MONTEBELLO (CBS) — Nearly one week before Christmas, retailers near the 60 Freeway closure in Montebello struggled Thursday to lure customers into their stores.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports despite the setback, they still remain optimistic after an eight-mile stretch of the freeway was shut down in the wake of a tanker truck fire.

“We’re just very, very hopeful that folks will still select us as a shopping destination,” said marketing manager Sam Carpenter at The Shops At Montebello.

Carpenter and other retailers are hoping foot traffic will rebound when customer figure out alternate routes to reach the shopping center.

Drivers looking to reach the mall can turn south off the 10 Freeway onto either Del Mar, San Gabriel or Rosemead, all of which lead to The Shops At Montebello.

Still, retailers know the clock is ticking on the critical holiday shopping season.

“With Christmas ten days away, it’s not the most ideal of situations, but again, it’s something that was out of our control,” said Carpenter.

“We’re open for business, we’re hoping folks will take the extra five minutes to come out and see us,” he added.

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  1. JCINHB says:

    Such a bummer for this to happen this week. My big question is why did the driver not get out from under the bridge before leaving the vehicle? He is the “Captain” of the vessel and is responsible for those on the vehicle and those around the vehicle. Unless it was during heavy traffic, he should have gotten out from under the bridge. THIS IS GOING TO COST LA MILLIONS AND MILLIONS.

  2. James Woods says:

    Montebello? That’s where I have seen several times the hispanic people got out of their cars shouting at each other to fight for the parking while I found mine near it and walked pass them and they were still pointing fingers at each other. It was so hilarious!!

    Well, the closure would likely affect most the business which carries the low end products as what the majority of people are going after. Stores (if any) that carry big ticket items should see “NO CHANGE”.

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