LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck honored the three police officers Friday who helped take down the Hollywood shooter last week.

Villaraigosa and Beck commended the three officers — West Traffic Division Police Officer Kevin Cotter, Det. Craig Marquez and Det. Travon Dixon — for their heroism and bravery. The three ran into a dangerous situation with no body armor and no radio to call for backup from other officers.

“It’s one thing to go into a situation when your fully prepared, fully briefed, have all the equipment you need and have the ability to plan.,” Beck said. “It’s another thing when a murderous rampage causes you to leave your off-duty job, no communications equipment, no knowledge about whether there’s going to be other police officers at the scene or not, and go forth and directly challenge an armed gunman who’s already taken another life.”

The officers were responding to an assault by Tyler Brehm, 26, last Friday morning near Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street. Brehm began shooting at people and cars while walking through the intersection.

Cotter was working an off-duty security shift for a nearby film shoot when he heard the shots.

Marquez and Dixon were getting coffee nearby when they were told about the shooting by frantic witnesses.

Cotter and Marquez ordered Brehm to drop his weapon. Instead he pointed his gun at the officers and they shot and killed him, the department said.

Marquez extended condolences on behalf of the officers involved to the family of John Atterberry, who was killed during the shooting. Fighting back tears, Marquez said, “We obviously tried our hardest to save him, and unfortunately we weren’t able to do so.”

Beck declined to say how many shots were fired by the officers because the investigation was not complete.

The quick actions of the officers “absolutely saved the lives of an untold number of people who were unknowingly headed toward the violence at Sunset and Vine,” Villaraigosa said.

Villaraigosa also commended private security officers — Solomon Patton, Michael Ayala and Michael Coogle — working for the Hollywood Business Improvement District — for keeping people away from the area where Brehm was shooting.

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Comments (7)
  1. ZUIT SUIT says:

    I think a parade is in order like when the lakers win. All you ghetto people will do anything for some free nachos and dodger hat. But only to the first 5ooo who attend. Make a killing off parking and everyone had a good day.

  2. Astonished says:

    How about honoring the guy who put his life on the line distracting that nut case until the cops arrived. After all he isn’t a cop and he wasn’t armed, just brave.

    1. greeneyes says:

      Absolutely! The cops are just doing their job and the Mayor, well you know what to do with that “I’m so wonderful” person.



  4. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    Thankfully the shooter that was killed by the Police was a Caucasian, had the shooter been Hispanic then all the Hispanics would be rioting and looting and the dirt bag Villaragosa would be calling for the Officers arrest.

  5. alicia a. says:

    it’s interesting that NO ONE HAS PUBLICLY CONFIRMED IT WAS TYLER’S ROUNDS THAT KILLED JOHN. I realize it could have been, and likely was, Tyler’s shots that struck him, yet it COULD HAVE BEEN POLICE MISFIRE! Just look at the photos in chronological order and it doesn’t make sense. No glass around John’s car as Tyler is being shot down, yet there is glass all over the place by the time Tyler was dead. Doesn’t make sense that it was Tyler’s rounds.

  6. alicia a. says:

    Furthermore, there is no video clearly illustrating Tyler as the one screaming “shoot me, I want to die.” Rather, Chris (recorded some of the footage & was all over the media boasting about it), yelled these words to Tyler. Witnesses were obviously in a panic & bewildered, mistakenly thinking this came from Tyler’s mouth. This was no suicide by cop. TYLER HAD GONE 4 DAYS WITHOUT SLEEPING–that alone will make someone hallucinate. Mix that with stress and dangerous stimulants… violent tragedy. REST IN PEACE Tyler and John.

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