ONTARIO (CBS) — Ontario International Airport has been unusually quiet during the busiest travel week of the year.

Republican Reps. Jerry Lewis of Redlands and Ken Calvert of Corona, who are concerned about the airport’s future, sent a letter to both U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

They claim flights have been cut in half over the last four years, causing the airport to lose a third of its passengers.

They also say 8,000 airport-related jobs have been lost and blame LAX World Airports for higher fees and more expensive fares in Ontario.

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  1. Ray Lafood says:

    No one flies to/from there because its too damn expensive and the parking options are limited. LAX and San Diego are the cheapest options.

    Lower the prices and more people will fly from there.

    1. Mel Gibson says:

      u pretty smart

  2. S>C> says:

    The Ontario airport would be perfect if L.A. would get their act together!! I love Ontario airport….easy to get in and out, don’t have to walk forever to arrive or depart..no long lines..somehow the ppl. that control the costs should make it more competitive to use Ontario instead of having to buck that traffic snarl on the freeways. i would think more Airlines would use Ontario if the fees were in line with their competition! Ontario should take total control of the airport and get L.A. out of the picture..there’s definitely a conflict of interest and sad for a very nice airport.

  3. Bob L. says:


    You have the answer, the problem is not LAWA, the FAA, but with the airlines.

    As an example, DELTA had several non-stops between ONT & ATL, now down to one or two.

    The fares are lower between LAX and ATL than ONT and ATL.

  4. John Bowers says:

    Fees aside, I don’t use Ontario for 3 other reasons. First, you really can’t fly many places out of Ontario without a connection. The time savings vs. flying out of LAX is lost when you factor in those connections. Second, when there is weather around the country, and planes are in short supply in hub cities, Ontario flights get cut, forcing you to opt for LA, on standby, and deal with ground transportation. Third, Ontario is the only airport I know of without a separate security line for “Elite” level flyers, adding 10 – 15 minutes to the security check in process.

  5. Velo says:

    I would like to attend a parivte trade school called th P. A. T institute for a Power Line Technician pre-apprentice course. Total cost for the 12 week program is $7500. Will OSAP help cover this tuition fee?

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