LOS ANGELES (CBS) — With state prisons realigning their low risk offenders to county jails, the LA Times reports the Los Angeles County Jail will have no vacancies within the next two months.

California’s new prison realignment law is expected to send as many as 8,000 offenders into the LA County jail system by next year, according to a report by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

Jails only have the funding to add 1,800 additional beds.

Officials are considering granting early release to thousands of inmates awaiting trial. The sheriff’s department is now figuring out which inmates to free.

“The sheriff will have to make some pretty serious decisions about who stays and who goes depending on what the nature of the offense is,” LA Times reporter Andrew Blanksteen told KNX 1070.

The poster child for the problem is Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray is in jail awaiting sentencing in on Nov. 29. He is expected to get three to four years. But as a non-violent offender, he will never see a state prison.

Due to realignment, Murray could see very little county time.

Comments (6)
  1. wgaf says:

    I would gladly house and service all 8,000 of those sweaty, sex starved men.

    1. wgaf says:

      Stop impersonating me

  2. Practice makes perfect! says:

    Lock and load folks!

    It’s going to be just like a shooting gallery! Make sure you post your sign’s No Entrada! That way it’s all legal.

    Good shooting to you!

  3. wobbles says:

    We ought to dump every one of these felons into the ricjh neighborhoods in Sacramento and San Francisco where the ivory tower legislators who did this to us live.

  4. t.s says:

    Ahh yes, but its job security for law enforcement….they state and jails kick em out, the cops send em back…..

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