Brad Gold/CBS — Now is not the time for the Bruins to go for an up and comer.

The likes of former Bruins coach DeWayne Walker and Oregon’s Offensive Coordinator Mark Helfrich won’t be tolerated; Neither will the so-called ‘has-been’ Mike Bellotti. Not that there is anything wrong with any of those coaches, but UCLA needs a marquee name…. Not Mike Leach, but Chris Petersen.

Dan Guerrero knows this and he appears to finally understand this.

If the school is willing to take money from donors to spend on a football coach like I’m hearing,  UCLA can offer $4 million per season for Petersen.

Will that be enough to finally get Petersen out of Boise and into the Pac-12?

It better be for UCLA fans, because there aren’t too many better options out there.

Would the school consider Jim Tressel?  Could Alabama’s DC Kirby Smart head West and be successful? Can Kevin Sumlin be taken from Houston and if so, could the Bruins land his services over ASU or Texas A&M (if the job opens)?

This leaves UCLA with a clear front-runner.  It’s Chris Petersen — make it happen.

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Comments (4)
  1. ILLEGALS says:

    Available immediately are Jeff Fisher, Jim Tressel, Ron Zook, Dennis Erikson, Urban Meyer, Mike Stoops, Mike Belloti, etc..

    But i really think Mike Leach is a better fit for the West Coast Offense..

  2. hoopsvader says:

    Petersen will never leave. He is too scared that he will have to face true competition every week instead of playing the school for the blind every week in the MWC or whatever you call it conference.

    1. Richard says:

      Scared? He opened the year with Oregon (Pac champs that year) then Virginia Tech on the road (ACC champs that year), then Georgia on the Road (SEC East champs this year), and next year at Michigan State (playing in Big Ten title game this year).

      Don’t kid yourself, dude is smart and knows he is happy where he is. Fear has nothing to do with why he won’t leave, being in a better situation has everything to do with it. Deal with it folks.

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