LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Clayton Kershaw has become the eighth Dodger in franchise history to win the National League Cy Young and first since 2003 when Eric Gagne won the award.

Gallery: Kershaw’s 2011 Season

It is the tenth time in franchise history the award has been given to a Dodger; Sandy Koufax won three times in his 12-year career.

Kershaw, 23, also becomes the youngest Cy Young winner since Dwight Gooden won the award at the age of 20 in 1985.

The Dodger lefty finished the year with the league’s lowest ERA (2.28) and highest strikeout total (248), and he tied for the league’s best in wins, with 21 and suffered just 5 losses.

His 2.28 ERA is the lowest total for a starting pitcher winning the award since Pedro Martinez posted a 1.98 ERA in 1997.

Kershaw was 5-0 against the San Francisco Giants, including 4-0 against former Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum.

1956 – Don Newcombe
1962 – Don Drysdale
1963 – Sandy Koufax
1965 – Sandy Koufax
1966 – Sandy Koufax
1974 – Mike Marshall
1981 – Fernando Valenzuela
1988 – Orel Hershiser
2003 – Eric Gagne
2011 – Clayton Kershaw

Comments (2)
  1. Villaraigosa is a rat! says:

    Individuals who voted along with their selections should be released. I would like to know who the jerk who voted for Kennedy was. Also to those who voted for Lee and Halladay. Just because they were n winning teams doesn’t make them better pitchers. Idiots!

  2. Clayton Bigsby says:

    I’m glad the BS “winning team” argument didnt mess up this award. Clayton definitely deserved it. He won the pitcher’s triple crown; the discussion should end there. But for any doubters, here’s the cincher: compare how the top three candidates Kershaw, Halladay, and Kennedy fared against the top twenty NL hitters and the rest of the league. Against the rest of the league: OPS allowed was .548, .547, and .601 for Ker, Hal, and Ken, respectively. Now, against the 20 hitters Hal’s was .912, Ken’s was .948, and Kershaw… .610!


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