Deputy Patrol Cars To Be Outfitted With ID Technology Used In Iraq

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies are getting some high-tech equipment for their patrol cars.

A new computer system will enable them to pull up mug shots, check the FBI database and get fingerprint information on suspects in a matter of seconds.

The system, which is equipped with GPS tracking and mapping, has been used by U.S. soldiers in Ira. It will be in all patrol cars by February.

One of the nation’s most prominent military contractors, Raytheon Co., was awarded a $20 million contract to update the vehicles.

The department’s current program is so outdated, some of its parts aren’t being sold in the United States anymore.

  • Alan Di

    How is it that the Governor wants to raise taxes when the County can spend 20 MILLION dollars on toys? Remember this when you read your ballots.

    • wg//af

      I hope somebody spends good money on the “toys” I want for Christmas, oh yeah!!! Maybe they’ll shop at “Out of the Closet.”

    • growapair

      Alan Di

      Remember Prop 8 when you get your ballot. West Hollywood or bust!!!

  • mycoworkerstinks

    if only this were a toy and not part of a national HOMELAND SECURITY scheme

  • Smokey

    The computer system is the dispatch system deputies use to receive calls. The current system was built in 1985 and parts are not available to repair them. How many of you use a computer that is 25 years old???

    The dispatch system is how deputies gets calls (like when you are being robbed!!!) and the company that maufactured the car terminals went out of business 20 years ago. LASD purchased used terminals on ebay to try to keep the system going for the past 10 years. In reality other police agencies are on Gen 4 systems while LASD is on Gen 1. LASD saved millions by delaying the purchase of new computers for over 10 years. So quit whining and say thanks for saving the millions over the past 10 years and the improved service the new computers will provide.

  • Ray

    Will they be using it to help deport illegals then I.m all for.

  • uhoh

    This will be used to get everyones fingerprint. If you tell the cop you don’t want to do it, then you will be arrested and fingerprinted downtown.

  • Richard B

    It will be used to detect the illegals hiding between Ray’s mom’s legs

  • swhitS

    They are using our money for our demise.

  • Branden Jew

    It’s about time they updated from the old amber screened MDT’s and went to laptop computers!

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