hunt for a pair of bank robbers who are behind a string of recent holdups in Orange County. The “Market Duo Bandits” target supermarkets that have bank branches inside.

Det. Jeff Brown of the FBI’s Bank Robbery Apprehension Team says the pair is responsible for four bank robberies in the past month. The holdups took place in broad daylight at supermarket bank branches in Placentia, La Habra, Lake Forest, and Seal Beach.

Security video from a recent robbery shows one man approach a bank teller, as the other stands back, holding his hand in a bag. “Look at my friend, look at my partner,” the first suspect reportedly says. “Somebody’s gonna get hurt if you don’t give us money.”

Customers continue to mill about the store, unaware that a robbery is taking place.

The two men then exit the store and can be seen on surveillance tape discarding a dye packet into some bushes. Seconds later, a tear gas packet explodes sending a cloud of dye up into the parking lot.

“The possibility is very, very strong that they are in fact armed,” says Brown. “So with that many people around, that’s just not a good thing.”

The suspects are described as two Latino men in their 20’s to 30’s. They have been spotted driving a black F-250 short bed truck.

The FBI and Orange County Sheriff’s Department are offering $10k reward for any information leading to the suspects’ arrest.

Comments (5)
  1. rankin1 says:

    Blacks rob jewerly stores mexicans rob grocery chains.

  2. geeM says:

    How about criminals commit crimes.
    You just had to throw in some racism ?

  3. Greenbean says:

    Banks never hand over that much money —-Plus they are insured

  4. Rocket J. Squirell says:

    Do I have to pay tax on that money ?? Because if I do…..its not worth it in the end
    Banks say “we will give you $100.00 if you open a checking account. However they then send a 1099 to IRS and you have to pay Their share of the taxes plus your share of the taxes = about 67%. Bottom line you wind up with about $33.00 in your pocket. Banks think we are all stupid and most people don’t know how a 1099 works. Is this why everyone waits till they raise the reward ?

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