LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The head of the University of California system called on Monday for the chancellor at UCLA and other campuses statewide to review police tactics against protesters.

KNX 1070’s Pete Demetriou reports president Mark Yudof wants to meet with all 10 UC chancellors to ensure that any force used against Occupy protestors will be “proportional” in nature.

Two officers were put on administrative leave following the use of pepper spray on 11 students who were refusing to move during a protest at UC Davis on Saturday.

In the wake of the incident, UC Davis Chief of Police Annette Spicuzza said an investigation was warranted.

“It’s going to be investigated by an independent investigator and we’ll just wait and see what their findings are,” she said.

But on Monday, Spicuzza herself was put on leave “to restore calm and trust in the police force”, according to a university statement.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has called on the Yolo County District Attorneys Office to investigate the incident that was all caught on video and went viral online over the weekend.

The weekend’s events did not escape the notice of protesters at Occupy Los Angeles.

“It’s a criminal violation as far as I’m concerned by the department, absolutely,” said protester Calvin Craig.

Comments (3)
  1. icecream says:

    They should’ve already been familiar with their policy.

  2. 99er says:

    Let’s all camp out on the head of the UC system’s lawn, show him how we like the 9% hike on our college fee’s!

  3. Kau Phaart says:

    “Immediately after the incident, UC Davis Chief of Police Annette Spicuzza said an investigation was warranted.” uh, not exactly. Immediately after the incident, Spicuzza said the officers had been surrounded by protesters and had to use pepper spray to get out, as they were “surrounded and feared for their lives” (from 12-15 students seated peacefully in the walkway)

    Only until AFTER THE VIDEOS WERE POSTED ON YOUTUBE did Spicuzza say an investigation was warrented.


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