INDUSTRY (CBS) — Frisco’s Car Hop in Industry (18065 Gale Ave, 626-913-3663) — a 50s-style diner — has been open since 1982, but tonight might have been one of their most special reasons to serve up burgers and fries.

The restaurant’s owner, Joanne Stathoulis, threw an all-day fundraiser to help a 13-year-old girl who is battling an inoperable brain tumor.

The tumor made the girl gain weight. And doctors say she is too heavy to do chemo safely. She is also too young for radiation therapy. Giovanna Sherman (Gigi to her friends) suffers from a rare and inoperable form of cancer known as pilocytic astrocytoma. She’s been fighting the cancer since she was 11.

So family and friends thought it would be a good idea to send Gigi to a weight camp, thus the fundraiser and a way to keep up her cancer treatments. The intensive camp — she would go for two and one half months — will help her lose the 50, or so, pounds she needs to battle the cancer more effectively.

The goal was to raise $25,000. Frisco’s planned to donate 15 percent of their profits from noon until 10 p.m. tonight.

Said Stathoulis, “Gigi is a talented singer and dancer. She is so sweet. She has the most unbelievable spirit I’ve ever seen. Her attitude is so great. We are hoping some doctor will see this and come forward and help her.”

Gigi told KCAL9’s Kristine Lazar that she is “a normal girl, living a normal life” but admitted that she is also scared. “Because I don’t know what’s going to happen next.” But Lazar says, everyone who knows Gigi knows her spirit will not keep her down. Or scared for long. Said Lazar, “She is a big personality who delights in entertaining the crowd.”

She told Lazar, “I want to change the world in some way.” She also told Lazar she wanted to be a teacher for kids with autism (like her brother) or “spread the word of God to the world”

For more about Frisco’s, click here.

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  1. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    Her parents should contact Dr. Burzynski. Chemotherapy is HIGHLY toxic and can cause further cancer. Dr. Burzynski has a HIGHLY successful rate of cure for cancer without chemotherapy.

    1. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

      Dr. Burzynski has cured inoperable brain and other cancers in people that were given only months to live even with chemotherapy. Many of these people were told there was nothing more that could be done for them and to prepare to die. Some of these patients were babies and young children. With Dr. Burzynski’s safe and non-toxic treatments, they have lived to be healthy adults. See the movie ‘Burzynski’ for more information.

  2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    Here’s the movie ‘Burzynski’ via

  3. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

    That beautiful young girl deserves a healthy, full and cancer-free life. Not to have her brain destroyed by the cancer ‘industry’ with chemotherapy.

    I am sick in bed and far from the City of Industry or I would drive down there and tell her mother about this.

  4. uFools says:

    Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski of Houston, TX cures cancer. His non-Toxic treatments has been proven to cure many types of cancers.

  5. Quacks says:

    Burzynski is a quack, with limited medical training and NO valid studies showing his theories work.

    1. TTT says:

      And the FDA has spent something like over $40 MILLION dollars in tax payer money to shut him down and has FAILED for YEARS to do so…Why? Because he’s legit.

      Do some research before regurgitating everything you read on the internet.

      If it were your kid dying of inoperable brain cancer, you’d be singing a different tune.

      1. uFools says:

        Dr. Burzynski dedicaated his life to cancer research. His treatments are FDA Approved and PROVEN. Big drug companies are the reason the $40M was spent to in the first place. Follow the dollars. Would you subject your child to harmful treatments or non-Toxic treatments that are proven and FDA APPROVED? Hugo Chavez is cancer free. I’ve directed a few people to Dr. Burzynski and they are alive and cancer free today. Your post is unfortunate.

    2. Suzanne Learned Camarillo says:

      I put some time & thought into a reply to this post & it seems not to have posted. Perhaps it disappeared into cyberspace. I will simply say that the pharmaceutical industry are the REAL quacks & wait to see if it shows up later before I respond again.

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