LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  Los Angeles County prosecutors will not file a felony case against a woman who allegedly used pepper spray while shopping at a Walmart store in Porter Ranch during a Black Friday sale.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office referred the potential case against Elizabeth Macias, 32, to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, a spokeswoman said Thursday.

The Black Friday incident made worldwide headlines, with authorities saying soon afterward that the pepper spray was used on a crowd as clerks unwrapped plastic from a shipment of Xbox electronic gaming consoles about 10 p.m. Thanksgiving night.

About 20 people  suffered minor injuries, authorities said.

Macias, whose name was never officially released by authorities, went to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire station at 8:30 p.m. the following day and was released after declining to be interviewed, according to police.

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Comments (16)
  1. dave allen says:

    ALL I could say is W.T.F. next time I go shoping I am going to carry some peper spray. this prosecutors are a complete joke.

  2. Mark says:

    Her husband must be LAPD so there was no crime.

  3. Astonished says:

    Weren’t either of you required to take reading comprehension in school? READ THE WORDS IN THE STORY! The Los Angeles COUNTY District Attorney’s office referred the case to the Los Angeles CITY Attorney’s Office for prosecution because it occurred in the City of Los Angeles! DUH!

    Nothing has been said about the Los Angeles CITY Attorney’s office declining to prosecute!

    1. Debra R Steinman says:

      Either way, ifshe gets away with pepper spraying who ever she wants it’s still wrong! For what she has done, she belongs in JAIL!

  4. B Wash says:

    Just mean the DA wont file. It was probably referred to the City Attorney for filing as a misdemeanor.

  5. steveB says:

    City attorney should file misdemeanor assault charge and then confiscate the Xbox which was obtained during a commission of a crime.

  6. CRI says:

    LMAO. Case taken to wrong D.A. office for filing?

    Probably will be a Misdemeanor filing and she will probably plead. Looks like a summary probation case. Which is a joke in itself.

  7. jimmy says:

    Corrupt “Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement – California Dept. of Justice” have killed a lot of people. An alarming number of them steal from suspects, sell drugs skimmed from busts and provide murder for hire.

  8. ahmed says:

    May be she knows Judge or some body in LAPD. She pepper sprayed to innocent shopper. Around 20 plus shoppers got injured just because of her. On top of that she is not facing felony charges. That’s absolutely ridiculsely. It means anti social behaviour people like her will pepper spray in the future. She should be punished hard for her anti social behaviour so the people like her becarefull next time in the future.

  9. wakboy says:

    What a Joke.. IF she had a gun and wounded a bunch of people would she still get off? I cannot Believe that she is being charged. Did the DA get the X-BOX?

  10. Charlie says:

    She’s My Hero, Those other shoppers may think twice before they start pushing other people around next time

  11. Wow maaaannn says:

    Wow, the minoriites win this time. Usually this only happens with whites.

  12. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Before the Porter Ranch incident, she was also seen in Valencia up where the, ya know, only the very very privileged live. The tape however, is very blurry.

  13. DA YOU ARE A JOKE says:

    LMAO, W.T.F. “”””Next super sale and black friday, I am going to bring my peper spray and my taser gun””” and I will get away with it.

    1. Jean Clink says:

      You won’t ‘get away with it’ or be pardonned, because you know better!

      1. DA YOU SUCK GRANDE says:

        If O.J. got away with murder,just like that B.i.t.c.h. from Florida that kill her dauther, and now this pendeja that peper spray people to an xbox, what not.

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