1 Reportedly Arrested During Occupy LA Protest Downtown

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Occupy L.A. protesters took to the downtown streets Saturday, with LAPD officers reporting one arrest during a noisy demonstration at a Bank of America.

Police spokespersons would not say how large the crowds were, or if anyone was arrested. But commanders speaking on police radios said one person was arrested at the B of A branch at Sixth and Hill streets, where demonstrators reportedly rattled the locked doors.

As many as 200 people reportedly walked from Pershing Square to City Hall.

A protest marcher told KNX radio that a man riding a bicycle was “tackled and arrested” by police on Broadway as protesters marched up the sidewalk.

By mid-afternoon, peaceable crowds were reportedly milling around at City Hall, the police administration building, and a nearby municipal jail.

An earlier City Hall demonstration by members of the Bus Riders Union had ended, with some of the participants apparently joining the Occupy demonstrations.

Northbound Main Street was closed at Second Street, where police cars were being parked and staged.

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  1. marina greeen says:

    the polices officers are a bunch of crooks they are on the side of banks, only because they eat of our tax money, so is better don’t pay nothing of taxis so this crooks stop eating like pigs. the police is only to show up power with their stupids guns, if all the people protest together is more people than stupids polices, and for sure they are going to stop against us. this country is one of the worst some times is worst than mexico the difference here they abuse of people with white gloves.so they can look like a white inocents doves. but really they are devils the same as villarraigosa,

    1. wg//af me la pela says:

      Marina Greeen

      Your about as smart as a stone.

      1. wg//af says:

        wg//af me la pela
        Look at what’s back, and once again the chickensh!t aS$hat crawls out from under a rock with little to say except its daddy’s balls are still up its ass.

      2. wg//af me la pela says:

        wg / / af իսկապես, իրոք, հիմար հիմար անձը Գրառման մեկնաբանություններ ամբողջ աշխարհը տեսնել, եւ գիտենք, թե ինչպես է նա հիմար. Նա, մի փոքր որդին. Ակնհայտ է, նա չի գնում դպրոց: Քանի որ նա ունի հետախուզության աղյուսից.

  2. Debra R Steinman says:

    The police officers are paid to protect the people, not to play ‘baby sitter’ to the ‘whiny’ #OWS Protesters. In having to ‘baby sit’ the ‘protesters’, they’re services are being taken away from the law abiding citizens who are paying ‘their salaries’.

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