Pit Bull At Large, 3 Locked Up After Backyard Break-In; 43 Goats Killed

SANTA CLARITA (CBS) — A trio of pit bulls who attacked and killed dozens of goats in the backyard of a home outside Palmdale were locked up Wednesday in a local animal shelter.

KNX 1070’s Bill Polish reports the dogs could be euthanized if officials are unable to locate their owner.

Animal control officers are still searching for an fourth pit bull that is believed to have killed 43 goats at a property in unincorporated Lake Los Angeles.

“We have a 10-day patrol set up to capture the remaining animal that is at large,” said Daniel Ubario, the manager of the Lancaster Animal Shelter.

Ubario said there are signs that the pit bulls dug under a fence specifically to attack the goats.

The fate of the dogs may ultimately depend on whether an owner can be found.

“If we are unsuccessful at finding an owner, the animals after the stray holding period may be euthanized,” said Ubario.

No other animals or humans were involved in the attack.

  • John Taylor

    What a loss and tragedy. I’d say euthanize the dogs regardless and hold the owner(s) responsible.

    • Stryker 21

      Out law the possession, breeding and transport of these useless dogs. Never seen a pit bull that was nice, always hunting for the prey.

  • hate pit bulls

    Euthanize the ower, feed the dog to the goats

  • hate pit bulls

    Euthanize the owner, feed the dog to the goats

  • Amy Enman

    one should seriously question a person that leaves 4 pits in a back yard or unattended so they can create havok. I have 4 dogs: german shepherd, Belgium Malinois, Thai Ridgeback, and an Australian Cattle dog. They are all property trained and have been thru obedience. still, I would NEVER leave them unattended outside. They aren’t even PITS! The dogs packed up and killed whatever their prey drive told them to. Poor training, poor dog ownership, poor outcome for dogs that could have otherwise been sane normal animals.

    bottom line, if you can’t handle them, don’t have them….

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