SAN DIEGO (CBS) — President Obama marked Veterans Day Friday with a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

He hosted a veterans’ breakfast at the White House before laying a wreath at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.

The president and first lady will now travel to Southern California, where they will attend a Michigan State-UNC basketball game aboard the USS Carl Vinson in San Diego.

The Vinson is the same Navy ship that carried Osama bin Laden’s body for its burial at sea.

Banks and government offices including courts, libraries and the post office will all be closed Friday.

However, MTA buses and metro rail trains will operate on their normal schedules.

Comments (8)
  1. LA's the place says:

    why can’t he stay in Washington DC and do some work for a change. Be a president and do your job. Go home, we don’t want you here

  2. steveO says:

    Wasn’t he just in SoCal last week? Who is paying for all this flying around? Attending a basketball game will not help the economy.

  3. b says:

    Being a Vet, I’m ashamed this guy is even thought of
    as Commander And Chief, I wish he’d just go away.
    I have about as much respect for him as he does
    the Constitution. He is simply an insult to the fellow

  4. LUCY ROSE says:

    Here he is again off anyplace but where he belongs – that he is “honoring” veterans is laughable – STAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE, DO YOUR JOB, QUIT WASTING MY TAX DOLLARS LIVING THE LIFE OF A ROCK STAR – OH, IS THE SISTER AND AUNT COMING TOO ON MY NICKEL!

  5. hay wey says:

    Always promessing stuff, that he knows he can’t get done. isn’t the economy in bad shape. go back to DC, we don’t want you here. you only come here because rich people give you money. what have you done to help our state?
    wait I know, nada. you and congress need to get to work for real.

  6. M says:

    Comrade in Chief Obama is campaigning…nothing more. He needs to appear as if he is pro-military, but the truth is very different. What a disgrace to our wonderful veterans.

  7. Ken A VET says:

    Shameless self serving ,anti military, MUSLIM, The safest place in America is at his side. The Terrorist will never hurt their man in the white house. May God have mercy on our veterans and punish this man for his lies and deception.

  8. Kathy says:

    Just face it the President Loves California. Let him enjoy himself after all his hard work…. Quit complaining and find something encouraging to say about the President of the United States of America.

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