DUBLIN, Calif. (CBS) —A cast iron cannonball rocketed through two homes and landed inside a minivan Tuesday when a “Mythbusters” TV experiment went wrong.

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are hosts of the scientific experimentation show, which airs on The Discovery Channel. The pair was reportedly trying to figure out how fast a cannonball would travel, when it misfired and shot hundreds of feet in the air.

“This cannonball was supposed to go through several barrels of water and through a cinder block, and then ultimately into the side of the hill,” said J.D. Nelson of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

Instead the cannonball flew over the foothills surrounding Camp Parks Military Firing Reservation, before spiraling back toward Dublin like a cruise missile.

It flew straight through the front door of a home on Cassata Place, and bounced around like a pinball, flying up to the second floor before blasting through a back bedroom wall.

The wayward cannonball then blasted across a busy road and through a second home some 50 yards away, demolishing roof tiles.

The homeowner’s mother was frightened.

“It was a very loud boom; she thought a tree fell, maybe a meteor,” said Ming Jiang. “It wasn’t clear that it was a cannonball landing on the roof.”

The out of control cannonball finally came to a stop inside Jasper Gill’s minivan.

“It hit the dash, through the passenger window,” said Gill, who had gotten out of the vehicle just 10 minutes before the ball struck. “I’m lucky I’m alive.”

Incredibly, no one was injured in the mishap.

Officials said “Mythbusters” had been using the firing reservation for the last eight years for similar experiments, but nothing like this had ever happened before.

Wednesday, Hyneman and Savage visited the effected neighborhood to apologize and promised to pay for the repairs.

“This is the worst thing that’s happened on our watch,” said Savage. “And we’re gonna make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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  1. Zeus says:

    If you ever watched the show you would know that they take safety very seriously and this was truly a freak accident.

    1. Doug says:

      It is a freak accident that is going to cost them a lot of money. They are fortunate they didn’t kill anyone.

      1. Dervrak says:

        At a minimum their insurance rates will be going up. I’m surprised they were so close to a residential area. On the show they always talk about their “undisclosed” explosive test location. I always figured it was way out in some unihabited patch of land.

      2. JR says:

        “…so close to a residential area…’

        Um…they were on a military firing range; talk to the military & state officials about that one.

      3. me says:

        Um, JR? Hey dude, that military firing range, um, like, um predates the um, residential area, um, so, um…. maybe we should, um….talk to um, umm….like, um… the people that chose to live there, um,..like, um… knew there was military, um.. activity in the um….vicinity.

        Unless, um… those houses we saw are, um…pre-WWII….um…

      4. Beez says:

        Um…I think his overall point was that the Mythbusters weren’t being reckless in using a known firing range; I don’t think he was making a statement about the potential conflict between the residential and military folks.

      5. Mr. Krabby says:

        Um, dudes, Camp Parks has not been ‘military’ for many years. In the 80’s the county prison was on the grounds until a new one was built. now most of the old base is houses and car dealerships.

      6. really says:

        Camp Parks is still very much military. It is still an active training base for many of the reserve units in california from all branches of service. There is still a contigent of active duty units on the base and are supplemented monthly by reservists.

      7. Jeff says:

        This won’t cost them “a lot of money.” No one was hurt, and no one seriously perceived a danger to themselves. The first homeowners slept through the blast, and woke up AFTER the cannon ball exited their house. The second homeowner was smiling about the incident, as was the owner of the mini-van. It will cost them the expense of property repairs and maybe a few thousand dollars for inconvenience money. That’s it. Period. Lawsuits are not the lottery.

      8. wg//af says:

        A military base and not one dumbsh!t knows about trajectory? No wonder the military is getting its ass kicked in the Middle East.

      9. RJ says:

        @ me there has always been homes there YES they have been redone over the years but originally they were the homes that the mil. them selves lived in so this was truly a freek deal i would like to know what they put behind that cannon ball lol damn thing took off like a rocket

    2. teaj says:

      what the hell do they prove with this garbage? these guys appear to be intelligent bu they keep wasting their minds.

      1. kmrod says:

        i’d be in heaven if someone paid me a lot of money to answer the question “what would happen if we….(fill in the blank with one of the below)…….?”

        a. put a lot of explosives in it
        b. shot it from a cannon
        c. strapped a rocket to it
        d. dropped a block of concrete on it
        e. anything else that involves destroying something for fun

        let me guess….you’re not a guy, right?

      2. Mr. Kelly says:

        Though the products I test are not nearly as cool as cannons and explosives. I test product for a living. Products and scenarios have to be tested for purposes of consumer safety.
        I test our products a certain way. Outside services test them a different way all together and find safety concerns I may have missed. And vice versa.
        Having Mythbusters test scenarios like this does provide an extremely valuable service to society. I know it doesn’t seem that way. But it’s true. Changes have been made to products because of this show. I as a tester get ideas from them to test my own products in a different way I hadn’t considered.

      3. Matt Rogers Menefee says:

        These guys have done more for getting kids interested in Science than anyone else in the last 20 years. I teach science and I will attest to the fact that when kids watch their show they come to class wanting to learning science, not the easy stuff, but the good hard stuff.

      4. Dan Miller says:

        Well, let’s see. Mythbusters has so far…

        Proven the most and least effective ways to get out of a car sinking in water,
        Proven that all of the scam gas saving products are scams,
        Done a whole series on birds hitting airplanes,
        Demonstrated what NOT to do if an elevator snaps and comes loose,
        Shows a series of things that should NOT be left in a hot car,
        Demonstrated that the escape from Alcatraz likely succeeded,
        Constant reinforce the scientific method,
        Demonstrated proper and ineffective bathroom hygiene.
        and a whole host of other safety tips…that’s just off the top of my head

        Not to mention helping to make kids interested in science, something millions of dollars of government money has failed to do.

        So go back to watching your American Idol. Because that doesn’t waste anyone’s mind.

      5. John West says:

        Most smart people must put their brains on hold if they want to make money in this country that is now filled with uneducated idiots who are easily entertained.

      6. Yankee Doodle Retrocon says:

        I agree with kmrod, I want their job. That said, they are also educational. That said, since they have a commercial platform, they get to do things that rest of us can only dream of, even if we have the money, because the government (and your tax payer dollars), contribute. What you say? Do they pay the law enforcement folks, do they pay to use of the range? Heck, could i even go use that tax payer funded range if i wanted to? i don’t know the answers to those questions, but my envy over them having a great job demands that I ask 😉

      7. Dan Miller says:

        Yankee Doodle – I don’t know about compensating police. I think I recall them saying that they do. Certainly they negotiate terms and conditions for anything they do with police forces and/or fire. Although who is to say what those terms are, I recall in the plane exhaust flipping over a car episode, that they go very far in trying to get everything they need to do their experiments.

        On explosives – I don’t know if the bomb range requires payment. I do know that Mythbusters and all related companies need to obtain permits of all sorts especially permits and state licenses allowing them to blow stuff up. Usually the fees associated with any licenses are used to pay for related services. For example, hunting fees tend to pay for wildlife preservation, etc. So I imagine that the explosive permit fees pay in some way for the bomb range or related services. Especially if the range has county employees or is leased from county land.

        Apart from that, use of taxpayer funds such as the Mythbusters flying on (IIRC) the Blue Angels are taken from the military’s publicity budget – the same budget that pays for R. Lee Ermey to show cool military toys.

        Plus the Mythbusters carry a ton of insurance; sometimes their insurer actually steps in and prohibits them from doing certain things…Insurers pay a TON of taxes which are used for a myriad of different purposes.

        So anyway, sadly normal folks like us can’t just walk on to the Almeda Bomb Range and blow stuff up, as cool as that would be!

      8. Tom Miller says:

        They share their passion and love for science in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.

      9. Rich Lehmann says:

        …says the man posting his opinion to strangers on the internet on a workday.

      10. Scott Vines says:

        It’s called intellectual curiosity. I mean, really, why do anything? Why get up in the morning? Why go to work? Why eat? These guys are curious about how and why things work. If it weren’t for guys like them, neither of us would be typing “stupid, waste-of-time” messages on the Internet. “Wasting your mind” is doing “practical,” mundane tasks without asking how and why. These guys aren’t wasting their time. They’re getting people, especially young people, interesting in science and engineering.

      11. teaj says:

        I’m not as smart as these guys dunno why you would make comparisons. All of these reasons are pretty lame when considering how little they actually prove that isn’t common sense.

      12. teaj says:

        these guys have done more for science than anyone in the last 20 years.

      13. teaj says:

        they teach you how to react in elevators incase you can’t read it already on the wall inside the elevator.

    3. rlo says:

      Don’t watch. Go see something on Current TV or the Oprah network..

    4. RM says:

      Evidently you are the ‘tool’.

      Getting kids interested in science in alone a good reason. You do not have to watch the show, it is offered to the public audience and people enjoy it and so it continues. American Idol is not mentally challenging, and while I don’t enjoy it, I don’t think it matters what I think – others like it and so it continues.

      Try to be a little happier and leave others to be the same.

    5. Fábio says:

      And I hope you get an education. We are both not getting what we want.

    6. TXBREWER says:

      Wow. What insiget Emil Minty. Your vapid complaint shows you to be ignorant and hateful. Just the kind of useful idiot that watches MSNBC and CNN and thinks American Idol actually is the best of us.
      Go away. Go far away from any voating booth.

      1. teaj says:

        I’d rather hear people singing than watch fat old guys giggle at the same thing every episode.

    7. Jarod J says:

      Yes, I am sure you prefer the kardashians or pregnant at 16, or americas top model to enhance your intellctual fortitude as oppsed to those delving in to actual science and the methodology of scientific testing.

    8. Apeon says:

      methinks thee a little jealous!

    9. Edward Riepe says:

      I do watch the show because Jamie and Adam are idiots. There are plenty of places to conduct such an experiment out in the Nevada desert where the only thing you may kill is a jackrabbit or two. Anyone think this was a ratings strategy?

      1. Dan says:

        Are you that dense? No one in their right mind would do this as a ratings strategy — someone could’ve been killed, and they’re facing at least 3 lawsuits as a result of this. Their insurance costs are going to skyrocket after this. So “ratings strategy”? Only if their producers are effing morons.

      2. Bill in Houston says:

        Here’s a problem with your “solution,” Edward. They’re nowhere near the Nevada desert.

      3. Not an Idiot says:

        Only an idiot would think this was a ratings strategy.

      4. Chris NYC says:

        No, they don’t need ratings help. Their insurance carrier approved the experiment, and a cannon ball got over the retaining hill, that’s it. Nobody hurt, just some sheetrock.

      5. hawker1 says:

        Jackrabbits. JACKRABBITS!! You insensitive oaf. I’m going to report you to PETA right now. Sheesh!

    10. Bill says:

      You could not ask for better publicity. They will make out like bandits on this.

    11. Ghostsouls says:

      I am very glad that no one was hurt, thank God! But, I would like to see the video!

      1. Astonished says:

        I sure hope this one comees out in one of their blooper shows! What a blast! (pun intended).

        I watch the show all the time and have learned a lot from it, especially when they debunk or prove the claims some product manufacturers put out. Who would have thought that vodka takes the sting out of poison ivy.

    12. Jimmy DaBum says:

      I’ve watched the show several times. Now with this incident, it’s time to move the show site from the San Francisco area to somewhere out in the Mojave Desert. Somewhere out on the edge of Edwards Air Force Base.

    13. Rick O'Shea says:

      When cannonballs are outlawed, only outlaws will have cannonballs.

    14. Ruth says:

      I doubt the military is firing canons. At least not in the last century. And they are probably re-thinking letting Myth Busters shoot them on the propertly going forward.

      1. Brad Wicks says:

        It’s called artillery… Same animal, alternate name.

    15. J. Glaser says:

      Oooh, I can’t WAIT to see this on the show! They will HAVE to show it.

    16. Blackhawk says:

      Yes it was, Camp Parks used to be out in the middle of surrounding pastureland, but now residential has gone up all around it, just like many of the airports in many cities which used to be away from everthing. It’s also a huge place, having trained there in the Army Reserve just as someone mentioned earlier, and yes while it was supposed to be on the decommissioned list, just like the Presidio, its still very much active military. I deliver military impedimenta to both places as a logistics broker. They used to perform many of these dangerous things at the now defunct Hamilton Air Field up in the North Bay Area, but since they were experimenting with an actual cannon, most likely on loan from Camp Parks, that is presumably why this happened there instead of at Hamilton.

  2. Richard_Iowa says:

    Never did like that show.

    1. Welcome Black Carter says:

      The show does require a fair amount of intellect to keep up with the subject matter…

      1. Matt says:

        Yes, it dazzles the viewers that like, I mean, wow, you know, can’t understand how water boils.

      2. Mr. Kelly says:

        I was just reading a study about the types of people who watch what kinds of shows. Republicans such as myself like to watch shows about work. Things that teach us something like science, and value hard work. Or showcase personal responsibility.

        Democrats like a snarky comedy that puts down other people, divides people into groups and makes fun of people with opinions other than their own. As well as shows like you find on MTV, shows you don’t have to think to watch.
        Not that their is anything wrong with that, just interesting to your comment and those after yours.

      3. Danny says:

        Yes, Republicans like to watch shows that teach science…Meanwhile they refuse to believe scientific fact like Evolution and dont like to trust people who have above a high school education.

      4. PhD Mike says:

        Matt – tell us then, how does water boil? Give me the chemistry and thermodynamics of it…it’s TV. If you don’t like the show, grab the remote and change it to “Lifetime”.

      5. Denny says:

        Danny, evolution is NOT scientific fact. In fact, it is called the THEORY of evolution. Kinda weird they would call “scientific fact” a THEORY. Maybe you need to go and watch Mythbusters so you can learn the difference….or better yet crack a book on the scientific method.

      6. Greg Pasquariello says:

        @denny, Evolution is a “theory” just like gravity is a “theory”.

      7. AtlasObjectivist says:

        Matt is clearly a big fan and one of 28 viewers of OWN.

      8. Robert says:

        Actually, Denny, calling evolution a fact is not wrong. If you were a scientist, you would know that in science the word “theory” has a distinct meaning. A scientific theory is a proven set of facts that explain a given phenomenon and withstood rigorous testing. Lest you doubt the Theory of Gravity, try stepping off a bridge and see if it’s a fact or not.

      9. Denny says:

        @Greg, I doubt you will find any disagreement among scientists that gravity is in fact real. There is a lot of disagreement about evolution in the scientific world. I for one am not arrogant enough to exclude the possibility that a higher power had a hand in the creation of mankind. If you are, so be it. We can agree to disagree.

      10. Curtis Quico Reed says:

        matt and denny: about “evolution” and “conservatives”. I am a very conservative, well educated man, and I am not a doubter in the “theory” of evolution. there is plenty of evidence to support the basic precept that animals change over time in response to environmental pressures. The stereotype that “conservatives” don’t believe in evolution is just bigoted idiocy promulgated by biased individuals who hear the comments of a few ultra-religious zealots who cannot see that science does NOT contradict religion, unless you apply a literalist interpretation on milennia-old texts.

        However, evolution IS a “theory” and continues to evolve, and so does the theory of gravity. If you were as wise as you appear to think you are, you would be aware that a number of Darwin’s ideas have been shown to be false. For instance, he posited that evolution occurs slowly and constantly over time. That is wrong. WE now know that animals can reach plateaus of evolutionary stability punctuated by rapid spurts of evolutionary change when evnironmental prssures change. That is just ONE alteration.

        Similarly, theories around gravity change as understanding of quantum mechancis change.

        Point being: neither of these “theories” is set in stone, and we discover that the prevailing scientific ideas around these theories–and others such as Anthropogenic Global Warming–are constantly challenged and revised as more data comes in.

      11. Mr. Kelly says:

        Haha at Denny,
        Always interesting to hear someone other than a conservative try to tell other people what conservatives believe. I am a conservative. I suround myself with a lot of like minded people. I don’t know a single person that refuses to believe in the theory of evolution like you claim.
        We are just not as closed minded as people such as yourself to not ever consider anyone elses theory or science or beliefs. Sounds like it must suck to be you.

      12. Dan Miller says:

        @Greg Pasquariello

        Gravity is a theory. We know that we don’t fall off the face of the Earth and we know that the Earth orbits the sun and so on. So we see the end result, but we have NO IDEA whatsoever of how gravity works or how it came to be.

        So although your point is way off the mark your analogy is quite accurate.

        There are problems in the theory of evolution. That’s not to say that 4,000 years ago Adam and Eve were riding around on Dinosaurs one rib shy.

        It does mean that there it’s a huge leap to conclude that evolution as we know and as it is explained resulted in society today. There are some big unanswered questions in evolution theory that need to be answered before we can definitively conclude that humans came from apes. I’m not going to go into them here, but google around with an open mind.

        For example, you fail to take into account giant monoliths.

      13. Cephalopod says:

        @Danny – I’m a republican and I believe in evolution and still believe in God. As does my entire family and all of my republican friends. In fact, the only people that I know that don’t believe in evolution are actually democrats that I had met at college.

        It is sad that you can’t see past media stereotypes to make a more educated argument.

      14. RevlisO says:

        How about Cell Theory then? Or would you like to contest that as well?

        There is a historic reason we in the biological sciences use the term “Theory” instead of “Law” to describe our fundamental principles. Not because we are unsure of the conclusions, but to highlight the idea that ANY scientific principle must remain open to modification if the evidence supports the change.

        Early Naturalists were at extreme odds with the Church-dominated belief of the day, and taking an opposing view to the establishment meant you couldn’t participate in the “scientific” councils of the time. Then, as now, the dogmatic would declare that God made this rule, and while it’s fine and dandy to present evidence that supported said rule, it was not to provide counter-evidence or counter-hypothesis. Hence the Naturalists adopted the term “Theory” to describe what other scientific disciplines of the day called “Laws” or “Principles”. More than any other discipline, the biological fields have refined what the Scientific Method is and how it should be applied. Sometimes I find it unfortunate that the layman doesn’t understand the difference between theory and Theory, but I can but educate one forum post at a time…

    2. Libertarian says:

      Overgeneralizing about Republicans here? I know quite a few Republicans who believe in evolution. Quit the ad hominem attacks. Proves nothing but your ignorance and prejudice.

      1. John West says:

        Actually, many creationists are coming around to believing that their god used evolution as his method of creation.

        I am conservative and I don’t believe in any gods nor do I worship the state. Most of my friends and acquaintances are the same.

        So you see, even conservatives can evolve. Why don’t you?

      2. Harry Asenback says:

        Danny’s a phaygut liberal who hates everybody that doesn’t agree with him. People like him believe it is normal for a guy to desire buht-secks with another man. What does that tell you about his intellect?

    3. Denny says:

      Mr. Kelly, Excuse me, but I am not telling anyone how or what to think. I too am a conservative (some say I make Rush Limbaugh look middle of the road, but I don’t think that). I personally believe in Intelligent Design. I am not claiming anything about conservatives believing anything so I am not sure where your comment is coming from.

      1. dukphan says:

        Danny, evolution is as far from scientific fact as you could ever possibly stray. There is absolutely no consensus on its validity. There is actually far more evidence to point toward intelligent design than there is to support evolution. Plus, it is much easier to believe someone created the world than to believe it all just magically morphed together. Shows what an uneducated dolt you are.

      2. Mr. Kelly says:

        I ment Danny, sorry Denny.

  3. Gloria Allbread says:


  4. scott says:

    lol…..myth busted

  5. TomRay says:

    I can’t wait 2 See that one!

    1. Old and In The Way says:

      Sadly, I doubt the cameras were set to record in that house. That would have been awesome footage. They really do put safety first, so I’m very curious what happened in this case.

      1. Clay L. says:

        Well, as that cannon they use is a black powder weapon, it could have been static, an overheated barrel, an improperly cleaned barrel, ramming the cannon ball too tight, many things.

  6. leele says:

    and they said Punkin Chunkin was dangerous?

  7. annonymous says:

    This reporter and editor should both be fired. Do either have any idea what a ROCKET is and how it differs from a cannon ball? Do either understand that nothing on a ballistic path can make a spiral pattern without outside input? Typically, the barrels which fire round cannon balls are not even rifled so there isn’t even a spinning on its own axis involved. People who make their livings professionally using words should have a far better command of what they are saying and avoid such stupid hyperbole.

    1. joe says:

      They’re media hacks what do you expect. On the same line I’ll bet the Media have caused far more damage and death than Mythbusters.

    2. Larz Blackman says:

      Really? We’re going to fire anyone who makes a mistake? But then you’d have no chance to gripe and show off your knowledge.

      1. teaj says:

        I dunno I got fired for a mistake I made on the job. where were you?

    3. erik says:

      absolutely right. there are hardly any reporters anymore with a command of the English language.

      1. David Jaffe says:

        the period after fight is suspect, and there should have been uppercase! You should go work for the LA times!

    4. Locke says:

      When I read it, I thought the reporter was trying out for a role in Idiocracy II

    5. JMR says:

      Thanks for your ballistics lesson, but the reporter didn’t call the cannonball a rocket. He said the the cannonball was sent rocketing. Rocket is also a verb meaning to move swiftly and powerfully; to fly swiftly straight up; to soar or rise rapidly. Sounds like a fairly accurate description of the cannonball’s movements.

      1. GWPA says:

        Actually the reporter said “like a cruise missile”

    6. Jake says:

      Actually the problem with unrifled cannon and/or muskets firing round shot is that you can’t really predict what spin will be placed on the round. So generally the round comes out with all the predictability of a knuckleball in baseball.

    7. Billshee says:

      We speak AMERICAN…a DISTANT derivative of English. What can you expect from derivatives!

    8. Ginger says:

      They should be arrested. But no, they worship Obama and as we’ve seen with OWS and Ohio, Wisconsin, and Arizona on multiple occasions, anyone who does that gets a pass on anything destructive, dangerous, or even illegal.

      1. Heywood Jablome says:

        Every time they go to a firing range to blow stuff up it is always done under the supervision of the police or military.

      2. Heywood Jablome says:

        Every time they go to a firing range to blow stuff up it is always done under the supervision of the police or military.

      3. teaj says:

        thank god we have them to protect us from the myth busters.

    9. Ginger says:

      @anonymous: what do you expect from Obahbah worshippers like these two nancies?

    10. Sigivald says:

      Well, a cruise missile isn’t strictly a rocket, being guided. (Rockets are unguided, missiles are guided.)

      But they also don’t spiral.

      I would certainly prefer it if both reporters and editors knew not to just invent “colorful” language that’s simply incorrect – or, if the excuse is pure ignorance, knew not to just throw random words at something without knowing what they’re saying.

      It’s not like the situation needed to be gussied up with it; straight reporting is more than sufficient.

  8. Harry P says:

    If you comment with out even watching the show then you are just an alarmist. Freak accident is all this is. Get over it and move on…… If you don’t like taking risk then do not get into your car….

  9. U.S. Common Sense says:

    Ouch. I can’t wait to see that episode!

    Awesome show, by the way. If you’ve never seen it, you are missing out. They do go out of their way to make sure all safety concerns are addressed (hence why they were at the military firing range), so this truly is a fluke.

  10. John M Gillis says:

    I’m frankly amazed that this mishap occured. Luckily, nobody was hurt. But to be fair, they do take every precaution before performing the experiment.

    With noone being hurt, you can say this was pretty funny!

  11. Rick says:

    The cannonball came out of the 2nd floor of the first house crossed the street “miraculously missing cars” and hit the roof of the second house! Do 30 foot tall cars regularly drive that road? …sensationalism.

    1. Fred D. says:

      Come on! It only missed them by 24′ or so…

  12. GD says:

    Makes for a good blooper show.

  13. buzz says:

    never had a problem with my cannon

    1. Gill says:

      Guess you don’t understand what “misfire” means

  14. HTuttle says:

    Myth: Mythbusters is careful.


  15. A W says:

    “spiraling back toward Dublin like a cruise missile”

    Who writes this? Cruise missile is a flying bomb. It’s powered flight, just like any aircraft. A cannon ball, at least until it makes contact with a solid object, is ballistic flight. From launch its flight is determined by the interaction of the object’s momentum and gravity’s acceleration. The most complicated motion a cannon ball can achieve is bouncing off of walls or shattering.

    11th grade physics and 11th grade history. This last part comes from College Composition, “Never use a term of art unless you are sure of what it means.”

    1. Tim says:

      If you assume that the projectile is a point traveling in a vacuum, then you are correct. For real projectiles traveling through air with random imperfections and more complicated motions imparted during launch, you’re wrong. A real cannonball can have some pretty complicated motion that 11th grade physics students could never predict. The actual flight path may well describe a spiral. If you wish to show off what you know and criticize others, at least try to know what you are talking about. Exterior ballistics is a tad more complicated in reality than your high school physics education wold suggest.

  16. Keeper says:

    Well they’ve done it this time. Expect to hear the show is cancelled.

    1. Chaiman of the Bored says:

      Blame it on Bush and have your show get12 more episodes…….

  17. buzz says:

    maybe we should go deer huntin with it

    1. Queen Bee says:

      I’m with you fellas!!! I’m trying tofigure out how they did this so I can use it on the hog population here in Texas.

  18. Hw00d says:

    Myth Busted:These 2 corporate shills ARE NOT Genius’

    BA-HAHAHAHAAA, TV b00bs @ their best

  19. Mike says:

    OOOOOHHH, you showed him.

  20. Larz Blackman says:

    Look at all of the curmudgeons coming out to complain about this! “Bah! Never did like that show! They should be more careful! Lucky it didn’t kill someone! Bah!”

  21. private ryan says:

    we had to kill ’em to save ’em sarge.

  22. Matt says:

    The show is to science what kool aid is to wine.

    1. Mic says:

      You mean that Koolaid isn’t kiddie wine!??! I’ve been deceived!! AUUUGH!!

    2. Indigno says:

      So it tastes better and doesn’t make me stupid? Sign me up.

  23. CannonBall says:

    Well, there’s your problem……..

  24. scharfy says:

    “Well THERE’S your problem!!”

  25. RA says:

    It was a freak accident and nobody was hurt. Move on. I can’t believe the whiners here, much less the newscaster saying people can’t sleep comfortably now. No wonder this country is going downhill with all these ninnies and people salivating about the money MB will pay. ggeeesssshhhhhh

    1. Cappicola says:

      What if it was your home and car and you were home at the time it happened? How many fired cannonballs do you read about each day in populated areas? I will guarantee that you, like the rest of us, would be on the phone with your attorney about an hour after it happened and you realized that the United States wasn’t under attack. Their stunt was ill-advised and it went terribly wrong. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed – just frightened half to death. And so now, they will pay through the nose for this freak accident.

      1. Lance Corporal says:

        If it were my home and car I would simply settle for:

        #1: My home being repaired.
        #2: My car being repaired like new OR a new car.
        #3: Pictures of the entire Mythbusters crew pointing at the hole they made in my house.

      2. Jeremy says:

        Yeah, I’m not certain but I believe the last time a cannon was used for actual anything other than tests and ceremonies was World War I. It doesn’t happen but meteors don’t just fall and hit people’s houses everyday either. If it was my home I’d be calling the crew and getting insurance information. Why even have a lawyer in your back-pocket unless you’re a business or you’re a sue-happy individual. People need to grow a pair instead of whimpering all the time. “What if it was your home?” I mean, really?!?! It wasn’t my home, if it was, I’d be consoling my wife, calling a carpenter and contractor, and not calling the media!

      3. Queen Bee says:

        Oh how I love rhetorical questions . . . . what if it were my home or mini van? First off, I would so ENJOY the giving interviews in my nightime attire. Surely my mismatched flannels and bags under my eyes would get me some freebies from Calgon and Cover Girl . . . maybe even a few throw ins from Vidal Sasson for my lovely hair. Secondly, why in the HE** would I be upset that my mini van with a jillion miles is about to get paid off and replaced with a brand new model? How do I know if it’s got a jillion miles? Because the only people that buy mini vans are salesmen or families with kids and either way you look at it you basically live in the thing. If my house got hit? Thank you sweet baby Jesus . . . especially in California where the housing market has plummeted and noone can get rid of the big mortgages. I’m sorry they got hit but ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Everyone was fine . . . noone got hurt . . . . houses and MINI VANS got damaged if not ruined. Oh well!!

      4. teaj says:

        you want them to cannon ball your house because your underwater on your mortgage? cool story.

    2. teaj says:

      good lord could you imagine if you were some 60 year old “scientist” and you killed somebody because you were busting myths (blowing stuff up for tv)

  26. Matt says:

    Well said. What do you expect from the Bay area?

  27. Cappicola says:

    Mythbusters has now officially joined the ranks of many others who had freak accidents, never intending to hurt anyone or anything. Still, someone has to pay for the damages and the fright they caused. And so, this will probably spell “The End” for the show or at the very least relegate it to more mundane testings. The expense of litigation and possible civil fines will bust their budget for some time to come.

  28. J.V. says:

    Congrat’s to those home owners & the minivan owners – you now own good part of Tthe Discovery Channel.

  29. tylerjake says:

    This is Bush’s fault!

  30. Neal says:

    For a more accurate report on this mishap see this:

    Lesson: Take your cannon to the Nevada desert where homes and minivans are rare, and get your news from Fox where the reporters and editors know some physics

  31. John Campbell says:

    Likely to be the best episode ever!

    1. teaj says:

      even better than whether or not mentos will make a soda fizz?



    1. Paul says:

      And what crime was committed? This is simply an insurance claim. I’m sure most of these people will have fully repaired homes in a few weeks, and a cash payout for their troubles. They were using a legal range, with permits, and other shows have shown they always have sheriff, and sometimes the FBI weapons experts helping and monitoring them.

      Things can happen, a bomb squad firing range is for this purpose, don’t like it… don’t live near one.

  33. James Stoffaire says:

    Remember kids don’t try this at home because were —————professionals.

  34. rimmini says:

    The insurance adjuster is going to love this one. I guess those folks will be leaving now that they KNOW they are down range. Location,location,location. What idiot developer built houses in the firing line of an active artillery range anyway?? Oh well, good thing nobody was hurt, and the rest is a matter for the insurance companies

  35. Brian says:

    What was the myth? Cannonballs can do damage? Myth confirmed.

  36. Joe Paul says:

    Guessing bad aim or equipment failure. Also guessing they will not be allowed to do such experiments near any town in the future. They have mentioned insurance company restrictions on past shows – imagine these restrictions will get a whole lot tighter as of now.

    Glad they did not hurt anything but property that can be fixed or replaced, but they violated the first rule of gun safety my dad taught me. Never fire a gun in any direction where there might be anything to hit if something goes wrong!!!

    These guys go to the edge of safety sometimes, and sometimes have bad ideas when they design their experiments. Obviously something in their plan went wrong and their safety procedures were not strong enough to see this scenario.

  37. Poe Dee says:

    Here comes the whinning and complaints. I am sure they will pay for all damages. I wonder if they will be forced off the air due to the whinners out there. Shut up already. Stop destroying your own freedoms with your sniveling.

    1. M says:

      what the hell is a whinner and whinning? Charlie Sheen is that you? Dude learn to spell

  38. RonZ says:

    That was one accident whose consequences exceeded expectation. Insofar as nobody was injured and insurance will cover the damages I can’t wait to see that on the Mythbusters show!
    Of course with legal counsel they could simply have blamed all that damage on the prior administration and gone about their business as if nothing at all had happened. That’s what the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would have done.

  39. RC says:

    Why is an accident automatically considered by so many here as an immediate payday? Two weeks ago there was an accident on the set of GI Joe… accidents happen. Can we not understand that simple statement? Accidents happen. No one was hurt. No one. Inconvenienced? perhaps… beyond restitution why should this equate to a payday and the demise of a popular show and its stars? IMO there is something fundamentally wrong with that attitude.

  40. kc says:

    Kari is a fox. Would love to cannon b a l l her . . .

    1. chemtrail monster says:

      kari is my “porn momage” !!!

    2. Ginger says:

      @kc: Yuck – can you imagine how bad she stinks? Liberals seldom bathe. Personally I am not attracted to horse faces like that, but whatever floats your boat.

  41. ethancase says:

    maybe so, but if you’ve ever seen their shows, there’s always an entire team of firearms experts, usually from the local police department. They were on a military firing range, there were almost certainly Nat. Guard and police experts present, and they probably set the equipment up themselves while the hosts described it for the cameras. They are ALWAYS careful to the point that sometimes the show isn’t exciting because they’re so careful. Total freak accident.

    1. Woody says:

      Most of their ‘firearms consultants’ aren’t that skilled either. For example, their tracer round show never addressed the fact that they were using delayed tracers, when all of the tracer rounds I fired in the Army were ‘hot’ before leaving the barrel.

      I am a fan of the show, but I regularly cringe at the firearms mistakes (and mistaken assumptions) they make.

  42. anon says:

    > The pair was reportedly

    ??? “The pair _were_ reportedly

    1. t says:

      “was” is correct – “pair” is singular

  43. John Paul says:

    Ahhh, further information from another report. The cannonball hit the hill surrounding the range as designed, but instead of embedding itself into the hill as per the design of the stunt, deflected off and went into the neighborhood. It was a ricochet of sorts.

    Again, you just don’t make those kinds of assumptions if you are really wanting to be safe. Another report says they had used this range for 8 years before this mishap. Guess it caught up with them.

  44. Voltaire says:

    The Myth that these two clowns are intelligent can finally be laid to rest.

    Wiley Coyote look out!………….you have challengers.

  45. Mannie says:

    Who the hell is the idiot that let them fire artillery on a small range.

    It’s hard to guess what calibre it was. The holes appeared to be about eight inches, but that would indicate a 42 pounder. That’s a big gun, a siege gun, so they probably weren’t firing iron balls. If I had to guess, I’d guess bowling balls. That would be consistent with the wild ricochetting.

    But a cannon ball travelling 1,400 ft/sec, typical for Civil War artillery, will travel something like 1,800 yards at 5 degree elevation, and something like 10,000 yards at 45 deg. They should have been smart enough to do that calc – it’s high school physics stuff.

  46. Gilbert Ng says:

    After that happened, Grant made his best Trollface. BEST EPISODE EVER !

  47. chukalukabus says:

    Minions: First, there is this thing called “insurance.” And of course it is no myth that there will be massive attempted fraud concerning damages concerning the claimants.

    On that happy note: You guys do know that one of the primary functions that drove to the discovery of the calculus was to calculate the targeting of cannons (and cannon balls), right?

  48. Ed Ward II says:

    What the story doesn’t say is that they all packed up and went back to China.

  49. Frank Dumby says:

    The attorneys are going to have a field day with this.

  50. Bearfuel says:

    Now the government is going to ban cannons. Thanks a lot Cletis and Elwood.
    One little accident and the government is going to ruin it for the whole country.
    It was Bush’s fault anyway.

    1. Queen Bee says:

      I really wish they would just ban homes. Seems alot more fun that way. 80)

  51. drawlr says:

    I hope that the accident wasn’t for naught. Did they find out how fast a cannonball goes?

  52. kmrod says:

    are you this much of a one-trick pony that you somehow worked “mythbusters shoots cannonball through house” into a political issue?

    i’m surprised you didn’t finish the thought and demand to see the birth certificate.


    1. Tom Walter says:

      Your mom just made a fresh pitcher of Koolaid, Dummy. She’s comming down the basement stairs right now, put your pj’s back on.

    2. Ginger says:

      Mythbusters have been widely known for a long time to be doe eyed Soetoro worshippers. *THEY* made this political long ago with their lips planted securely on his rear in multiple episodes.

      Get over yourself.

      1. Danny says:

        Unless cared and confused little simpletons like you notice or care about such things.

      2. Ginger says:

        @Danny: what are you talking about?

      3. CC Coleman says:

        I am no fan of BHO but he is a fan of the show. That is why he contacted them about a myth he wanted to see done. He is the President after all. I do not see either of them wearing their political beliefs on their sleeves like most of Hollyweird. If they went on a “Birth Certificate” mythbust I am sure BHO would not be a fan of the show for long when they got down to the truth. LOL!

      4. Jim Dugan says:

        well he is a president by some illegitimate decree, certainly not the Constitution. MB jumped the shark in the episode where Jamie was all choked up and teary-eyed at the sight of his liberal god in the White House. Haven’t watched it since, and I’m sure they, like me, could not possibly care less.

      5. deskboy says:

        had not known of this. I guess they won;t be taking on the Obama Birther myth, huh?

      6. teaj says:

        lol and that one might actually not be a complete waste of time.

  53. George Paul says:

    I wonder if this episode will actually make it to air. They preach safety so much on this show (for liability reasons if nothing else) I wonder if the lawyers will even allow this mistake to air. Bad luck for certain, but the saying goes: “You make your own luck!”

    If someone would have gotten hurt from this, it would have likely shut down the show. Agree with others that this will make them take a harder look at their safety procedures.

  54. EWRoss says:

    I’m sure they will go out of their way to repair all the damages and reassure the residents of the community; then they will figure out how to include this in a future program and profit from it. The news story alone has given them publicity they can’t buy. http://ewross.com

  55. Davis Lane says:

    Glad nobody got hurt. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened and I hope that the next time they have an accident everyone is just as fortunate.

  56. kerbermj says:

    The whole valley is probably screaming “HYNEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Savage: “Am I missing a cannonball?”

    They wanted carnage…

  57. kmrod says:

    careless idiots? they’ve tested HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of myths and nobody’s been hurt.

    that shows they’re neither careless nor idiots, but you on the other hand…………

  58. Jamie Hyneman says:

    Myth busted!!

  59. jim says:

    SO,,,was the myth “Busted”?

  60. Bearcat says:

    OK, how does a cannonball “spiral back”?
    Was it a boomerang cannonball?

  61. Tom says:

    Mythbusters has finally “jumped the shark.” It’s time for Discovery to end the show before someone is killed.

    1. CC Coleman says:

      Are you seeing Steve Irwin? Danger means ratings. How long until the (insert dangerous animal) bites, eats, crushes Steve Irwin? How long until we put the Mythbusters on a “Death Lottery”? I don’t think they are that dangerous and are usually very careful unlike Steve Irwin that searched for things that would eventually do himself in.

  62. Jim says:

    This is most likely a marketing stunt. Nothing on TV is real.

  63. Tom Walter says:

    Commie Obama Lovers……Who Cares About These Two Dolts

  64. Claude Funston says:

    Mythbusters was good until it became the Explosion show.

    It’s all they do now, just….explosions.

  65. LuckyStar61 says:

    Next time you need to demolish a house or building or BUTERS”!!! No more pyrotecnics or especially projectiles for these boys and girls – or matches, or lighters, or flame throwers, or dynamite igniters, or batteries, or blasting caps

    The California legislature will be passing laws to ban all these these things for everyone, everywhere, anytime – except for their friends and children.

  66. orlandorays says:

    They’ll probably pay the families fat settlements in exchange for being able to film the aftermath.

  67. actingupagain says:

    I reject your mass destruction, and replace it with my own!

  68. libby says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!

  69. Jeremy says:

    It’s not their fault that the military firing range is so close to residential areas. If people would stop habitating land so close to areas where there are frequent explosions and artillery firing, then there wouldn’t be any chance for getting a cannonball/rocket/grenade/artillery round through their house. The maximum range of a cannon is between 3 to 4 miles. Firing ranges typically have multiple thousands-of-pounds bombs dropped on it. So who’s the careless idiots?

    1. Mark8131 says:

      Yup, the cannon fired itself. If there is any possibility of the cannon exceeding the boundary of the range, the cannon shouldn’t have been used on the range. The cannons footprint with an additional safety area should have been calculated and adhered to. Whoever was in charge of range safety should be held accountable, period.

  70. sonofhaig says:

    Cannon ball flying through residential homes and trashing a van…


  71. JMS says:

    “Jamie wants big boom”

  72. Trev says:

    wow, whst s sensationalist story that is likely fake. The cannonball went up, then down and hit the ground, then somehow managed to rocket sideways all on its own eh?

  73. Tom Dewick says:

    Why was the family asleep in the home at 4:15pm?

  74. Tom says:

    “A totaled mini van”?!?

    Gimme a break. I doubt the van will have to be totaled.

    1. rk says:

      That caught my ear too. Maybe the minvan was only worth the cost of a new quarter panel or broken window? A real gem for sure.

  75. Tom Dewick says:

    Why was the family asleep in the home @ 4:15pm?

  76. hans says:

    such cheaply made houses, thin as paper…..

  77. Andre Bernardes says:

    “It wasn’t clear that it was a cannonball landing on the roof” => I wonder what would make it clearer.

    “She thought the heavens were falling” => No comments on that.

  78. Jay Smith says:

    All of the commentors writing about taking ALL safety precautions must not have seen the Archimede’s Steam Cannon episode. To make a long story short, they tried to get steam pressure in the cannon up to 200 psi before opening the firing valve. They could only get it to 65 psi and made the shot anyway. The cannonball was found 1 mile downrange! They said it had rolled but you could see an indentation under the cannonball so it definately landed in place on the fly.
    And if they had gotten the pressure up to 200psi? Downtown San Francisco was in the direction they fired towards!

  79. Ronald Yunis says:

    Well that’s the last straw. We need to make a law to have government make this safer for all of us. Where are you when we need you Bill Whittle?

  80. Frank Schössler says:

    If housing in US had the same quality as here in Germany the first wall would have stopped it. All I see is cardboard McMansions!

  81. Davis says:

    That show is for idiots.

  82. Shmilfke says:

    Interesting how all of the people in this news report are un-American looking

    1. FredLled says:

      What’s an American look like?

  83. Mikee says:

    The people who are the show ‘bashers’ here are the ones who most need to watch a show like this. Science ignorant fools who believe stupid urban legends and wring their hands over a freak accident that didn’t harm a soul.

    Meanwhile, people die by the dozens every day in car accidents and such due to alcohol use, not to mention in hundreds of other ways. And Islamists kill more people globally every hour around the globe, just for the sheer hell of it, than will die of natural causes in the U.S.

    A cannonball that hurt no one is about 8,238,457 places down below other things on the ‘relative risk’ scale. Go back to your phony “Towing” shows and New Jersey Moms from Hell or whatever, you empty headed, science ignorant, nutjobs.

  84. Nigel says:

    If we ha cannonballs like that we wouldn’t need you Yanks to win World War 2 for us

  85. Danny says:

    Uh oh, a news report dealing with a smart show that confuses and threatens naive conservatives who never got passed high school and think the face of Jesus was on their toast. SWARM!!!!

    1. Mikey says:

      Uh oh, another typical hate filled post from an ignorant, athiest, liberal who can only feel good about himself when he is insulting others…

    2. teaj says:

      conservatives are taunting this show for being juvenile. how on earth is this a smart show?

  86. Realist says:

    The town residents know the risks, they live right next to a military firing range. This is akin to living in a Mississippi flood plain and being surprised when your house gets flooded.

  87. matt says:

    Pseudo science that would not hold up in a 1950s high school lab.

  88. Bergrayloff says:

    Whale……… Oil…………….. Beef…Hooked!

  89. chyatt says:

    Expect Congress to pass sweeping legislation soon. No, cannon balls can be owned by anyone, no test firing of anything, no gun powder. In fact, the new sweeping legislation to prevent this from happening again will include even making illegal the thought of doing anything with a cannon ball. Or, perhaps they will declair “Cannon Ball Day”, which would put into place a National Day of cannon ball firing, all other days would make cannon ball firing illegal. Sweeping and comprehensive legislation on the way!

  90. Queen Bee says:

    Maybe this will spark the economy. I’m sure Obama will find some way to use this to his advantage. Or better yet, I wonder how long it takes before he blames the failing California housing on this. 80)

  91. River Rat says:

    Mythbusters declare war on sleepy hamlet of Dublin CA. News media salivating for their ambulance chasing laywers who commit acts of badvertising. If ever a reporter was screaming “The sky is falling”, this is the mouse that roared, lawsuits, lucky to be alive in Dublin, cannonball in the street takes out soccer mom’s minivan on gamenight…GET OVER YOURSELF!
    Is a gangland shootout any different? Isn’t it refreshing to know that this stuff can happen without malicious intent? In Buffalo, they had a plane fall out of the sky on approach because the captain was hitting on the flight attendant, and lots of people died. This doesn’t quite match that level of carelessness. Mythbusters is real science, and real entertainment. It is a true reality show, and I’m sure they’ll take care of the damaged property. I have not seen an episode where they tell you “Don’t try this at home, we’re proffessionals”..
    I’m sure they’ll issue an apology, and make things right, and more importantly, explain what went wrong.

  92. Redz says:

    Am I missing an eyebrow?

  93. John Carlucci says:

    now that Ill watch

  94. Yirmin Snipe says:

    I used to watch, until it became clear that they had no clue when it came to bullets, guns or explosives. When they are sloppy with one area that you truly understand you begin to question just how accurate they are or aren’t on the ones you don’t know that much about.

    The were entertaining but after a while the lack of credibility was a turn off.

  95. Greg says:

    Cannon balls do not “spiral back”. Who the hell wrote that?

  96. jasperddbgghost says:

    These Mythbusters have been busted.

  97. Poco says:

    I can’t believe people live in paper houses. Man, the walls look like partitions!

  98. tutty says:

    Mythbusters show to be canceled, don’t let the door hit you on the way out losers lol

  99. Marcus says:

    Sounds like they need a bigger firing range.

  100. Blowitout says:

    I’d like to see a cannonball “spiraling back toward Dublin like a cruise missile.”!!! How does a cannonball change direction? Talk about your misinformation!

  101. UNcleFred says:

    I would have expected a failure in the elevation control on the cannon. However from the angle present in the video it appears that the cannon was miss aimed. It is a bit difficult to tell but from the long shot that precedes of the smoke cloud when it is fired the alignment of what appears to be the brick wall,would require the elevation to be almost horizontal.

    I am a regular watcher of the show. While they seem very safety conscious, their precautions are often hap hazard and poorly thought out. If there was no equipment failure, this was a very basic error and shows substantial negligence.

    I doubt that there will be a great deal of public fall out. They harmed no one and their insurance will pay off handsomely to cover the damage and inconvenience. No insurance company would even consider disputing a claim that would put this in front of a jury.

    However I expect that these guys will have to involve more professionals in some of their testing to ensure that their safety precautions are both effective and address the real risks in their stunts.

  102. Jacqueline West says:

    But this is a net gain for the economy if you subscribe to the broken window theory. Ha ha.

  103. Editor for TV says:

    Can anyone say E&O insurance? I think their policy rates might be hiked….it’s okay, they’re a successful franchise with lots of money. They should include the crazy events as part of the show’s story and make a good thing out of it. Crazy cannonball $hit.

  104. RVT1K says:

    These guys ran out of myths to debunk years ago. Now all they do is make up excuses to blow stuff up.

  105. jfhdsiu says:

    Aside from the obvious reaction, I am impressed. Military ordinance can’t behave that way. We should draft them and put them in charge of enhancing our artillery. Sounds like they can improve on it by accident.

  106. Jb says:

    sew was ths a mith??????

  107. Chadd says:

    Did any of the homeowners have high-speed cameras rolling in their living rooms, by chance?

  108. Fred Buse says:

    Looking at a map, it appears that they could have just as easily blasted a hole through the Santa Rita Jail. Now that might have lead to a real story.

  109. pdiddy says:

    The next myth will have to do with the wonderful shades of color that interior decorators choose. Will they paint the walls back in the original shade or perhaps add a touch of something new?? Stay tuned.

  110. Doug says:

    Having been to Camp Parks it wasn’t mentioned but that range had been shut down several years ago because of stupid home owners that built around an active firing range. This was an accident but some homeowners like bullet and artillery holes in their homes.

  111. David Webb says:

    Mr. Kelly you must work for Underwriters Labs?

  112. The Old Man says:

    I tried to warn the world that updating to cannons would cause problems and here you have it

  113. Nomad says:

    I watched this show until I theorized that these two guys are idiots. Now my theory seems “plausible”.

  114. Douglas says:

    What does the reporter mean when he says that the people are sleeping with very little confidence tonight? I’d think that AFTER such an incident was concluded. it would be the SAFEST time ever. What? Are they going to fire off another canon now?

  115. Mark8131 says:

    Don’t try this at home!

  116. Stephen Boone says:

    They take safety seriously??>?? HAHAHAHAHA They take THEMSELVES seriously, God knows why. The are functional idiots many times. They decide in advance what the results of an inquiry will be which is exactly how accidents like this happen. My favorite “bust myth” is that is doesn’t matter if you run to your car in the rain. you will according to them get just as wet as walking slowly. Try that one sometime. Do a nice slow wedding march out to your car and you will be soaked to the skin every time. I will keep on running through the rain. IDIOTS.

    1. Mr. Kelly says:

      Really? You think they are idiots because their experience shows them what is likely to be the outcome? Of course they do, it’s their job to know what is likely to happen before they test.
      Someone asks me to test something for work, I decide in advance what I think the result is going to be based on my experience. One of the largest factors in testing is to have an idea of what is going to happen before you test so that you can plan accordingly so that both outside influence or variables don’t tarnish the results. As well as yes, plan your safety scenarios and adjust accordingly. It’s the most basic of rules when testing anything. And you think that’s a bad thing? Seriously?

      Then you go on to criticise the results of one of their tests because you believe something different? Really? Who walks out to their car at a “nice slow wedding march” speed in the rain? That slow of pace could never be used as a control because no one does that. Why didn’t you just say “Try standing out in the rain beside your car for a half hour, you will be soaked.” The test wasn’t walking slow in the rain vs. running in the rain. And you think they are the idiots?

      And what does any of that have to do with your criticism that they take safety seriously? You discredited the aspect of safety without a single fact or even consideration on the subject, then talk about something that has nothing to do with safety.

      You must be a very difficult person to be around. You are specifically trying to take down a peg someone you don’t agree with. And do it without actual cause. Your opinion experience against controlled testing. (But i’ll bet it wasn’t even your experience because I don’t believe even you walk that slow in the rain.)
      I think you should be taken down a peg for being wrong, trying to assasinate someones character without cause and just for being an @ss.

  117. Rob says:

    These 2 twirps should be in jail. I’ve watched thee show, if an experiment doesn’t work they blow something up. I’m suprised none of the crew have ever been injured.

  118. Lynn Svedin says:

    I work at the Kennedy Space Center and most of the engineers out here love Mythbusters. I love my job. I really love my job, but if I could work for Jamie and Adam and get to blow things up and figure out how to perform the tests, I would be in seventh heaven.

    1. Mark8131 says:

      Vist your local EOD team at Patrick and they may help you with your desire.

      1. Mr. Kelly says:

        Thanks Mark8131,
        I didn’t know they existed.
        For me, I test consumer products for a living. I get to make machines, devices, fixtures, methods, etc. I love it. Explosives are cool and all, but I am more interested in the test method creation of new projects every time. Not just explosives.
        Thanks again, still cool none the less.

      2. Mark8131 says:

        Yes, Patrick has an Air Force EOD team. They do more than just blow stuff up. They test explosives and explosive effects at times.

  119. Brad Skidmore says:

    Dude… the first rule when you fire a gun, or cannon in this instance, is what is down range behind your target… Houses and people is not a very good thing to have down range… How far away is this shooting range anyway? The author of this article fails to mention that.

  120. Steve Haynie says:

    Now they can test the myth that celebrities get out of criminal responsibility because they are famous.

  121. Lynwood Johnson says:

    I’ve watched and enjoyed numerous MYTHBUSTERS epidsodes. I can’t remember seeing any of their pieces shot at night. Yet this report speaks of the cannonball blasting through peoples’ homes “while they slept.” My question would be, what are these Mythbusters clowns doing firing a cannon so late at night?

    Given the freakish nature of this ball’s travels, wouldn’t be surprised to find out they fired the cannon at 4 pm …. “Where the hell did it go?” … and it shows up eight hours later.

  122. justa says:

    Back when I was in the Army at Fort Sill, OK the armor company fired that landed foo base in a civilian area. Also, at about the same time a missile also went astray a landed more than a couple of miles past the base perimeter. You know, s**t happens.

  123. 1ifbyland says:

    “On this week’s episode Mythbusters proves America’s most expensive homes are made of cheap building products.” City engineers have determined the safest place to be during an earthquake is inside a tissue paper structure.

  124. Mike McGowan says:

    sounds like more of a problem with the location of the test-firing range… mis-fires are gonna happen, that’s one of the purposes of having a test-firing range. why is there a residential zone anywhere near this range?

  125. William Good says:

    Big fan of the show. They do take safety to the extreme. After this I am sure they will be finding a new location for their “shoots”. Glad no one was hurt, and they have the insurance to make it all good. No need for lawsuits here; unless someone is just looking to make money and not just be made whole again.

    And to those that ask why, why, why the show exists? Its a science show. Think of it like Bill Nye the Science Guy on steroids. AND YES THEY LOVE TO BLOW THINGS UP. Thats why the show is so popular.

  126. Jackie Hammer says:

    I love this show, it is very fortunate no one was killed or injured, they are usually extremely cautious, I know they will use this accident to make sure future experiments are safe. They can afford the damages, the show could never overcome a serious injury or fatality to the public.

  127. Hawkdriver1961 says:

    I guess that answered their question though – Pretty dam fast!

  128. Eric R says:

    This is why Mythbusters is the best show on TV. AWESOME!

  129. tomthumb says:

    I watched one program recently where Adam and Jamie were shown standing safely behind a blast shied – unfortunately they were being shot by a cameraman from above and OUTSIDE of the shield!

  130. neednewpresident says:

    It works ! Now move it in range of White House and wait for break in golf games.

  131. Blowitout says:

    How does a cannon ball “rocket” and “spiral” like a “cruise missile”?

    1. CC Coleman says:

      Think of a high speed, spinning, bouncing marble. Ever see a bowling ball hook?

      1. Blowitout says:

        Typically rockets have a propulsion engine and cruise missiles don’t spiral. Nice way to spice up an article though!

  132. Chris says:

    Please tell me someone got that on tape!

  133. d da truth says:

    Good Show, sounds like a freak accident I’m glad no one got hurt, boy out of the range into a house up the stairs out the wall through another house and into someones minivan that is fairly impressive from a ballistic point of view.

    I’ll bet those boys were sweating bullets until they learned that no one had gotten hurt.

  134. Jason DeVries says:

    Once again, people practicing Science nearly kill their fellow humans. We need to end this practice once and for all. Prime example of why I homeschool my kids.

  135. tiredturtle says:

    It looked like a good idea at the time! I’ve uttered that after some really interesting events in my life, which I wouldn’t trade for anything and view this as one of those situations. Stuff happens. No one was hurt, insurance will remodel the houses and get the guy a new car. I would like a job where I could do the things these guys do, I mean explosives, cannons, science–what isn’t to like.. If you don’t approve, that is swell, However, I find the concept of the show quite interesting.

  136. Macro-micro says:

    These home owners should feel supremely safe in their homes now. Their homes have been pre-fated. The odds of them being hit by another errant cannonball are quite literally, astronomical. They’re more likely to be hit by an actual meteor before they ever see another wayward cannonball rambling through their homes.

    Experience is something you acquire one second after you need it.
    The RSO is the last word on the range regarding anything fired or detonated.
    This is where the investigation should begin. Were safety protocols followed?
    Outside of a clear mechanical malfunction, human error is the most probable.
    The reality is, there are few true “freak” accidents, There are however, many,
    many “preventable” accidents. The odds here favor the “preventable accident.”
    It’s also beyond fortunate that no injuries or death resulted from this experience.

  137. Wild Bill says:

    I hope they got that on video.

  138. Historyshowsus says:

    Nice hatchet job by CBS. Sensationalist journalism at it’s finest.
    Really, the guy who owned the minivan is feeling extremely lucky? Extremely lucky that he wasn’t in the exact right spot at the exact right time? I’m sorry, that’s not extremely lucky but statistically normal.

  139. Brad Wicks says:

    1. How is he lucky to be alive? He left the car 10 MINUTES ago and the cannonball went through the passenger side of the car. It wasn’t like he noticed that he dropped a billfold or left his coffee cup on the roof, and as he stepped out, the cannonball crashed through the driver’s side. I”d call that luck.
    2. How are the people who sustained damage to their homes and vehicles not sleeping with confidence tonight? Do they anticipate the Mythbusters – or some other entity – will be test firing cannons again while they’re sleeping? Excellent reporting.

    1. RevlisO says:

      I also like how they said the cannonball went thru the home like a pinball. No, no it did not. It followed a straight-line ballistic course thru the house and exited the far side. They would have needed walls made from solid steel for a cannonball to bounce around “like a pinball.”


  140. Griz says:

    Oops, sorry folks.
    Can I please have my ball back?

  141. CC Coleman says:

    They are ex-film special effects guys that have been sidelined by CGI and found a fun and educational use for their talents. They need to find a safer area for their explosive tests. More open area away from homes. I am surprised that Oakland/San Francisco allow them to shoot their television show at all under their nose. They should move to a friendlier state. They’ll make good on the damages and it will be a lesson learned. I bet they had to censor the “Bleep!” said after they found out where the ball fell.

  142. PBJ says:

    Actually Gravity is a “Law”. Newton was the first to identify Gravity as a Law. Remember Bug Bunny explaining how he can defy Gravity because he never studied Law?

    Whereas Evolution is a Theory because it isn’t scientifically demonstrable and repeatable.

    1. RevlisO says:

      Actually, no it is not. Gravitational “Law” are the equations used to describe how two bodies with mass interact with one another. These laws are the “best fit” description of the basic mechanics as based on repeated refinements and observations over a long period of time.

      Gravitational Theory is the why that attempts to describe the how.

      Regardless, both Law and Theory in this case are open to modification. The Laws you cite are not absolutes and break down in the extreme cases, which is why we have special relativity and quantum mechanics in addition to the basic Laws as observed by Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and finally codified by Newton.

  143. Ben Dover says:

    I don’t care. Just give Kari more screen time.

  144. LYSOL MOTOROLA says:


  145. Mark R says:

    Brilliant! A TV show has a mistake and suddenly out of the woodwork we see them come………………’Its Obamas fault’, ‘Hide your guns and ammo’,’goddam nancies’.

    Folks….get a slight grip on reality will you? This may come as a real surprise to you but ‘the Russians are not coming over the border’, ‘the UN are not sending their black helicopters to arrest you’ and ‘gay guys are not going to invade and redecorate your garage’. DIMWITS ! !

  146. Mike_88 says:

    Let the lawsuits begin!

  147. Marilyn says:

    Definately a DOH moment!

  148. jkdslaj says:

    Bad video player
    plays part of it then starts over automatically, with ads!

  149. Ginger says:

    I see the phaygut liberals are censoring again. Obama must taste real good to have you so indoctrinated.

  150. ExSophus says:

    Seems to me the BIG mistake they made, was they didn’t calculate the Minimum Safe Distance assuming worst-case angles, ignition time, mass, etc, AND then (in this case) select a test range of the appropriate size.

    In other words, let’s say you’re going to shoot a bullet that can travel a maximum of two miles (favorable winds, angles, etc taken into consideration). Based on that datum, then you do NOT assume a 20 foot tall backstop is all you need to ensure safety of clearly nearby people. You also add 15-20% and then either go to an appropriate enclosed location, or an isolated location that has no people/property/aircraft within 2 (+15% to 20%) miles in ANY direction.

    They’ve selected such locations before and should have done so this time.

  151. GregB says:

    As a Scientist I find the Myth Busters show just bad science. Good entertainment but bad, bad science. When I and my children do watch it I have to remind my children that you can not prove a negative.
    Remember when they say its ‘Busted” it just means THEY could not do it!!!

    So remember when you watch this show its all about Play time and not science.

    1. Fred D. says:

      So, your theory is that all myths are true, then?

  152. Myth-fan says:

    This was an absolute freak accident. I’m a avid watcher of the show, and they take safety and percosions very seriously. They have made and fired cannon’s before! One they even made out of leather for peet sake!! They fired it on amiltary firring range with permission from the miltary and all the proper officials. This is truly just a freak accident. It wasn’t there fault. It wasn’t like they decided to to a residential area and fire a cannon ball. They did it ona miltary base! It’s not the Mythbusters fault, but things like this happen.

  153. Cannonball Run says:

    Mythbusters are professionals.

    Don’t try this at your home.

  154. Jamie Hyneman says:

    When cannonballs are outlawed, only outlaws will have cannonballs.

    You can have my cannonball when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  155. cioccrdr says:

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  156. Paul Rigsby says:

    “It flew straight though the front door of a home on Cassata Place, and bounced around like a pinball, flying up to the second floor before blasting through a back bedroom wall.”

    Just imagine being inside the overcrowded belly of a wooden hulled “ship of the line” in the late 18th century with one of those cannonballs bouncing around with you…

  157. Jim says:

    Please, do not try this at home……we’re professionals

  158. Deskboy says:

    The military property is closed, and they get permission. Unfortunate, but maybe we can use these guys in Afghanistan….. 🙂
    The chick is cool, too.

    1. teaj says:

      shes really not cool. but cooler than that asian guy.

  159. Jonah Kyle says:

    They probably casused as much actual property damage than the Japanese did to the US mainland in WWII. And more than the Germans, North Vietnameese, and North Koreans.

  160. JERRYSTROUD says:

    “Remember, don’t try this at home. WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!!!!” These words will haunt them for a long time now!

  161. Jim Miller says:

    To the web implementers: I would love to read all the page, but the page keeps reloading and I have difficulty finding my way back to were I was So after 2 times I’ve given up this page, AND cbslocal.com CBS Los Angeles’s web site. Too bad for you, a little for me — because there are LOTS more news sites than yours, but every reader you lose, you don’t get back.

  162. Atomic Dragon says:

    It IS a good show and it has been confirmed to have saved at least one life already.
    It was an accident that could have happened to the military stationed at that base with far more devastating consequences.
    Jamie and Adam are FAR smarter than anyone who says they are not.
    I have a new respect for cannons. I didn’t think they could be THAT destructive.
    They did say not to try this at home. Let this incident serve as a reminder as to why.

  163. Fred D. says:

    “It wasn’t clear that it was a cannonball landing on the roof.”

    I don’t suppose it would have been. Gotta love it!

  164. Craig says:

    I’m amazed no one got hurt. Those homeowners deserve a Mythbusters makeover or something equally epic. I’m sure those guys can more than make it up to them while making some awesome TV.

    POLL: What’s your opinion of Mythbusters now? http://www.wepolls.com/p/6101295

  165. B-Real says:

    Why are people so excited to see this actually get aired on the show? What are they expecting? – That the producers had cameras strategically set up across the whole area that was affected to capture the trajectory of the cannon ball?

  166. Myth busted says:

    well, did they at least get results on the myth they were testing, would like too see if it was busted or not. Also this as probably be fortunate for myth busters. Now so many people are going too tune in and see that episode.

  167. Bruce Bowen says:

    First rule of gun safety, “Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction!”

  168. Odie says:

    ACME Cannons are dangerous to more than just coyotes. And should not be used.
    Now on to the rocket skates!

  169. Billy says:

    Sorry dude, mind if I play through?

  170. smv says:

    What else would you expect from a bunch of idiots that wouldn’t know “scientific procedure” if it came up and bit them on the rear?

  171. JH says:

    They should be charged with attempted murder. Or terrorism.

  172. Ray Berry says:

    well, I guess they’ll shoot stuff into the bay from treasure island from now on. that’ll cost M5 and the producers a small mint.

  173. Chicken says:

    Liberals are good at choking on Obama’s dikc being the good little communist f@gg0ts they are.

  174. San Diego Steve says:

    Exactly what myth were they trying to bust? That if you fire a cannonball it will do damage when it comes back down? Not much mythology there. There are quite a few ruined castles in Europe that are evidence of this fact. Indeed, when cannons were invented, castles went out of fashion. Glad the cannonball did not land on someone’s head, or child.

  175. JMS says:

    “Don’t try this at home, We’re what you call ‘professionals'”

  176. Ken says:

    I wish it had hit my house or my car; I’d tell them as compensation I want an autographed DVD set and an invite to be on the set to watch when they make one of their shows 🙂

  177. Scott says:

    Jamie Want Big Boom!!!

    Love the show… Accidents happen. These guys, especially Jamie, have always been particular about safety. Its a fluke, it happens.

    It’s funny how the comments on here start flying towards lawsuits. Yep, thats the american way, wait til something hits the fan and then sue sue sue!!!

    Get over it people. If it was the military that fired the shot and it happened it would be swept under the rug, but no, its a tv show so sue now and sue fast!

    You can keep your American Idol…

    When did the producers of American Idol meet the president? The president issued a challenge to Jamie and Adam, he also commented on how much the presidential family loves the show and its contributions towards science. Anything that puts kids heads in the books is good for society.. But hey lets watch American Idol and shows about teen pregnancy, yeah that helps society.

  178. Alice Ramirez says:

    I heard this incident won’t be aired. Too bad. Nobody died nor got hurt, and the production company (or their insurance) will compensate the homeowners and car owner. It would be SPECTACULAR to watch. I hope the producers either change their minds or it ends up on You-Tube.

  179. Matt says:

    I’m assuming this is the blast range they have called their second home?

    There is a reason why Mythbusters are no longer allowed at a certain rock corey, because they set of a bigger then intended blast (knock your socks off) that shattered windows miles away. They are banned from that location.

    So the question here is, are they going to be allowed back at this location from this point forward….

  180. david says:

    The word is affected not effected.

  181. valtrex says:

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