Deputy Seriously Hurt In Crash Involving Alleged Drunk Driver

PALMDALE (AP) — A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy was seriously injured when his cruiser was rammed by a car with an alleged drunk driver behind the wheel.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Andrew Nagel says the suspect’s 2006 Mitsubishi barreled through a stop sign at 35 miles an hour and broadsided the deputy’s vehicle early Saturday in Palmdale.

Firefighters used hydraulic equipment to extricate the deputy from the smashed cruiser. Nagel says the deputy is hospitalized in serious but stable condition. His name was not released.

Jose Aguilar, a 19-year-old Palmdale resident, was treated for minor injuries and arrested for suspicion of felony drunken driving. He is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Nagel says two to three other people riding in the Mitsubishi were injured. Their names and conditions were not released by the department.

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  • rankin1

    another drunk mexican only 19.

  • rudolfhess

    14/88! thats nice another illegal causing havoc, deport this drunken idiot before he kills someone!

  • California debe ser llamado Nuevo Mexico

    Estos jovenes ya no se preocupan por la ley mas.

  • Калифорния должна называться Нью-Мексико

    Эта молодежь просто не заботятся о законе больше.


    19 years old & his future is done & done..!


    Another Mexican Disease!

  • California is the Brown State

    The Golden years are gone.

    It’s payback time for a new wave of illegal immigration.


    All you racist adam henrys need to wait for the facts…you dont even know if he was illegal. My prayers go out to the Deputy and his Family. If you dont like us Latinos go to another state.

    • Darryl G Evans

      he may not be illegal but are his parents??

      • satnot

        Maybe his parent’s aren’t ither but we know for a fact that all you so called Americans your ancestors were at one time, while our ancestor were here in California (Mexico)100s of years ago.

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