SANTA ANA (CBS) — An Orange County father has pleaded guilty to stalking a 13-year-old girl on transit buses.

Deputies say Martin Aguilar, 44, followed his victim onto an OCTA bus in Mission Viejo every morning for the past six weeks.

Aguilar, who has a 13-year-old daughter of his own, reportedly asked her personal questions, told her she is beautiful, gave her a rose, and even became angry when he believed she was texting a boyfriend.

The victim, who says Aguilar would follow her when she changed seats, told her mother.

The woman called the Sheriff’s Department and it only took undercover deputies two days to arrest Aguilar on suspicion of child annoyance.

Comments (5)
  1. CB says:

    “Child Annoyance”???? What the heck is that.

    Can a 13 year legally carry pepper spray? If I were her father, I’d give it to her, legal or not.

  2. gmoney says:

    Thats the first step to becomeing a child killer and rapist get this guy off the streets

  3. CVH says:

    What about his own daiughter at home? Is SHE okay? Has anyone checked onher?

  4. pedro says:

    why are the Gringos destroying our rights ? It is our culture, our time-honored tradition that are being destroyed.

  5. Blackdog9 says:

    Pedro.. What time honored tradition that a 44 year old man goes after 13 year ole girl? What kind of tradition is that I know many of 40+ year old men who never even think of do this. Where is your outrage rather than your ignorance?

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