ADELANTO (CBS) — Authorities are searching for a San Bernardino County man accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend and killing their unborn child.

Officials responded to a domestic violence call around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday. When they arrived to the 14500 block of Blue Sage Road, they found the 24-year-old woman unconscious, suffering from head and upper-body injuries.

The woman is in critical condition.

Willie Davis Hines, Jr., 23, allegedly fled the scene before deputies arrived.

The unidentified woman was airlifted to a local hospital where her 20-week-old fetus was declared dead, authorities said.

Hines is wanted by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department on murder and attempted murder charges. Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call SBCD at (909) 387-359.

Comments (10)
  1. charlie says:

    Must be a mistake, or a frame up, he looks so innocent, like a school boy.

    1. Fishnmike says:

      Looks like a previous booking photo

      1. TT says:

        He looks like burned up Michael Meyers.

    2. greg says:

      They all look like that

  2. Everyday Guy says:

    Nothing good has or ever will come out of Adelanto.

  3. RANKIN1 says:

    aDELANTO IS A 3RD WORLD .country, 40%unemployment, sec8, foodstamps. welfare, 73% of studentds are on school lunch program

  4. Astonished says:

    The right eye looks almost half-closed. You don’t supposed she got at least one blow in do yah. Too bad someone didn’t go in there and give him alot of what he was dishing out.

  5. Latrecia Victoria says:

    Wow look at all the ignorant comments!But what did I expect? This woman happened to be the mother of one of my nephews!she most certainly did not deserve this.She was very smart and beautiful,Mother of two beautiful boys and well educated.May god allow her to look down on her baby boys.You will be missed T.Cruz.

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