PALM SPRINGS (CBS) — A man’s body was found next to a Southern California Edison transformer after he was apparently electrocuted while trying to steal copper, Palm Springs police said Sunday.

SCE technicians called police Saturday at about 12:30 p.m. when they found a man’s body near a circuit breaker at the Granite Construction site in the 5400 block of North Indian Canyon Drive, according to Sgt. Mike Kovaleff.

The technicians were responding to a system alert from the circuit breaker at the site when they found the man lying next to the 12,000-volt transformer, Kovaleff said.

“The preliminary investigation indicates the subject was tampering with the contents of the transformer when he was electrocuted,” Kovaleff said.

Identification of the man was pending examination of the body by the coroner’s office, the sargeant said.

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Comments (20)
  1. Mateo Adams says:

    I don’t want to sound cruel but if in fact he was stealing, I’m glad it worked like a bug light,

  2. The Big Logic says:

    Cool…1 less thief is always a good thing.

  3. Hardmoney says:

    Good Riddens to a Thief! I hope he didn’t get a chance to breed, or did he manage to leave the next generation of felons!

  4. sparky says:

    Play with fire, you get burned. He made an ash out of himself. Good riddance.

  5. rich says:

    about a year ago this happen in the bell area and the moron was killed right in front of his wife and kid.. what is it about HIGH POWER LINE that people do not understand

    1. Mel Gibson says:

      There Should be a LAW that warns People In Spanish about these Dangers

      1. Bob Henning says:

        If your STUPID enough not to notice the Loud Buzzing Noise Comming from what you are trying to steal then No Sign in the World will Clue You In . Remember Like the Drunk Guy says, ( YOU CAN`T FIX STUPID)

      2. PatricParamedic says:

        Mel –

        No, quite the opposite –

        There should be neon signs shining on every length of copper wire in the country, with $20 bills hanging off them.

        Nature has a way of weeding out the imbeciles before they breed still more.

      3. JCINHB says:

        You are really that much of a socialist that you believe we should PAY money WE don’t have to put signs up warning people NOT to steal??? If they are too stupid to be trying to take high voltage wire, they deserve to die.

  6. GE says:

    What a Dolt or I mean Jolt , oh heck I mean both.

  7. Izabela Karmen says:


  8. Melvin Blake says:

    Come one Mel, doesn’t matter if they have put up spanish sign or not, we American do not expect they know how to read anyway. Oh, believe it or not, when the transformer zapped, it affected acapulco and caused an earthquake.

  9. FFL says:

    Ahh karma and fate does have a way of fixing things.. I sure hope this moron didn’t breed before he was disposed of so efficiently.

  10. maria rolando rodriguez says:

    Mi husband was a hard working man, the power company should not turn on the electricity when he was around it. He was just trying to collect some copper so that our family can have a merry christmas, and our 8 ninos can have presents.
    Please donate some money so i can have his body transport back to his Motherland, and have a burial fitting for a great man like he is.

    1. Bob Theduck says:

      I think Walmart is having a sale on trash cans this week.

  11. Sam the Libertarian says:

    Now leave the corpse there as a warning to other thieves….

  12. bullrider says:

    Was he a smoker? Or had he cooled off by the time they found him?

  13. Ben Franklin says:

    Shocking news!

  14. JCINHB says:

    Meth is a hellva drug. These loser tweakers deserve what they get… I have no pity for people on meth stealing materials to “recycle” and causing thousands and thousands, even millions of dollars in damage to “score” on $100 worth of recyclables.

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