LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The City Attorney’s Office filed misdemeanor charges Thursday against 19 people arrested during Wednesday’s Occupy L.A. police raid, with dozens more cases expected to be filed tomorrow.

Eighteen people who were arrested as police conducted the pre-dawn raid Wednesday morning were charged with failing to disperse from an area near First Street and Broadway. They were not among those arrested for refusing to leave the Occupy L.A. encampment in the park surrounding City Hall.

A 19th person, Tyler Header, was charged with battery on a peace officer, assault on a peace officer, and resisting arrest for allegedly spitting on an officer and resisting arrest.

The court set bail amounts ranging from $5,000 for most of the defendants, up to $20,000.

LAPD officers arrested a total of 292 people at City Hall and in surrounding areas during the raid.

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, LAPD officials had submitted 150 arrest reports for review by the City Attorney’s Office. The remaining reports are expected to be submitted Friday morning to meet the deadline to file charges.

Those without prior criminal records and who are charged with nonviolent crimes such as failing to disperse are likely to be let go without bail. They will have to pay a fee and take a class given by American Justice Associates focused on the balance between public rights and individual free speech rights, according to city attorney’s spokesman Frank Mateljan. The city attorney can file charges if the program is not completed within one year, he said.

Mateljan says after a preliminary review of the reports filed, the City Attorney’s Office estimates about 50 of those arrested will be eligible for the pre-filing diversion program.

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Comments (9)
  1. linda says:

    again the city attorney getting the money of people in need again the corrupted city attorney making money of the poor is the way they live good life i hope one day he stay without job because life always pay off bunch of crooks.

    1. John says:

      These people destroyed that area, up to and including making it a public safety hazard rampant with lice and staph infections. Why shouldn’t they pay a fine that can be used to repair their damage? The only thing more just would be to make those sentenced to things like community service have to re-sod and repair what they destroyed.

  2. ed p says:

    haha, i’m sure mlk would have given up all the marches through all the cities if he had only understood the relationship better between individual free speech and public rights. in fact, it is the protestors who understand the world of rights and power quite well. give them time served.

    1. jason zeidler says:

      um mlk and a bunch of commie hippies are 2 different things. mlk marched so black people could be equal. ows want to be taken care of by children. mlk was peaceful. ows are violent, nasty drugged up loosers who t6alk aboput opression from 3000 dollar laptops and 500 dollar iphones. you and ows dont know the first thing about liberty, economics or life. dont you dare insult MLK by comparing him and his protests to thoes filthy commie anti semetic ows POS

  3. Jen Niles says:

    His name is Tyson Heder, not Tyler Header, and he is my friend…who was assaulted by the L.A.P.D and most videos of this instance have been edited to make him appear guilty!

    1. jason m zeidler says:

      nobody cares what this ows loosers name is. he is just another number in the long list of vile acts commited by these spoiled commie brats. im quite sure he deserved whatever he got from lapd. perhaps he should lear some things like econ 101, the constitution and BOR and not to spit on cops

      1. wg//af says:

        Too bad you weren’t born with a pair of balls

      2. jason m zeidler says:

        wg…i was..ask your mother after i take them out of your mouth. tough guy on the web..lets see if you have any balls for real..why not come to my house at 13202 sequoia ct in chino cali…and say it to m7y face lil punk ows coward. youll love the feeling of my balls as they slam against your forehead just like your mom does. but since ur ows your stupid and scurred. come to my place see what happens. ill wreck you lil girl

  4. Tom M. says:

    TYLER HEADER along with other commie supporters got what they deserved! They were told to leave and they refused to do so. Too damn bad! I hope they are housed in the L.A County Jail with the worst of criminals prior to being heard in court. They caused damage to city property, disrupted city services, caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payers money to be used for city and county services. As for JEN NILES, FRIEND OF TYLER HEADER, you are about as stupid and ass backwards as one could ever be. How can you accuse the LAPD of “editing” the video, have you seen it? I know you have not, so don’t make unfounded allegations you idiot. Your friend refused to leave and he is guilty period. If he committed crimes against Officers, then he got what he deserved. Those commie idiots left the city hall lawn full of urine and feces, graffiti and holes in the ground and covered over so that Officers would step on them and injure themselves. The LAPD was very professional and acted with great restraint. Second, why did the Mayor allow this circus to happen? The Mayor needs to answer up.

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