MONTEREY PARK (CBS) — The driver of a stolen vehicle was arrested Tuesday night following a police pursuit.

Sheriff’s deputies in Montebello ran the plates of a black pickup truck and discovered it was reported stolen.

Several patrol cars pursued the suspect through the streets of Montebello, East L.A., San Gabriel, and Monterey Park.

police chase alhambra2 Driver Of Stolen Vehicle Arrested After Police Pursuit

The pursuit began shortly after 8 p.m. near the intersection of Telegraph Road and Washington Boulevard.

The driver, 19-year-old Dyllan Nunez, traveled through city streets and maintained a speed of around 35 to 40 mph before entering the westbound 60 freeway.

After exiting the freeway on Atlantic Avenue, Nunez increased his speed to around 80 mph.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m., Nunez crashed into a parked vehicle in Alhambra and exited the vehicle on foot. He was later arrested.

Nunez was booked for felony evading, hit and run and a probation violation.

Comments (99)
  1. Kathy Wood says:

    Thank God, this so called Man does not have a gun. If so since the police are not there, and who knows where they are at. He could kill so many people right now. I have never seen anything like this. If I lived there I would want the police to protect me from this criminal. WHERE ARE YOU POLICE! WE NEED YOU NOW!

    1. Bob James says:

      The LAPD is occupied with occupy LA. What a joke…

      1. surfbum says:

        The real joke is that apparently you don’t understand that the sheriff’s and the LAPD are two different police agencies that patrol different areas. According to the article (which I read all the way through, and you apparently didn’t) the LAPD had nothing to do with this debacle whatsoever, but I guess a little thing like facts won’t stop you from bashing them for something they had no part in.

      2. rich says:

        has nothing to do with LAPD this would fall in the LASD AND MONTEBELLO AND ALHAMBRA POLICE DEPTS

    2. Roy Barback says:

      Miss Wood welcome to the real world these police can care less about your feelings or who they have to protect they just protect them selfs and find ways to justify what they do.

    3. Nick Grande says:

      take it easy, dont you ever watch movies and hope for the bad guy to escape? What a rush , he evaded police and lives to steal again.

    4. J-Dawg says:

      The Police are not there to protect you. They are there to take the report. If they happen to stop a crime in progress its because they were in the right place at the right time. It does not happen very often.

  2. PAUL from Diamond Bar says:

    why did the police tracked the suspect so far behind??? just hope that they catch the guy…

  3. Shawn Lazy Maiten says:

    i have an approximat address. 5315 Allan Street, Los Angeles, California, United States

    1. PAUL from Diamond Bar says:

      hehehe.. if that didn’t help them.. i don’t know what will.. =)

      1. Shawn Lazy Maiten says:

        I am just trying to provide information for the news team. I am not tryingto be in contact with the sherrifs Dept. If I was attempting to be in contact with the Sherrifs Dept. I would have specified.

  4. Carlos says:

    Cops were trying to dump pursuit on another department so they pulled back far enough to let him run! Foolish!!! Look at the ppl in danger if he had a gun like Kathy said! C’mon now!!!

    1. Shawn Lazy Maiten says:

      Not nessecessarily. They were out of there jurisdiction. The only legitamite legal way for them to continue with the pursuit, was if it was a known fact that the “suspect” had a lethal weapon with intint to use it.

      1. Copsfailed says:

        A 2 ton truck is a “Lethal Weapon” when it smashes into you.. it was just luck that he did not kill someone when he wiped out. Epic police FAIL.

      2. Pedro Goldstein says:

        Hey idiot – in California peace officers have STATE WIDE authority, the sheriffs were just totally LAZY and kissed off this felon to whoever would take it.

      3. J-Dawg says:

        That’s not ture. The Sheriff’s Dept is a County Agency which means their jurisdiciton is all over the county. However, with his reckless driving towards the end, the watch commander made a decision to let the air unit follow and give the suspects location so when he did stop the ground units would come in and pick him up. Since they were in an area they do not patrol then it was tough to guide in the ground units.

  5. Carlos says:

    LAPD was busy rounding up at Dodger Stadium for Disoccuping LA at City Hall. These vagrants are using our resources that prevent the Officers from Proctecting and Serving to a halt

    1. surfbum says:

      Yes, the LAPD is busy with the Occupy hippies, but that wouldn’t have prevented them from taking care of business here. What WOULD prevent it is the fact that it happened in the sheriff’s jurisdiction, and they’re the ones who were involved in this.

      1. Lasd says:

        @Carlos @surfbum this had nothing to do with LAPD this is a LASD case two different agencies people need to read better before posting

      2. surfbum says:

        Uh @Lasd…. DUH! Re-read what I posted, because that’s exactly what I said. Now who needs to work on their reading comprehension? Irony much?

  6. Bob James says:

    People comment on how the world is watching the LAPD to see what they do to occupy LA. The world should see what they didn’t do. Now I lost all respect for them…

    1. surfbum says:

      You lost respect for an agency that had absolutely NOTHING to do with this, because you can’t understand the difference between the sheriff’s and Montebello PD, who DID handle this in THEIR jurisdiction, and the LAPD? Good grief. Not everything that happens with a police agency in Southern California is the LAPD!

  7. Jo Sanch says:

    What happened to this guy?!?! KCAL forgot about him and went to cover Occupy LA!!!!

    1. citizen says:

      yeah, that was pretty MESSED UP on KCAL’s part!!
      c’mon there’s more to life than occupy LA…….. even worse is that this loser got away…………… i can’t believe it.

  8. Tom says:

    I watched this on channel 9 as it happened. Nobody was forthcoming, but apparently right before the stolen pickup driver jumped out, the sherrif’s department stopped pursuing while handing it over to the CHP and the CHP never actually picked up the chase. The result was that the only people following the escaped driver was the the helicopter(s) and the single light from either the news helicopter or the police helicopter (not sure which). They eventually lost site of the guy. It looks like the guy escaped as he has had a good hour to do so — he needed only to walk away from the lit area by staying in shadows.

    1. Dan says:

      All those years of playing Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell finally paid off.

    2. dave says:

      the kcal helicopter was at the occupy scene around 10 pm. i think they were sent away from the pursuit and they never returned to the story which they had been covering with a live helicopter. nbc is reporting that the guy was on the loose for hours after he bailed.

  9. Chelsea says:

    I am sick of seeing the occupy LA for weeks. I am more concerned with my safety and what is going on with the pursuit. The news coverage just cut off in the middle and never came back to it. What is currently going on with the pursuit?

    1. Shawn Lazy Maiten says:

      I agree. They said the story would be continued into the next show. Obviously it did not.

  10. Jo Sanch says:

    Interesting how they just stopped coverage of it, as if nothing ever happened.

    1. dave says:

      yes, i could not believe they never reported what happined at the end of the pursuit. i continued to watch for one hour and kcal 9 never returned to the story.
      exactly what is the criteria for coverage kcal ??? how can you follow a story with a helicopter reporting every movement and then decide not to deal with the conclusion. no professionalism at all. just a real joke of a news agency.

  11. Richard Harris says:

    Can we get an update on the guy!!!!???jeeez i have never seen this kind of unprofessionalism from cbs and kcal9 before.

  12. Officer Morris, LAPD Special Unit says:

    Hello, just letting you know at approximatly at 9:20pm we have shot the man 37 times because he pulled a black object from his pants that we believed to be a dangerous weapon.

    1. PAUL from Diamond Bar says:

      AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Dan says:

      Mr. Suspect, is that you? You got home fast!

    3. Officer Idiot says:

      GREAT JOB officer Morris, now try and find the guy that stole the truck.

  13. Thomas C. says:

    Wait….what’s going on? What happened to all the coverage, and the police??

    No one is talking about it anymore…but the guy is still on the loose!

  14. Jac­kie John­son says:

    Hello, just an upd­ate here: the suspect has gotten away and ploice have called off the chase. Our company Kc­al9 and C­B­S are too afraid to admit that the suspect got away.

  15. Bob James says:

    Thank God I don’t live in LAPD jurisdiction. If I lived in Los Angeles I would be complaining to the mayor, everyone else and God. It’s ridiculous that they didn’t respond to this. This is the reason people should all own a gun. The government isn’t going to protect you…

    1. surfbum says:

      Go re-read the article. It was the sheriff’s, not the LAPD. Different agencies. Different jurisdictions. If you’re going to complain about an agency make you sure you know which one deserves your specific complaints.

      1. Bob James says:

        Sheriffs called off the pursuit. Vehicle crashed in LAPD area, so that means it’s now LAPD. If the Sheriffs were still pursing him, they would have had units to apprehend him. LAPD was busy with occupy LA and didn’t respond. LASO responded to clean up after the mess.

      2. surfbum says:

        Straight from the article:

        “Shortly after 8:30 p.m., Nunez crashed into a parked vehicle in Alhambra and exited the vehicle on foot…”

        Last time I checked, Alhambra wasn’t part of LAPD jurisdiction. It has it’s own police department and everything! Again, know your facts before placing blame where it doesn’t belong.

  16. John Miller says:

    Tonight I listened to the Capt of LASO on Ch 9. He said not to use logic… Well Capt. your attitute showed why society is in the gutter. The decision to stop following the car probally made by you enabled another crime and allowed the fugitive to escape for future work. You care about the safety of public, just be happy the fugitive did not hit a occupied car.. Or maybe next time he will and your carelfree attitute will put people in harms way

  17. Carlos Cruz says:

    i think they lost the suspect! hahaha

  18. fedup says:

    Great …concentrate on the harmless pot smokers and peacefull protesters and let the violent criminals run wild and get away with it… cops are only there to protect the criminals and bankers

    1. Ashley says:

      ya well as lame as it is, those peacful protesters are a bunch of dirty homeless people making excuses to sleep somewhere without being cited for loitering and camping.

  19. uhoh says:

    I wouldn’t say successfully evading capture. I’m sure the fingerprints he left behind are in the system.

  20. jack davis says:

    Where were the police when this guy was sitting under the tent? Tell us where we can find out what happened, was he arrested? Did he just walk away when the police were not there?

  21. KC says:

    What about the comment about the suspect got shot 20+ times?

  22. Jerry S says:

    Who continued the pursuit via helicopter after the sheriff department called of the pursuit on the ground. If KCAL continued shining their light an the suspect as he crashed his vehicle, they might be on the hook and bear some responsibility.

    Sad to say LAPD and LASD blew it. No cordination and it taking more than 15 minutes for any ground units to show up.

    1. surfbum says:

      The LAPD blew it for not going into another city (Alhambra), out of their jurisdiction, to help? Okaaaay…..

  23. Jackie Johnson Fan says:

    More importantly, Jackie, why did you leave KCAL?

    1. Bob says:

      There was “2” reasons why I watched Channel 9 News.

  24. Mr. Criminal says:

    With all those cops busy with the Occupy movement, time to let loose

  25. Ralph Smith Sr. says:

    Looked to me like they wanted him to get away,
    Less paper work.
    And thanks kcal for giving us any update.
    kcal is the worst station for following a pursuit..

  26. Kathy Wood says:

    He got away! Ok, so they pull away. We have a police helicopter in the air with night vision “I hope” he is under their spot light. And he gets away, all we can hope for I guess is maybe he left behind something to help capture him. I kept saying the police could not be that far behind! I would love to hear why the helicopter lost him, and where the police were. I am thankful he did not take someone life, a car can be fixed. It could of turned out so much worse.

  27. OHH YEAH says:

    I can’t wait until the 11:00 news for Jackie Johnson!!!

    1. Chester says:

      Lindsay Lohan is hot also.

  28. Tommy says:

    Everytime there’s a car chase, the police stays on the guy. What happened this time? And what happened to the coverage? And after the guy crashed his SUV, where were all the police? No one went after him?!!!

  29. kc says:

    dose anyone know i the run?f the suspect is down or on

  30. jinelle says:

    Why r u protesting !!!!!!occupy????

  31. Evelyn Taft says:

    Jackie Johnson is so hot!

  32. Bob James says:

    This just in… The suspect is now at Occupy LA waiting for LAPD to finally try and arrest him…

  33. Jo Sanch says:

    Come on KCAL!!!!!!! You’re just as bad as the LASO!!!! At least give people an update so they know if it’s safe to go outside!!!

  34. jinelle says:

    By the way what happen t0 the high speed chased. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Joe says:

    Since a lot of you can’t read the update to the article, “Shortly after 8:30 p.m. the man crashed into a parked vehicle in Alhambra and exited the vehicle on foot, successfully evading capture.”

    He. got. away.

    And yes, I’m sure this has to do with occupy and the poor transition from sheriff to chp, and vice versa, but as you could tell from the spotlight, they had obviously lost him. Also, the spotlight had to have been from the sherriff’s copter, as it showed the copter lower to the ground circling with the light. I don’t believe the news channel can interfere with an ongoing pursuit. I can’t believe it took so long for back up to arrive. Pathetic.

  36. jinelle says:

    What happn to the car chased

  37. killer beez says:

    He got away idiots.

  38. Angie says:

    This website gives current information on the situation. HE GOT AWAY.


    went 2 put gas at corner of garfield & beverly in the city of montebello. then i see 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15, etc….. a black ch. silverado p/u truck turning west bound @ beverly…. thatl totally siked me out, pumped me up, so went to get a twelve pk. rushed home just 2 see the suspect get away!!!!!! sheriffs department made a bad decision, by the way they handled the whole situation “wrong”!!!!!!!!! L.A.S.D. pit maneuver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. 927D says:

      Miguel, me thinks you had more than a 12 pack, and frankly, I’m “totally siked” you can count that high.

  40. Read The Title says:

    Driver Of Stolen Vehicle ESCAPES After Police Pursuit

  41. Michael Gillette says:

    Why blame the cops for losing this escapee. His DNA is all over the truck.He will be caught its just a matter of time.

  42. Chad Thompson says:

    Well this was a total failure of a story its was a free night of crime in los angeles since all eyes were on the occupy hype , people were expecting a riot and clash with police but all you got was stoned hippies realizing the Police were ready to kick some @ss. Stay Golden Pony Boy 😉

  43. BELLA says:


  44. Garçon says:

    CJ from San Andreas

  45. Mike says:

    Stupid. Leave it to the media to play the police. Don’t you hate that when the media get involved and play like they are the police? If the media didn’t hit the man with a spotlight all of that time, and just followed, the guy wouldn’t of endangered children’s lives and drove into head-on another car, The media could of followed stealthily with inferred lighting and not endangered residence with their unprofessional and dangerous tactics. Now look at them, stupid sky cam , Just what I posted earlier on Fox News Helicopters. Figures, they act like Children.

  46. Johnny booze says:

    Hey all u people.

  47. Johny Chingas says:

    Come on people… Be realistic.
    This don’t happened in Beverly Hills or Bel Air.
    Also.. The stolen vehicle don’t belong to a Hollywood Celebrity…
    Simple as that…

  48. Idiot Savant says:

    Loser! When he flashed his gang signs at the news copter, didn’t you just wish they had some type of hi-power laser that would burn him to a crisp? Now let me tell you about a stolen vehicle incident in my neighborhood 2 wks ago…2 kids heard someone breaking into their car and when they got to the door, they saw the suspect drive off in their Honda. They jumped in another car (without grabbing a cell phone, I assume) and gave chase through several streets. The suspect was doing 90+ with the kids in pursuit when he got the brilliant idea to make a U-turn to lose them. These kids really just wanted their car back, and as the car tried to make the U-turn, they clipped the Honda, causing it to flip three times and enjecting Mr. GTA into the gutter (how fitting). The chunt was either DOA or died soon after at the hospital. So now it looks like the CHP may charge these kids with involuntary manslaughter or ? But I guess it would have been OK had the car thief T-boned an innocent motorist and killed them instead, eh? I say these kids did us a huge favor!

  49. Stevve says:

    Yeah, but there must be fingerprints all over the driver area of the car.



    1. 927D says:

      What most people don’t realize is that the Watch Commander is the one to decide how the pursuit is handled, not the ground units. And they (ground units) must abide by his decision or face the consequences, no matter how stupid or illogical it looks to TV viewers. With as many pursuits as I’ve seen on TV and otherwise, I cringe, because I’m just waiting for the suspect to hit an innocent party or unit. But, frankly, the outcome I’m wishing for is that the suspect only kills himself, no other party. Saves taxpayers the time and cost of court, then jail/prison time. And sure won’t have to worry about another career criminal back on the streets.

    2. Ashamed retired cop says:

      Normally I would agree with your comment but not in this case. This was a complete failure by L.A. county law enforcement on so many different levels I really don’t know where to start. I am just glad no one was hurt but watching what looked like a 3 stricker [ bet some $ on that ] terrorize a community with no response made me sorry for anyone living in that area.

  51. jack davis says:

    927D The Watch Commander is an idiot, this suspect could have gone into one of those houses and held a homeowner hostage because there wasn’t any patrol cars ready to aprehend the suspect when he crashed into that car!!! We are all tired of these inefficient police pursuits where the suspect is in charge of the chase, GIVE US ALL A BREAK AND BECOME POLICE AGAIN !!!

    1. 927D says:

      Most departments have had to re-think and change their pursuit policies due to the number of innocent civilians being injured or killed by the fleeing suspect(s). For whatever reasons he had, it seems the WC decided to pull back the ground units and let aero take over. But to not to see Alhambra or Monterey Park pick it up when it came into their cities made me wonder. The only thing I’m sorry for (other than the dirtbag apparently got away and is yukking it up with his homies over the “stupid cops”) is that the SOB didn’t run into a backyard with angry and aggressive dogs. How I would have loved to see that moron bitten to shreds. I know had he run into my backyard, he would have never made it to the next. I have an 80 lb. GSD who is the dominant and total alpha-*****. Last guy who ran through my yard had her up in his crotch……

      1. RelaxAlphaDouch says:

        927d what if the suspect busts a cap in your GSD super alpha male dog @ss? than what? You going to have your self a 80lbs hunk of dead meat in your yard.

      2. PublicDefender@CCB says:

        Just to add if your dog bites the suspect during a chase or what ever the situation is ,the suspect can sue you since your dog isnt a police dog or if the suspect isnt armed , might want to think about that one with your ” I have a dominate Dog that whould bight crotches”.

  52. Nick Grande says:

    All i know is someone is bumping “ghetto bird” ice cube!!!

  53. jack davis says:

    Lets use these million dollar police helicopters more efficiently, when the suspect is at an intersection stopped shine the search light directlly into the suspects windshield temperarly blinding the suspect from going forward so the police can capture the suspect . Lets also use the prison system of Sheriff Joe, Arizona to keep these suspects in jail for more then a few weeks because of overcrowding!!!!

  54. Angela Oetjen says:

    Which way did he go?

  55. LOUIE says:

    STUPID GUY GOT AWAY FROM THE STUPIDER COPS.BADBOY BADBOY WATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY DONT COME FOR YOU.Whatever you do dont tell anyone!But im sure those were yr. homies on the curb.SGV.

  56. rich says:

    just an FYI for anyone thinking it was a new chopper that had its lights on the guy IT COULD NOT BE news choppers DO NOT HAVE THEM only police do so it had to be one of the police agencys

  57. Watcher says:

    For anybody who thinks he got away he didint the sheriffs UFC ed his head in and arrested there man. Sherrifs 1 Suspect 0

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