Woman, 24, Dies In Crash Following High Speed Chase In Torrance

TORRANCE (CBS) — A 24-year-old woman fleeing from officers crashed a stolen station wagon into a tree Friday, killing herself, police said.

Two officers on patrol in a squad car saw a 2005 red Volvo station wagon parked in the area of Pacific Coast Highway and Anza Avenue around 2:15 a.m., ran the plates and determined the car had been stolen, said Torrance police Sgt. Keith Fournier. Then, the vehicle took off, triggering a high-speed chase
down PCH, he said.

vanessa gomez Woman, 24, Dies In Crash Following High Speed Chase In Torrance

(credit: CA Dept. Of Motor Vehicles)

The woman ran red lights, and the officers dropped back, Fournier said. But nonetheless she soon lost control, crossed into the northbound lanes and slammed into a tree at PCH and Airport Drive, he said.

Vanessa Gomez, 24, died at the scene, said coroner’s Assistant Chief Ed Winter. No one else was hurt.

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  • The Grim Reaper

    Do the crime, do the time. No loss.

    • Gennarose

      HAHA! This is the most ignorant thing. What makes you so superior? Have you never committed a crime? Mind your own business instead of going around on the internet and being the BIG MAN behind a damn computer screen. Seriously all of you need to grow up. She didn’t hurt anyone else, she could have but she didn’t. So go back to your own shi* hole of a life and criticize somewhere else because your comments are not needed.

      • The Grim Reaper

        It is your time. I will be seeing you shortly. Be sure to get your house in order.

      • steveb

        You moron…she stole someones car and destroyed it. Good riddance!

  • c-man

    Awesome. One less dirtbag in society

    • Melvin Blake


    • M


      • m

        an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

  • JNM

    Thank goodness that stupid b**** didn’;t take anybody elses life with her… I concur Reaper… NO LOSS

    • Melvin Blake


    • JNM

      Mmm yea this wasn’t my car… when my car was stolen and and the thief tried to out run the cops my car took out a family of four and 2 sisters on the way to school… so don’t talk to me about being judgemental… your DADDY’s taxes wouldn’t cover those damages.. do yourself a favor.. stay in school and get a lil more experience under your belt before you go splatting your mouth off….

  • Paul Castillo

    ……..And the law abiding citizens lived happily ever after.

  • Victor

    One less welfare mooch to feed.

    • Melvin Blake

      A++++++++++ darn this is sooo true and good…

    • John Deaux

      “My daddy…”,,,, that speaks volumes about your snot nose ass.

    • ericjkent

      Yes this is a Mommas boy here. MY DAD pays enough in taxes. Well what about you have you paid income tax yet. NO you are still in school. Well kiddo school is a good place for your immature ass to be.

  • krg

    Works for me..no loss to society.

  • pedro

    how dare you all talk about her like you know her. My sister died leaving 6 kids behind, sure she had trouble with the law and served some prison time. But she was turning her life around, she was going to apply to law school and be a public defender, helping out the poor of society.
    Leave her alone, all of you. May she rest in peace up in Heaven, where she belongs.

    • JNM

      Turning her life around….? In a STOLEN car…?? Endangering other INNOCENT people as she tried to OUT RUN the police???? HELLOOOOO… please… spare us !!!

      • lapsrus

        I’m pretty sure that the writer “pedro” was joking.

      • Melvin Blake

        That’s ok, she might be a cousin of his that he make out with.

    • Darrell Nelson

      she was on the right track…driving a stolen car. and with 6 kidsd …she should get a lump sum from taxpayers.

    • Jessenia Martinez

      Sure, may she rest in piece, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a piece of garbage. She stole a freaken car and then drove away when the police tried to pull her over… The only thing she should have turned around was the car to stop running.

    • ericjkent

      She was making good money stealing cars and selling her body. That is why she didn’t need her welfare money anymore.Hey cc you slap your ignorant self in the face in fact why don’t you kill yourself and do the world a favor. Turning her life around while driving a stolen car! Hey bro I turned my life around and guess what I never rode in a stolen car before or after but the point is you either change or you don’t there is no I’m going to change you either do or don’t.

    • Susan Davis

      hmmm an i wonder who gets thee honor of caring for her uhhhh 6 kids…go figure

  • Tom

    Stealing cars and running from the cops? Yeah… That’s really turning her life around.

  • rankin1

    depressed, found outr she was too old to date Jerry Buss, the old chick chasewr.

  • johnny johnson

    24 years old and she had 6 kids, better for her to be dead than to live and be on welfare.

  • johnny johnson

    suicide by tree, lol epic fail

  • Marty

    Last name Gomez – Need I say more.

    • JNM

      Last name.. race.. nationality… doesn’t make a dirt bag loser… her stupidity and bad decisions made her the loser…. keep your racist views to yourself… it only shows your ignorant stupidity and bad decisions which only leads others to assume your a loser as well

    • John Estrada

      You’ve said too much already. Sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut. Learn that.

  • jimmy

    Corrupt FBI and DEA use no-knock warrants to enter suspect’s homes while they are away and steal items.

    They mostly steal watches, jewelry and less frequently expensive prescription drugs by returning a second time and swapping them with fakes.

    Some of them where stealing wear item parts off of cars, swapping them with old worn out parts from their personal autos and in some cases leaving the auto in a dangerous state.

  • scottY

    its funny to read the comments from all these dirtbags in the world…it really shows how stupid and ignorant people are

    • cc

      i agree

  • Brian Rodriguez

    You guys are such horrible people to say such things. I knew her personally and yea she involved with some bad people but she was the most kind person ive ever known. she was always very polite and making people laugh.

    And dont assume you know anything about her. She didnt collect welfare her family is wealthy.

    And for the first comment “do the time do the crime no loss” you are one cold hearted person. she died dont you understand that? she died scared chased by Torrance PD who everyone knows assult people. There is a BIG loss. We her friends and her family are still in shock and everyday wake up hoping it was just a bad dream. Her Mother lost her baby. Her Dad lost his little girl. Her sisters lost their baby sister.

    you guys should really be ashamed of yourselves saying stuff like that.
    Her family may come across this and have to read this. I cant believe you guys could be so heartless

    She was in a stolen car, She did not deserve to die.

    You will always be loved and remembered by all who knew you

    • Atheismo

      I believe you when you say she was kindhearted and friendly.

      I can’t believe though, that you defend someone who has so little regard for society and her fellow man. A “bad crowd” or “being misguided” are not excuses. She is responsible for what she did. You likely have mutual friends;, would you feel the same if she took one of them with her?

      I won’t opine on whether or not she deserved to die, but we are all lucky that she only killed herself.



    • Liz

      I am very sorry for your loss Brian. I lost a step daughter a few years ago in a drunk driving accident (single car) and we all loved her so much. We too had to read these cold comments and it was very painful.

      God Bless you and the Gomez family.

    • andrew Olivo

      I know her personaly to she is a kind person and her family is wealthy!!! Please stop talking about my cousin like you know her. Valle de jareze mexico …

  • whiteman

    It is unfortunate that the station wagon was damaged. Hopefully her family will get the bill for the cleanup costs at the scene of the accident.

    • Alexandra Ginnow

      Are you serious!?!?? DO you not realize what happened?? She made a mistake!! Are you God? Are you Perfect?? Have you never made a mistake before!!?? You are talking about a human being one that had a family and friends that are extremely sad and shocked at all of this. Parents aren’t supposed to bury there kids!! Have some Fu#@king compassion!

  • Alexandra Ginnow

    TO all you A$$Holes out there who are Calling Vanesa a piece of garbage.. YOU DIDN’T KNOW HER!!! How do you know that she didn’t need help?!?!? A little bit of f*#king compassion would be nice. She left behind a family too!! God Forbid one of you Clucks makes a mistake and loses your life because of it!!! RIP VANESA, it’s sad the way you went out , you will be missed!!!

    • ericjkent

      Compassion is for people who deserve it, This POS does not deserve MY compassion. She had no regard for her fellow man she put countless peoples lives in danger by running from the cops. I am just grateful that she killed only herself.

  • Kristie Roberts

    uuuggghh my first commented was deleted on accident.. what it comes down to though it that it makes me very sad that everyone has just jumped to their own conclusions about the type of person she must have been. She was not on welfare and did not have six kids.

    Who cares about some stupid car, a young slightly misguided woman has lost her life. and all of you are more mad about some car? How do you know it wasnt her sisters car that was reported stolen? Or a family members? You dont!

    Ok so she made a mistake! I have made many in my life, but people can learn from their mistakes and become better people in life. She will never have that chance to try! None of you can honestly say that you have never made a mistake in your life! NONE OF YOU!


    • cgv

      I know it wasn’t her sisters car that was stolen. I also know that this stolen car was from a random stranger who actually helps people – alot of people but people who want help so the whole thing sucks. I wish it was her sisters car because the ACTUAL victim I’m sure is affected much worse than just loosing the dumb car now.

    • ericjkent

      No but I can promise you this is not her first MISTAKE and after how many times is it no longer a MISTAKE anymore? To bad for her she got croaked in a crime but she knew the chances when you decide to go to War with the cops that is a very possible outcome. And running from the pigs is considered an act of War by the Pigs. Stop painting her as an innocent she was driving a STOLEN CAR .

  • Kristie Roberts


    • John Estrada


  • Kristie Roberts

    Buddie, a piece of you will be in my heart forever… although my heart hurts now it is filled of only the good memories I have of you! It makes me so sad to know, that I will never get to see you again…. YOU WILL BE MISSED

  • ZYER


  • South Bay Kid

    A mistake is one thing but do go ahead and commit a premeditated act of crime is no accident. She hung out with the wrong crowd, cool so she follows the lead of those around her and isn’t a mature adult who makes her own decisions. It doesn’t matter who you hangout with, a 26 years old woman should be able to know the difference between right and wrong. Yea I’ve made mistakes but it never involved premeditated acts of breaking the law.

    I’m sure she was a sweet girl and no, by the sounds of things (even with her wrap sheet) she didn’t deserve to die. She didn’t hurt anyone else in the process so that’s good.

    And Brian Rodriguez, TPD assaults people???? Way to attack law officials… that’s cool. The people who were, as you say, “assaulted” probably weren’t complying and force was needed to be used. That’s not assault. COP OUT!!!!! Narrow mindedness strikes again.

    I’m sorry this girl died, but obviously she wasn’t trying hard enough to turn her life around. I agree with Jessica, she should have turned the car around and stopped running.

  • Melvin Blake

    Press 2 for spanish…

    Did I read her last name right? Ah~~

    Sorry officer, did you hurt yourself, I hope the officer is ok. Good job you guys have done out there. And Merry Xmas to you the AMERICAN HEROS all. We definitely need more heros like him out there to regulate the population of criminals, illegal immigrants, infestation, drug smugglers, prostitution, tax evasion, well fare FRAUD… too many to list…


    • AL

      you are one ignorant ass, just because her last name was gomez DOES NOT mean she was an illegal immigrant… prostitute, drug smuggler.. etc. what is wrong with you?! i do not believe her actions were right, but being a racist, closed minded prick does not make your right either.

  • Darrell Nelson

    when you run from the cops …that mean you have a reason to. so whats the reason this so called angel had to run from the police ? was it because she is a illegal alien ..WHO WAS APPLYING TO BE A PUBLIC DEFENDER. or is she the mother of 7 kids and told the welfare office she has 8 kids.

  • AL

    trying to be objective here… it is a tragedy that anyone would lose there life at such a young age. 24 is young! and maybe she did make a lot of bad decisions and maybe she was trying to turn her life around… the thing is she will never have the chance now. and i agree with kristie.. it could have been a friend or family member’s car… i knew a guy who took his parents car to visit a girl in a different state and they reported it stolen. either way the news didn’t make any report of the owner getting hurt, so obviously it was a pretty victimless crime.

    on the other hand even though i am very sorry for the loss of her family and friends you should understand where these people are coming from! what if it was your friend vanessa who was innocently killed in a police chase… you would be bashing the a hole who did it. it could have been their mother, their father, sister, brother, child, friend out there on the street and someone could have been hurt. vanessa made a selfish decision when she ran and it wasn’t her choice that she didn’t hurt anyone… it was a blessing.

    so can we just leave it as a tragic event and let everyone try to move on with their lives. people have some compassion!

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