LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A convicted child molester has reportedly been casting big budget movies in Hollywood.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports Jason James has placed young actors in films like “School of Rock” and “Cheaper By The Dozen 2”.

James, 35, whose real name is Jason James Murphy, served five years in prison for kidnapping and molesting an 8-year-old boy in the Seattle area in 1996, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

Police have begun looking into whether Murphy was in compliance with state registration requirements.

His past conviction could put him in violation of California labor law, which prohibits a child sex offender from working unsupervised with minors.

He could also be in trouble for using an alias when he started his career in casting.

“He had registered as a sex offender as required, but when he began to apply for work in Los Angeles, he dropped his last name,” said L.A. Times reporter Dawn Chmielewski.

“Super 8” director J.J. Abrams said his production company was not aware of Murphy’s criminal record when Murphy was hired.

20th Century Fox recently hired Murphy for its upcoming film “The Three Stooges”.

There are no known complaints that Murphy acted inappropriately with any minor in his casting business since his conviction 15 years ago.

Comments (26)
  1. Alan Di says:

    What purpose does it serve to out this guy? He is trying to make a living and get on with his life. Apparently the authorities and the press hates it when an ex-con becomes successful.

    1. Alan's a moron says:

      You’re right, Alan. I mean he only kidnapped a little boy and sexually molested him. It happened so long ago. We should all just forget it ever happened. I’m sure the little boy he kidnapped and molested has forgotten all about it. How dare the media expose this guy for who he really is!! The nerve!!

    2. Mark says:

      What purpose? It’s simple. When this sexual deviant decided to ruin a child’s life to satisfy his perverted desires, he ruined that child’s life. Alan, you idiot, I’m assuming you don’t know anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse. News flash, Einstein, they never recover. Why should this deviant be allowed a fruitful life while his victim suffers for the rest of his lfe?

  2. Enough! says:

    The fact is Alan,

    He was out of complience of his being a registered sex offender, but wait there’s more! He also is not allowed to work around children unsupervised!

    Lock this child molester up, NOW!!!!

    Please toss the key or put him into general population.

    1. rich says:

      this story DOES NOT say he was NOT ALLOWED around children unsupervised it says they are CHECKING to see if he was un allowed
      it DOES NOT say he was out of compliance it says they are CHECKING TO SEE it is quite possible his sentance in SEATTLE WASHINGTON did not require him to stay away from kids so if it in fact DID NOT say he had to stay away then he has broken no laws and unless there is NEW problems with him harming someone there IS NO CRIME HERE

      1. Enough! says:

        This stiory does not say that, so what’s your point FREAK!
        The other news aggencies here in LA has a more in depth civerage of this creep.

        Kiss off FREAK!

    2. RICH says:

      ENOUGH here are passages from this story
      Police have begun looking into whether Murphy was in compliance with state registration requirements

      His past conviction could put him in violation of California labor law, which prohibits a child sex offender from working unsupervised with minors.

      He could also be in trouble for using an alias when he started his career in casting.
      in the first one the term BEGUN LOOKING INTO clearly means they DO NOT YET KNOW THE FACTS
      in the second COULD BE IN TROUBLE clearly means he is not yet in trouble
      3rd HE COULD ALSO BE IN TROUBLE means again that he is not yet in trouble

      you asked my point and this is it
      WHAT EVER THE SEATTLE COURT SENTANCED HIM TO MAY NOT INCLUDE HAVING TO STAY AWAY FROM KIDS AFTER HE SERVED HIS TIME i agree with everyone that he should be kept away BUT if the courts have not ordered that in washington the california CAN NOT order it because he has not YET commited a crime here the story also CLEARLY says he was registered as an offender just as he is suppose to be
      so baring the state of washington having ordered him to avoid kids and baring him having hurt another child since he got out of jail THERE IS NO LAW BROKEN

      1. Jose says:

        Are you Mexican Alan ?

  3. Kai says:

    @ Alan Di,

    The fact that he’s working with kids is something to be concern with. He was convicted for kidnapping and molesting an 8 year old kid. Come on have some common sense. Do you want your kids to work with this guy?

    1. thestig says:

      H e does not mind because he touches little kids too

  4. David V says:

    Sex offender or not… it just prove in Hollywood, it’s who you know. You could be a peice of sh!t child rapist and still have a high paid job just because you “know” somebody. Hollywood needs to get rid of monsters like that. One more thing, Corey Feldman claimed that he was molested and Corey Haim was raped by someone in the Hollywood world but “he won’t name names”. I find that odd because those monsters are still out there in Hollywood… still molesting children. Face it, Hollywood LOVES molesters.

  5. David V says:

    Why won’t Feldmen give a name? He could prevent someone else’s child from being molested. Shame on him

  6. tim miller says:

    It’s the 1% getting away with what the 99% couldn’t. No special treatment, right? Get over it. And for those of you saying lock him up, you’re no better. The man served his time, get over it. I knew it was a matter of time before CBS2trued to get our minds back where they want it – in fear of sexual predators, not the discussion of the inequality of wealth. Way to redirect.

    1. One percenter says:

      Tim Miller,
      Occupy a job you loser. 99%? Yeh, your fellow occupiers have shown us all how much class they have. Defecating and throwing blood on innocent people just trying to make a living. Class act you 99% are.

  7. Run along timmy! says:


    Time to get back to work or just get a job.

    Try to stay on the topic of the story when commenting. It’s a little more real than your pipe dreams. Freak!

    1. tim miller says:

      how about using your REAL NAME???? having to hide behind an alias and mock others. yup you definitely aren’t a bully., I’d hate to have my kids around.YOU

  8. David V says:

    Sounds like Timmy is a sex offender himself. How can you say “get over it” so easily? How dare you say that about a CONVICTED child molester who WAS caught. I wonder if it were your child, what song would YOU be singing then. Hang every child molester with barbwire… every one of them.

    1. tim miller says:

      sex offender? hardly. was a victim of molestation by my priest when i was in fifth grade. once the time is served, justice is done. time to move on to bigger and better problems. dwelling on the problem didn’t make it better. wanting to physically harm the person didn’t make you, the victim, feel any better. it, makes you just as bad as the perpetrator., so, yes, get over it.

  9. David V says:

    I saw this video where they (police) caught these two child molesters. The best thing about the video: What the police did was that they got the childs family involved. The police supervised it as the family destoryed the child molesters that were convicted of molesting their child. Sticks, bolders and fists. Now, how amazing is that? Getting back on the people who touched your child, face to face.

    1. Bob A says:

      Your right David, I wouldn’t want my kid in a room with tis guy unsupervised.

      But of course, after the foaming at the mouth rant about beating someone to death I wouldn’t want my kid in a room with you either

  10. Mr. Blogger says:

    Time for this guy to take up residence in Pelican Bay for the rest of his life!


  11. Joe says:

    This perv has a disease that’s incurable. You can’t treat someone to not have sexual desires toward a type of person, in this case little boys. Who knows what else this miscreant has done and gotten away with.

  12. Roger Jones says:

    Those people that have given their approval of this child molester, are you crazy or do you molest children?

    You people sound like such a person that go around molesting children or you are sick in the head.

    I do not care how long it was, that man should not be around any chilldren period!


  13. Malissa says:

    Roger morally i agree with you but LEGALLY i can not agree
    IF the guy did his time AND HE DID
    and IF he has not reoffended AND SO FAR NO ONE HAS SAID HE HAS
    and IF his probation does not limit his ability to work or be around kids AND SO FAR AS THIS STORY STATES NO ONE HAS SHOWN THAT IT DOES
    then LEGALLY he has not done anything wrong and no one has the right to limit his ability to work

    1. Garland says:

      American history is a story of rape, murder and genecide, along with many other atrocities, yet we claim to be the greatest country in the world. In other words, we changed as a country but a country can’t change until we allow an individual to change. If you can’t accept change in life then you are still the same child you were yesterday. If your family has ugly history then you are like the rest of your family because why are your changes any more acceptible then this man’s history. But we live in America… we have selective memory and selective forgiveness pursuant to allowing and accepting change in our citizenry.

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