SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Leaders of the Tea Party movement in San Diego on Tuesday called on city leaders to protect citizens and businesses from recent violence linked to  “Occupy” protesters.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports the move comes after an alleged assault from a San Diego “occupier”.

Local Tea Party member Rhonda Deniston was reportedly assaulted by a protester while videotaping an “Occupy San Diego” gathering last week.

Tea Party members are calling on the city to provide more protection from what has become an increasingly unruly demonstration.

Deniston said the press conference on Tuesday is not a protest but rather a call for city officials to act.

“This is not a counter-protest,” she said. “This is basically a press conference to denounce the violence that is happening within this Occupy movement and to denounce the city’s inaction to protect the citizens of the city. ”

San Diego police defended both groups’ right to assembly peaceably and called for them to exercise restraint during the press conference.

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  1. dissapointedinhumanity says:

    Actually, someone needs to protect us from the Tea Party too as they have many convicted gun carrying felons among their ranks from the OC and Hollywood, and they are too zealous to even look among their own ranks for a threat. They really need to take a look at themselves. They would be shocked. I am not. I am just tired of calling the cops on these nutjobs.

    1. George says:

      You idiot, the OWS demonstrations and participants have had innumerable and repeated incidences of violence, let alone are costing us a lot of money to manage and clean up after them. Tea party demonstartions have been invariably peaceful, and clean up after themselves.

      The violence hate and anger is coming from the left, not the right.

    2. Sarah Jane says:

      Wow you are a liar! There is not one shred of proof to your insane accusations. But then your the lib giving a pas to the OAKLAND #OWS for the three mortars they were caught with!

      You also support the ANTI SEMITES! You also just gave a pass to the #OWS for destroying the businesses of MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS. So you’re like MONDELL who thinks if you make $60,000 you’re part of the 1%?

      The only ‘humanity’ we should be disappointed in you LIAR, is YOU and #OWS!!

  2. Teufel Wolf says:

    I’m not in OWS, but I’d gladly punch a tea bagger in the junk.

    1. mary sandburg says:

      And I’d gladly arrest your sorry butt for Assault and battery.

    2. Sarah Jane says:

      Wow! How ‘civil’ of you. But then you are a Liberal, with all the ‘brains’ to match. It’s no wonder you got your butts kicked in 2010 and will get your sorry butts kicked in 2012.

      See you in 2012, O”pathetic One.

  3. Bob Thornton says:

    They both suck….

  4. bob says:

    I’d like to hear both sides of the story. There may have been some baiting going on

    1. debrarae says:

      And who do you think did the baiting? OR do you really think the vendors who had their carts destroyed, and their merchandise stolen by the Occupy Wall Street crowd, deserved for that to happen?

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