‘Mythbusters’ Stunt Goes Awry, Sends Cannonball Rocketing Through Homes

DUBLIN, Calif. (CBS) —A cast iron cannonball rocketed through two homes and landed inside a minivan Tuesday when a “Mythbusters” TV experiment went wrong.

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are hosts of the scientific experimentation show, which airs on The Discovery Channel. The pair was reportedly trying to figure out how fast a cannonball would travel, when it misfired and shot hundreds of feet in the air.

“This cannonball was supposed to go through several barrels of water and through a cinder block, and then ultimately into the side of the hill,” said J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

Instead the cannonball flew over the foothills surrounding Camp Parks Military Firing Reservation, before spiraling back toward Dublin like a cruise missile.

It flew straight through the front door of a home on Cassata Place, and bounced around like a pinball, flying up to the second floor before blasting through a back bedroom wall.

The wayward cannonball then blasted across a busy road and through a second home some 50 yards away, demolishing roof tiles.

The homeowner’s mother was frightened.

“It was a very loud boom; she thought a tree fell, maybe a meteor,” said Ming Jiang. “It wasn’t clear that it was a cannonball landing on the roof.”

The out of control cannonball finally came to a stop inside Jasper Gill’s minivan.

“It hit the dash, through the passenger window,” said Gill, who had gotten out of the vehicle just 10 minutes before the ball struck. “I’m lucky I’m alive.”

Incredibly, no one was injured in the mishap.

Officials said “Mythbusters” had been using the firing reservation for the last eight years for similar experiments, but nothing like this had ever happened before.

Wednesday, Hyneman and Savage visited the effected neighborhood to apologize and promised to pay for the repairs.

“This is the worst thing that’s happened on our watch,” said Savage. “And we’re gonna make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

  • Zeus

    If you ever watched the show you would know that they take safety very seriously and this was truly a freak accident.

    • Rick O'Shea

      When cannonballs are outlawed, only outlaws will have cannonballs.

    • Ruth

      I doubt the military is firing canons. At least not in the last century. And they are probably re-thinking letting Myth Busters shoot them on the propertly going forward.

      • Brad Wicks

        It’s called artillery… Same animal, alternate name.

    • Blackhawk

      Yes it was, Camp Parks used to be out in the middle of surrounding pastureland, but now residential has gone up all around it, just like many of the airports in many cities which used to be away from everthing. It’s also a huge place, having trained there in the Army Reserve just as someone mentioned earlier, and yes while it was supposed to be on the decommissioned list, just like the Presidio, its still very much active military. I deliver military impedimenta to both places as a logistics broker. They used to perform many of these dangerous things at the now defunct Hamilton Air Field up in the North Bay Area, but since they were experimenting with an actual cannon, most likely on loan from Camp Parks, that is presumably why this happened there instead of at Hamilton.

    • Doug

      It is a freak accident that is going to cost them a lot of money. They are fortunate they didn’t kill anyone.

      • wg//af

        A military base and not one dumbsh!t knows about trajectory? No wonder the military is getting its ass kicked in the Middle East.

      • RJ

        @ me there has always been homes there YES they have been redone over the years but originally they were the homes that the mil. them selves lived in so this was truly a freek deal i would like to know what they put behind that cannon ball lol damn thing took off like a rocket

      • Dervrak

        At a minimum their insurance rates will be going up. I’m surprised they were so close to a residential area. On the show they always talk about their “undisclosed” explosive test location. I always figured it was way out in some unihabited patch of land.

      • JR

        “…so close to a residential area…’

        Um…they were on a military firing range; talk to the military & state officials about that one.

      • me

        Um, JR? Hey dude, that military firing range, um, like, um predates the um, residential area, um, so, um…. maybe we should, um….talk to um, umm….like, um… the people that chose to live there, um,..like, um… knew there was military, um.. activity in the um….vicinity.

        Unless, um… those houses we saw are, um…pre-WWII….um…

      • Beez

        Um…I think his overall point was that the Mythbusters weren’t being reckless in using a known firing range; I don’t think he was making a statement about the potential conflict between the residential and military folks.

      • Mr. Krabby

        Um, dudes, Camp Parks has not been ‘military’ for many years. In the 80’s the county prison was on the grounds until a new one was built. now most of the old base is houses and car dealerships.

      • really

        Camp Parks is still very much military. It is still an active training base for many of the reserve units in california from all branches of service. There is still a contigent of active duty units on the base and are supplemented monthly by reservists.

      • Jeff

        This won’t cost them “a lot of money.” No one was hurt, and no one seriously perceived a danger to themselves. The first homeowners slept through the blast, and woke up AFTER the cannon ball exited their house. The second homeowner was smiling about the incident, as was the owner of the mini-van. It will cost them the expense of property repairs and maybe a few thousand dollars for inconvenience money. That’s it. Period. Lawsuits are not the lottery.

    • teaj

      what the hell do they prove with this garbage? these guys appear to be intelligent bu they keep wasting their minds.

      • teaj

        they teach you how to react in elevators incase you can’t read it already on the wall inside the elevator.

      • teaj

        these guys have done more for science than anyone in the last 20 years.

      • teaj

        I’m not as smart as these guys dunno why you would make comparisons. All of these reasons are pretty lame when considering how little they actually prove that isn’t common sense.

      • kmrod

        i’d be in heaven if someone paid me a lot of money to answer the question “what would happen if we….(fill in the blank with one of the below)…….?”

        a. put a lot of explosives in it
        b. shot it from a cannon
        c. strapped a rocket to it
        d. dropped a block of concrete on it
        e. anything else that involves destroying something for fun

        let me guess….you’re not a guy, right?

      • Mr. Kelly

        Though the products I test are not nearly as cool as cannons and explosives. I test product for a living. Products and scenarios have to be tested for purposes of consumer safety.
        I test our products a certain way. Outside services test them a different way all together and find safety concerns I may have missed. And vice versa.
        Having Mythbusters test scenarios like this does provide an extremely valuable service to society. I know it doesn’t seem that way. But it’s true. Changes have been made to products because of this show. I as a tester get ideas from them to test my own products in a different way I hadn’t considered.

      • Matt Rogers Menefee

        These guys have done more for getting kids interested in Science than anyone else in the last 20 years. I teach science and I will attest to the fact that when kids watch their show they come to class wanting to learning science, not the easy stuff, but the good hard stuff.

      • Dan Miller

        Well, let’s see. Mythbusters has so far…

        Proven the most and least effective ways to get out of a car sinking in water,
        Proven that all of the scam gas saving products are scams,
        Done a whole series on birds hitting airplanes,
        Demonstrated what NOT to do if an elevator snaps and comes loose,
        Shows a series of things that should NOT be left in a hot car,
        Demonstrated that the escape from Alcatraz likely succeeded,
        Constant reinforce the scientific method,
        Demonstrated proper and ineffective bathroom hygiene.
        and a whole host of other safety tips…that’s just off the top of my head

        Not to mention helping to make kids interested in science, something millions of dollars of government money has failed to do.

        So go back to watching your American Idol. Because that doesn’t waste anyone’s mind.

      • John West

        Most smart people must put their brains on hold if they want to make money in this country that is now filled with uneducated idiots who are easily entertained.

      • Yankee Doodle Retrocon

        I agree with kmrod, I want their job. That said, they are also educational. That said, since they have a commercial platform, they get to do things that rest of us can only dream of, even if we have the money, because the government (and your tax payer dollars), contribute. What you say? Do they pay the law enforcement folks, do they pay to use of the range? Heck, could i even go use that tax payer funded range if i wanted to? i don’t know the answers to those questions, but my envy over them having a great job demands that I ask ;-)

      • Dan Miller

        Yankee Doodle – I don’t know about compensating police. I think I recall them saying that they do. Certainly they negotiate terms and conditions for anything they do with police forces and/or fire. Although who is to say what those terms are, I recall in the plane exhaust flipping over a car episode, that they go very far in trying to get everything they need to do their experiments.

        On explosives – I don’t know if the bomb range requires payment. I do know that Mythbusters and all related companies need to obtain permits of all sorts especially permits and state licenses allowing them to blow stuff up. Usually the fees associated with any licenses are used to pay for related services. For example, hunting fees tend to pay for wildlife preservation, etc. So I imagine that the explosive permit fees pay in some way for the bomb range or related services. Especially if the range has county employees or is leased from county land.

        Apart from that, use of taxpayer funds such as the Mythbusters flying on (IIRC) the Blue Angels are taken from the military’s publicity budget – the same budget that pays for R. Lee Ermey to show cool military toys.

        Plus the Mythbusters carry a ton of insurance; sometimes their insurer actually steps in and prohibits them from doing certain things…Insurers pay a TON of taxes which are used for a myriad of different purposes.

        So anyway, sadly normal folks like us can’t just walk on to the Almeda Bomb Range and blow stuff up, as cool as that would be!

      • Tom Miller

        They share their passion and love for science in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.

      • Rich Lehmann

        …says the man posting his opinion to strangers on the internet on a workday.

      • Scott Vines

        It’s called intellectual curiosity. I mean, really, why do anything? Why get up in the morning? Why go to work? Why eat? These guys are curious about how and why things work. If it weren’t for guys like them, neither of us would be typing “stupid, waste-of-time” messages on the Internet. “Wasting your mind” is doing “practical,” mundane tasks without asking how and why. These guys aren’t wasting their time. They’re getting people, especially young people, interesting in science and engineering.

    • rlo

      Don’t watch. Go see something on Current TV or the Oprah network..

    • RM

      Evidently you are the ‘tool’.

      Getting kids interested in science in alone a good reason. You do not have to watch the show, it is offered to the public audience and people enjoy it and so it continues. American Idol is not mentally challenging, and while I don’t enjoy it, I don’t think it matters what I think – others like it and so it continues.

      Try to be a little happier and leave others to be the same.

    • Fábio

      And I hope you get an education. We are both not getting what we want.


      Wow. What insiget Emil Minty. Your vapid complaint shows you to be ignorant and hateful. Just the kind of useful idiot that watches MSNBC and CNN and thinks American Idol actually is the best of us.
      Go away. Go far away from any voating booth.

      • teaj

        I’d rather hear people singing than watch fat old guys giggle at the same thing every episode.

    • Jarod J

      Yes, I am sure you prefer the kardashians or pregnant at 16, or americas top model to enhance your intellctual fortitude as oppsed to those delving in to actual science and the methodology of scientific testing.

    • Apeon

      methinks thee a little jealous!

    • Edward Riepe

      I do watch the show because Jamie and Adam are idiots. There are plenty of places to conduct such an experiment out in the Nevada desert where the only thing you may kill is a jackrabbit or two. Anyone think this was a ratings strategy?

      • Dan

        Are you that dense? No one in their right mind would do this as a ratings strategy — someone could’ve been killed, and they’re facing at least 3 lawsuits as a result of this. Their insurance costs are going to skyrocket after this. So “ratings strategy”? Only if their producers are effing morons.

      • Bill in Houston

        Here’s a problem with your “solution,” Edward. They’re nowhere near the Nevada desert.

      • Not an Idiot

        Only an idiot would think this was a ratings strategy.

      • Chris NYC

        No, they don’t need ratings help. Their insurance carrier approved the experiment, and a cannon ball got over the retaining hill, that’s it. Nobody hurt, just some sheetrock.

      • hawker1

        Jackrabbits. JACKRABBITS!! You insensitive oaf. I’m going to report you to PETA right now. Sheesh!

    • Bill

      You could not ask for better publicity. They will make out like bandits on this.

    • Ghostsouls

      I am very glad that no one was hurt, thank God! But, I would like to see the video!

      • Astonished

        I sure hope this one comees out in one of their blooper shows! What a blast! (pun intended).

        I watch the show all the time and have learned a lot from it, especially when they debunk or prove the claims some product manufacturers put out. Who would have thought that vodka takes the sting out of poison ivy.

    • Jimmy DaBum

      I’ve watched the show several times. Now with this incident, it’s time to move the show site from the San Francisco area to somewhere out in the Mojave Desert. Somewhere out on the edge of Edwards Air Force Base.

    • J. Glaser

      Oooh, I can’t WAIT to see this on the show! They will HAVE to show it.

  • Richard_Iowa

    Never did like that show.

    • Welcome Black Carter

      The show does require a fair amount of intellect to keep up with the subject matter…

      • Cephalopod

        @Danny – I’m a republican and I believe in evolution and still believe in God. As does my entire family and all of my republican friends. In fact, the only people that I know that don’t believe in evolution are actually democrats that I had met at college.

        It is sad that you can’t see past media stereotypes to make a more educated argument.

      • Matt

        Yes, it dazzles the viewers that like, I mean, wow, you know, can’t understand how water boils.

      • Mr. Kelly

        I was just reading a study about the types of people who watch what kinds of shows. Republicans such as myself like to watch shows about work. Things that teach us something like science, and value hard work. Or showcase personal responsibility.

        Democrats like a snarky comedy that puts down other people, divides people into groups and makes fun of people with opinions other than their own. As well as shows like you find on MTV, shows you don’t have to think to watch.
        Not that their is anything wrong with that, just interesting to your comment and those after yours.

      • Danny

        Yes, Republicans like to watch shows that teach science…Meanwhile they refuse to believe scientific fact like Evolution and dont like to trust people who have above a high school education.

      • PhD Mike

        Matt – tell us then, how does water boil? Give me the chemistry and thermodynamics of it…it’s TV. If you don’t like the show, grab the remote and change it to “Lifetime”.

      • Denny

        Danny, evolution is NOT scientific fact. In fact, it is called the THEORY of evolution. Kinda weird they would call “scientific fact” a THEORY. Maybe you need to go and watch Mythbusters so you can learn the difference….or better yet crack a book on the scientific method.

      • Greg Pasquariello

        @denny, Evolution is a “theory” just like gravity is a “theory”.

      • AtlasObjectivist

        Matt is clearly a big fan and one of 28 viewers of OWN.

      • Robert

        Actually, Denny, calling evolution a fact is not wrong. If you were a scientist, you would know that in science the word “theory” has a distinct meaning. A scientific theory is a proven set of facts that explain a given phenomenon and withstood rigorous testing. Lest you doubt the Theory of Gravity, try stepping off a bridge and see if it’s a fact or not.

      • Denny

        @Greg, I doubt you will find any disagreement among scientists that gravity is in fact real. There is a lot of disagreement about evolution in the scientific world. I for one am not arrogant enough to exclude the possibility that a higher power had a hand in the creation of mankind. If you are, so be it. We can agree to disagree.

      • Curtis Quico Reed

        matt and denny: about “evolution” and “conservatives”. I am a very conservative, well educated man, and I am not a doubter in the “theory” of evolution. there is plenty of evidence to support the basic precept that animals change over time in response to environmental pressures. The stereotype that “conservatives” don’t believe in evolution is just bigoted idiocy promulgated by biased individuals who hear the comments of a few ultra-religious zealots who cannot see that science does NOT contradict religion, unless you apply a literalist interpretation on milennia-old texts.

        However, evolution IS a “theory” and continues to evolve, and so does the theory of gravity. If you were as wise as you appear to think you are, you would be aware that a number of Darwin’s ideas have been shown to be false. For instance, he posited that evolution occurs slowly and constantly over time. That is wrong. WE now know that animals can reach plateaus of evolutionary stability punctuated by rapid spurts of evolutionary change when evnironmental prssures change. That is just ONE alteration.

        Similarly, theories around gravity change as understanding of quantum mechancis change.

        Point being: neither of these “theories” is set in stone, and we discover that the prevailing scientific ideas around these theories–and others such as Anthropogenic Global Warming–are constantly challenged and revised as more data comes in.

      • Mr. Kelly

        Haha at Denny,
        Always interesting to hear someone other than a conservative try to tell other people what conservatives believe. I am a conservative. I suround myself with a lot of like minded people. I don’t know a single person that refuses to believe in the theory of evolution like you claim.
        We are just not as closed minded as people such as yourself to not ever consider anyone elses theory or science or beliefs. Sounds like it must suck to be you.

      • Dan Miller

        @Greg Pasquariello

        Gravity is a theory. We know that we don’t fall off the face of the Earth and we know that the Earth orbits the sun and so on. So we see the end result, but we have NO IDEA whatsoever of how gravity works or how it came to be.

        So although your point is way off the mark your analogy is quite accurate.

        There are problems in the theory of evolution. That’s not to say that 4,000 years ago Adam and Eve were riding around on Dinosaurs one rib shy.

        It does mean that there it’s a huge leap to conclude that evolution as we know and as it is explained resulted in society today. There are some big unanswered questions in evolution theory that need to be answered before we can definitively conclude that humans came from apes. I’m not going to go into them here, but google around with an open mind.

        For example, you fail to take into account giant monoliths.

      • RevlisO

        How about Cell Theory then? Or would you like to contest that as well?

        There is a historic reason we in the biological sciences use the term “Theory” instead of “Law” to describe our fundamental principles. Not because we are unsure of the conclusions, but to highlight the idea that ANY scientific principle must remain open to modification if the evidence supports the change.

        Early Naturalists were at extreme odds with the Church-dominated belief of the day, and taking an opposing view to the establishment meant you couldn’t participate in the “scientific” councils of the time. Then, as now, the dogmatic would declare that God made this rule, and while it’s fine and dandy to present evidence that supported said rule, it was not to provide counter-evidence or counter-hypothesis. Hence the Naturalists adopted the term “Theory” to describe what other scientific disciplines of the day called “Laws” or “Principles”. More than any other discipline, the biological fields have refined what the Scientific Method is and how it should be applied. Sometimes I find it unfortunate that the layman doesn’t understand the difference between theory and Theory, but I can but educate one forum post at a time…

    • Libertarian

      Overgeneralizing about Republicans here? I know quite a few Republicans who believe in evolution. Quit the ad hominem attacks. Proves nothing but your ignorance and prejudice.

      • Harry Asenback

        Danny’s a phaygut liberal who hates everybody that doesn’t agree with him. People like him believe it is normal for a guy to desire buht-secks with another man. What does that tell you about his intellect?

      • John West

        Actually, many creationists are coming around to believing that their god used evolution as his method of creation.

        I am conservative and I don’t believe in any gods nor do I worship the state. Most of my friends and acquaintances are the same.

        So you see, even conservatives can evolve. Why don’t you?

    • Denny

      Mr. Kelly, Excuse me, but I am not telling anyone how or what to think. I too am a conservative (some say I make Rush Limbaugh look middle of the road, but I don’t think that). I personally believe in Intelligent Design. I am not claiming anything about conservatives believing anything so I am not sure where your comment is coming from.

      • dukphan

        Danny, evolution is as far from scientific fact as you could ever possibly stray. There is absolutely no consensus on its validity. There is actually far more evidence to point toward intelligent design than there is to support evolution. Plus, it is much easier to believe someone created the world than to believe it all just magically morphed together. Shows what an uneducated dolt you are.

      • Mr. Kelly

        I ment Danny, sorry Denny.

  • Gloria Allbread


  • scott

    lol…..myth busted

  • TomRay

    I can’t wait 2 See that one!

    • Old and In The Way

      Sadly, I doubt the cameras were set to record in that house. That would have been awesome footage. They really do put safety first, so I’m very curious what happened in this case.

      • Clay L.

        Well, as that cannon they use is a black powder weapon, it could have been static, an overheated barrel, an improperly cleaned barrel, ramming the cannon ball too tight, many things.

  • leele

    and they said Punkin Chunkin was dangerous?

  • annonymous

    This reporter and editor should both be fired. Do either have any idea what a ROCKET is and how it differs from a cannon ball? Do either understand that nothing on a ballistic path can make a spiral pattern without outside input? Typically, the barrels which fire round cannon balls are not even rifled so there isn’t even a spinning on its own axis involved. People who make their livings professionally using words should have a far better command of what they are saying and avoid such stupid hyperbole.

    • Sigivald

      Well, a cruise missile isn’t strictly a rocket, being guided. (Rockets are unguided, missiles are guided.)

      But they also don’t spiral.

      I would certainly prefer it if both reporters and editors knew not to just invent “colorful” language that’s simply incorrect – or, if the excuse is pure ignorance, knew not to just throw random words at something without knowing what they’re saying.

      It’s not like the situation needed to be gussied up with it; straight reporting is more than sufficient.

    • joe

      They’re media hacks what do you expect. On the same line I’ll bet the Media have caused far more damage and death than Mythbusters.

    • Larz Blackman

      Really? We’re going to fire anyone who makes a mistake? But then you’d have no chance to gripe and show off your knowledge.

      • teaj

        I dunno I got fired for a mistake I made on the job. where were you?

    • erik

      absolutely right. there are hardly any reporters anymore with a command of the English language.

      • David Jaffe

        the period after fight is suspect, and there should have been uppercase! You should go work for the LA times!

    • Locke

      When I read it, I thought the reporter was trying out for a role in Idiocracy II

    • JMR

      Thanks for your ballistics lesson, but the reporter didn’t call the cannonball a rocket. He said the the cannonball was sent rocketing. Rocket is also a verb meaning to move swiftly and powerfully; to fly swiftly straight up; to soar or rise rapidly. Sounds like a fairly accurate description of the cannonball’s movements.

      • GWPA

        Actually the reporter said “like a cruise missile”

    • Jake

      Actually the problem with unrifled cannon and/or muskets firing round shot is that you can’t really predict what spin will be placed on the round. So generally the round comes out with all the predictability of a knuckleball in baseball.

    • Billshee

      We speak AMERICAN…a DISTANT derivative of English. What can you expect from derivatives!

    • Ginger

      They should be arrested. But no, they worship Obama and as we’ve seen with OWS and Ohio, Wisconsin, and Arizona on multiple occasions, anyone who does that gets a pass on anything destructive, dangerous, or even illegal.

      • teaj

        thank god we have them to protect us from the myth busters.

      • Heywood Jablome

        Every time they go to a firing range to blow stuff up it is always done under the supervision of the police or military.

      • Heywood Jablome

        Every time they go to a firing range to blow stuff up it is always done under the supervision of the police or military.

    • Ginger

      @anonymous: what do you expect from Obahbah worshippers like these two nancies?

  • Bsoldere

    Very Fast

  • Harry P

    If you comment with out even watching the show then you are just an alarmist. Freak accident is all this is. Get over it and move on…… If you don’t like taking risk then do not get into your car….

  • U.S. Common Sense

    Ouch. I can’t wait to see that episode!

    Awesome show, by the way. If you’ve never seen it, you are missing out. They do go out of their way to make sure all safety concerns are addressed (hence why they were at the military firing range), so this truly is a fluke.

  • John M Gillis

    I’m frankly amazed that this mishap occured. Luckily, nobody was hurt. But to be fair, they do take every precaution before performing the experiment.

    With noone being hurt, you can say this was pretty funny!

  • Rick

    The cannonball came out of the 2nd floor of the first house crossed the street “miraculously missing cars” and hit the roof of the second house! Do 30 foot tall cars regularly drive that road? …sensationalism.

    • Fred D.

      Come on! It only missed them by 24′ or so…

  • GD

    Makes for a good blooper show.

  • buzz

    never had a problem with my cannon

    • Gill

      Guess you don’t understand what “misfire” means

  • HTuttle

    Myth: Mythbusters is careful.


    • Mannie

      Thread Winner!

  • A W

    “spiraling back toward Dublin like a cruise missile”

    Who writes this? Cruise missile is a flying bomb. It’s powered flight, just like any aircraft. A cannon ball, at least until it makes contact with a solid object, is ballistic flight. From launch its flight is determined by the interaction of the object’s momentum and gravity’s acceleration. The most complicated motion a cannon ball can achieve is bouncing off of walls or shattering.

    11th grade physics and 11th grade history. This last part comes from College Composition, “Never use a term of art unless you are sure of what it means.”

    • Tim

      If you assume that the projectile is a point traveling in a vacuum, then you are correct. For real projectiles traveling through air with random imperfections and more complicated motions imparted during launch, you’re wrong. A real cannonball can have some pretty complicated motion that 11th grade physics students could never predict. The actual flight path may well describe a spiral. If you wish to show off what you know and criticize others, at least try to know what you are talking about. Exterior ballistics is a tad more complicated in reality than your high school physics education wold suggest.

  • Keeper

    Well they’ve done it this time. Expect to hear the show is cancelled.

    • Chaiman of the Bored

      Blame it on Bush and have your show get12 more episodes…….

  • buzz

    maybe we should go deer huntin with it

    • Queen Bee

      I’m with you fellas!!! I’m trying tofigure out how they did this so I can use it on the hog population here in Texas.

  • Hw00d

    Myth Busted:These 2 corporate shills ARE NOT Genius’

    BA-HAHAHAHAAA, TV b00bs @ their best

  • Mike

    OOOOOHHH, you showed him.

  • Larz Blackman

    Look at all of the curmudgeons coming out to complain about this! “Bah! Never did like that show! They should be more careful! Lucky it didn’t kill someone! Bah!”

  • private ryan

    we had to kill ’em to save ’em sarge.

  • Matt

    The show is to science what kool aid is to wine.

    • Mic

      You mean that Koolaid isn’t kiddie wine!??! I’ve been deceived!! AUUUGH!!

    • Indigno

      So it tastes better and doesn’t make me stupid? Sign me up.

  • CannonBall

    Well, there’s your problem……..

  • scharfy

    “Well THERE’S your problem!!”

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