NEW YORK (AP) — NBA Commissioner David Stern blames “greedy” agents for trying to scuttle a new labor deal and believes they are trying to push their clients into a “losing strategy” of decertification.

And Stern says neither the threat of that process nor any request from the union will change the league’s negotiating position, repeating that there would be no further discussions about the revised proposal it offered Thursday. If players don’t accept it, Stern reiterates that he will move to the harsher proposal that is waiting.

Stern is aware of the numerous comments from players criticizing the proposal, and fears they aren’t getting the proper information about its contents because agents worry it will cost themselves money.

Players will meet Monday and decide if they should vote on the proposal.

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Comments (6)
  1. Eric Sterchez says:

    Nooo, Really? Thanks Captain Obvious!

  2. rankin1 says:

    NBN players are no steve jobs, they need agents, most cannot read beyond 7th grade.

  3. uh oh says:

    David Stern should be fired. He can run a hot dog stand.

  4. robin gomez says:

    Stern thinks he can fool players at the 11th hour with his b.s. rhetoric when it’s his greedy owners that are on the verge of torpedoing the season. Any labor committee that includes Jeanie Buss is doomed to fail.

  5. ES says:

    I’m for any deal that would bring down ticket prices for a change.

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