Crews Work To Stop Landslide In San Pedro

SAN PEDRO (CBS) — Crews worked Tuesday to stop a dangerous landslide on Paseo Del Mar between Western and Weymouth avenues.

The road was closed as workers try to shore up the slide, which was caused by ocean waves that are eroding the cliff underneath the roadway.

Residents in the area say their homes are safe, but the road closure means it will take longer for emergency crews to reach the neighborhood.

  • SP Resident

    Mother Nature is reclaiming and reshaping earth and man is incapable of stopping natural forces.

    • Rob

      Reporting this news is one thing but HELICOPTERS AT 6AM? Come on guys…..Have some consideration! PLEASE GO AWAY HELICOPTERS!

  • Astonished

    I like the woman who’s upset because the 8 foot fence will interfer with her view of the ocean!

    If she waits long enough she’s likely to get a view she’ll never forget!

    • Jeff Simpson

      .A tree fell in the park and nocked out the power for 4 hrs and some old lady was trying to get the city to cut all the trees down cause she missed her show and thought trees shouldn’t be aloud to grow taller then the power pole. she’ll be long gone before the next tree falls. People are stupid, greedy selfish and don’t think about the other people or care about anything but themselves.

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