Lamar Odom Speaks Out After NBA Blocks 3-Team Trade Deal

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Lamar Odom is speaking out one day after the NBA denied a three-team trade that would have sent him to New Orleans.

The move would have also sent Paul Gasol to Houston and Hornets All-Star guard Chris Paul to the Lakers.

Kobe Defends League

A disappointed Odom, who showed up 90 minutes late to training camp Friday and then left early after meeting with general manager Mitch Kupchak , tells the Los Angeles Times he didn’t believe initial reports that the Lakers agreed to trade him to the Hornets.

“They don’t want my services, for whatever reason,” Odom told the Times. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I was proud to be a Laker, so I’ll try to help them in the process as much as possible.”

He also told ESPN that his reality television career with wife Khloe Kardashian may have angered Lakers officials.

Gasol, who attended practice Friday, also hinted that Thursday had been a rough day:

“It’s been a crazy day but as always I’m going to be & stay positive,” he tweeted. “Thanks everyone for your appreciation and support.”

Paul also skipped training camp Friday with the Hornets, according to a report by senior writer Ken Berger.

Paul is said to be “fuming” over the blocked trade and is considering legal action.

  • steveB

    Lamar’s mother-in-law Kardashian put the kibosh on the trade. She wants to keep control of her daughter.

    • wg//af

      So, I guess the Kardashian b!tches let Lamar borrow his balls back to say something away from the show.

  • T

    I feel so bad for Lamar. He is genuinely hurt. We all know at the end of the day it is a business, but these players are human and have feelings.

    • Who cares

      Business is Business, too bad.

  • Doug

    Feelings my ass. They are all over paid pompous whiners.

    • ihatepeoplelikedoug

      says the guy who can choose where he works

      • jj pjah

        Um, Lamar can choose where he works, too. But he choice basketball and a lifestyle of getting paid millions and traded like livestock to wherever the hell his team wants. So stfu if you don’t know what you’re talking about…

  • John

    It would have hurt Lamar’s reality TV career, so the trade had to be blocked.

    • Terre

      Very funny!

  • Vanessa

    Everyone is sick of the Kardashians so they are being shunned and if you are married to one of them you are shunned too. Lamar seems like the best of the bunch and it is sad for him.

  • wyndston

    Lamar, anytime you want to be part of community that truly adores it’s celebrities Come on down to Louisiana. Lassiez bon temps. Let the good times roll down here. We have more reality shows than you can shake a stick at. Check out Drew Brees’s bountiful life here. We will love you wholeheartedly.

    • Thesaurus

      wyndston, you must not be a LA native. The entire phrase and the correct spelling is: “Laissez les bons temps rouler”. You basically said “Let good times” with your misspelled phrase.

  • John Holmes


  • Keisha

    Lamar we love you in Louisiana!!!!!!! Let Kobe have the Lakers by himself. You deserve to be treated better. I think that you will enjoy New Orleans. We love you Lamar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Domino

    Yep! He has to get focused on playing basketball and not his own balls on that reality TV show!!

  • lashes

    Get off the stupid reality tv shows and focus SOLEY on basketball, then maybe the lakers will take you seriously again…..or another competitive team for that matter.

  • Melyssa

    Whether or not he does a reality tv show that should not affect him in his career! He pretty much proved this past season that he is the best 6th man in the league!! I’m a laker fan and when I first heard about the trade I was upset they were trading two big men for Paul. Maybe now since the trade was stopped they’ll reconsider and Pau & Odom can use this to play even better!

  • manygrove

    Poor Lamar, ever since you he got with kloe it has been curse after curse. Champion for two years before he met kloe, then no ring. Didnt make all star team, curse continues. Lost alot of his long time friends, curse strikes again. Car accident in the east coast, curse is still on. Lockout begins year after he met kloe, someone is cursed. Finally lakers want to trade him, kloe please leave lamar alone, dont you get it – he was better off without your curse.

  • tami

    I do not think being on tv has anything to do with his basketball career. Just because he married Khloe, does not mean he does not care about his career. She has pretty much given up her career so that he can concentrate on his basketball career. I just think some people are going to hate no matter what. And out of all of the sisters, she seems to have the most sense and she seems to know that her marriage is the most important thing to consider.

    • steveB

      What career?

    • lady bug

      What career?! Haha. She has no career. Khloe stay up under Lamar is because she is scared he will leave her.

  • manygrove

    Well of course kloe is willing to give up her career, which is um is what again?

  • Ren

    I would not have tried to trade odom i would have traded ron artest . Odom gets you 11 points and 11 rebounds off the bench He is the best bench player in the nba.

    Queens N.Y.

    • ann

      Good point!! Lakers are making a mistake!!

  • King Herk

    Poor Lamar Kardashodom.

  • Clo

    Chris Paul Is definitely not worth 2 good players! Why is everyone all over the Kardashians? their shows are right up there with 16 and pregnant, Jersey shore and even the Duggers and so many other mindless shows, but if people want to watch them then they should be able to..

  • Tim

    LOL They want to get out of LA because they know they have no chance of winning this year in LA and they don’t want to get exposed and embarassed losing in LA again. And the Lakers want them gone so that they will have an excuse to lose this year. The Lakers want to be able to say they lost because they didn’t have Gasol and Odom. LOL When you know your team is weak the only option is to create a ready made excuse which is what they are trying to do here. Them scrubs scared to stay in LA because they know it will be an uphill battle making it out of the west like always. LOL

    • Daniel

      HATER!!! Probably a bitter Boston fan who has no right to even speak. If they were trying to make an excuse to trade away talent, the NBA would not have been so adament on stopping the trade. You are a true idiot and I’m sure your parents wished the “plan B” pill was available for them when you were conceived.

  • Daniel

    I wish they would have never even opted to include Lamar in this. He was stepping up and finally found his place on the squad. There is no other player in the NBA as versatile as him and he is still in his prime. I’m a true Lakers fan and know this is all business but Lamar had a choice a couple of seasons ago to stay with the Lakers knowing he probably could have gotten more money somewhere else. His loyalty to L.A. is appreciated and not everyone here forgets something like that. If he does get traded eventually, I wish him the best. If I were the GM, I would have pushed getting Dwight for Gasol and Bynum and adding another team in it to aqcuire a half decent PG and a back up PF. Would have covered both ends and Lamar would have been pushed to the starting spot.

  • tony clifton

    Quit your crying Lamar, you have your plastic wife, and you are rich. Are you scared that if you go to Minn. or New Orleans she’ll leave you….. she will.

  • tony clifton

    Oh, by the way, did I mention you are A MILLIONAIRE, while all of us writing this are not…… and YOU blew here last year, because of your damn reality show taking over your life!!!

    And did I mention that you are still A MILLIONAIRE…..shut up.

  • tony clifton

    Why does anyone care about the Kardashians? Who are they, beside the family that is sponging off of kids and saps that hang on to their every move. What do they contribute? ZERO… By the way, have I failed to mention that the Kardashians and Lamar ARE MILLIONAIRES no matter where they live?

  • Paul G. DeCroix

    The Lakers do not have the authority to buy championships, period! They are a popular, rich franchise but that would not be fair to allow the Lakers to get the best players in order to win championships. They need to work with what they got to get the prize(s) .

    • Daniel

      Just like Miami Is trying to do, right? and what about NY and NJ or Boston? They all worked hard for what they got??! Stupid, Stupid comment….

  • Ann

    Lamar is a good guy!! It would be the Lakers loss!! No matter that he is married to a Kardashian. I hope they especially Kim just how awful they behave and how selfish they are. Kris Humphries got out in time!! Good for him. He too is a nice guy. But the Kardashians should not be the reason to trade Lamar! He is loyal and he is a good guy! Shame on the Lakers!!!

  • Ann

    These companies behave like they are slave owners!! Doing whatever they want whenever they want and then do not want to pay the players or share the great deal of money they are making. Lamar is a good guy and should be treated with respect! He should not be traded if he does not want to be traded!

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